Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

In this article, you can familiarize yourself with all the features that concrete rings have for sewage: dimensions, prices of elements for creating a system, their properties, advantages and disadvantages. The text contains recommendations on the choice of components with optimal parameters and tips on building a sewage system with their own hands on their basis.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

Concrete rings for sewage: sizes, prices and variations

In private and suburban construction sewer systems based on concrete rings are often used. This type of sewer is considered one of the most economical. After all, the price of concrete rings for sewage is low, and the process of their installation does not require much time. As a result, the owner of the dacha site has the opportunity to create comfortable conditions for living outside the city.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

Along with brick and polymer rings, the elements of concrete are also used for the construction of sewers in the country without pumping. Each of these materials is characterized by its own advantages and disadvantages; however, concrete structures significantly exceed the parameters of other system variants.

The brick is less durable and requires a significant investment of time for the manufacture of masonry, in contrast to the finished elements, which you just need to place on the bottom of the pit and fix. In addition, on the basis of brickwork is extremely difficult to perform wells of great depth. The price of sewage from turnkey concrete rings is not much higher than the cost of making a brick system. Given the simplicity of installation work and the minimum amount of time, such a small overpayment is fully justified.

Rates for installation of sewage from turnkey concrete rings:

Number of rings Spaciousness, m? Number of consumers price, rub.
3 + 2 3.5 1-3 35990
3 + 3 4.2 2-4 39990
4 + 2 4.2 3-4 39900
4 + 3 4.9 3-5 45990
4 + 4 5.6 4-6 49900
3 + 3 + 3 6.3 4-6 59990
Installation of a septic tank in areas with high groundwater levels
2 + 2 2.8 1-2 30990
2 + 2 + 2 4.2 3-4 43990


Note! Wells practically do not experience serious pressure or stress. In the role of destructive factors for concrete serves only the aggressive environment and water.

Many summer residents prefer to buy concrete rings for sewage for arranging the system at their summer cottage, the prices of these products are far from the only advantage confirming the benefit of such a purchase.

Advantages of concrete structures:

  • possibility of installation in areas with any type of soil (due to the increased margin of safety, rings made of concrete are able to withstand the natural pressure that is formed during the displacement of groundwater or seasonal soil movement)
  • perhaps the use of any materials for waterproofing;

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

  • even if it is supposed to do the installation work yourself, this process will not take too much time;
  • due to the smooth inner surface, the speed and quality of cleaning of concrete wells increases;
  • material is more available than brick or stone;
  • long service life without the need for repairs.

A large variety of sizes and prices of concrete rings for sewage allows you to create septic tanks of any capacity and depth. This type of material is highly hygroscopic, so polluted drains can partially leak through the walls into the surrounding soil. However, this problem can be easily solved with the help of waterproofing.

On sale there are concrete products for the construction of sewage of two types:

  1. Additional (from 670 rub.).
  2. Wall (from 990 rubles).

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

Elements of the wall type are used to form the neck of the structure. Additional options of products have an extended range of sizes, and non-standard. They are used in cases where the height of the cumulative containers for the project can not be formed from elements with standard sizes. With the help of additional rings, you can adjust the height of any design of the septic tank.

Concrete rings used for the construction of suburban sewers, are elements of the correct rounded shape. The internal diameter of products is in the range from 70 to 200 cm. The standard wall thickness is 70-100 microns. Most often for the manufacture of drain holes and suburban septic tanks used size of 1-1.5 m, the price of concrete rings of this diameter is 1500-2500 rubles. for the product.

For the manufacture of rings manufacturers use metal fittings and concrete grades with different characteristics. Metal, as a reinforcing component, increases the strength of products and reliability. In addition, the possibility of stretching a structure made of rings is excluded. In turn, concrete provides corrosive protection to the metal. As a result, the design of the septic tank is not subject to deformational changes under the influence of compression loads.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

Note! High-quality reinforced concrete elements for sewers are made in accordance with the requirements of GOST 8020-90. Therefore, in the process of selecting products it is worth examining in detail the instructions and data of the manufacturer.

Manufacturers produce various types of rings. Each type of product has its own parameters and a specific purpose.

Buyers can buy concrete goods rings for sewage of the following types:

  • items without a lock;
  • filtration parts;
  • elements with a deaf bottom;
  • the components are lockable or with a quarter.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products


Wall rings for septic structures without a lock are considered a working part of the storage system. This segment of the sewage system is formed from three elements, among which are wall, support and additional type products. The dimensional parameters of the rings, as well as their number is selected in accordance with the design data. Manufacturers label products of this type with a combination of letters “COP”.

Selling price of concrete rings for sewage wall type without lock:

Product name KS Diameter, mm Height mm price, rub.
7-3 700 290 675
7-6 700 590 1050
7-9 700 890 1275
10-8 1000 800 1520
10-9 1000 900 1650
15-9 1500 900 2570


Straight rings without a lock are installed one on top of another. The joints are treated with cement mortar, which fixes these elements. It is allowed to use special brackets for fixing these rings.

Rings with a quarter or castle connection greatly simplify the process of assembling the well. The result is a tight and reliable connection of parts without additional treatment of joints with a sealant. In addition, the special structure of these elements allows compact storage of products at the construction site.

In the lower part of these parts, special grooves are formed. At the top of the rings there are projections. This specific structure allows you to push the elements during installation on each other. As a result, the rings are securely fixed with the help of a locking connection, which excludes the possibility of a septic system’s construction or displacement. After installation, the elements will retain their original position throughout the entire service life.

The cost of concrete rings for sewage: prices for products and a quarter:

Product name KS h Diameter, mm Height mm price, rub.
7-3 700 300 530
7-5 700 500 710
7-6 700 600 755
7-10 700 1000 1130
8-3 800 300 700
8-5 800 500 1125
8-10 800 1000 1370
10-3 1000 300 715
10-5 1000 500 955
10-6 1000 600 980
10-9 1000 900 1375


Important! High-quality installation of rings with grooves is possible only if the dimensions of the products exactly match. To avoid such difficulties, it is recommended to buy products from a manufacturer that adheres to regulations.

Filtration rings for construction of septic tanks are concrete elements covered with perforation. In other words, the surface of the product is covered with a plurality of holes of the same size. They are evenly distributed around the perimeter of the ring at an equal distance from each other. Through these holes, purified water in the septic tank enters the soil. Based on these elements, filtration wells for sewage are constructed.

For fixing the drainage rings are used special mounting H-shaped. They are made of metal and securely fix the structural elements in case of soil movement. To secure a pair of rings to each other, about 3-4 locking elements will be required.

The average price of perforated concrete rings:

Product name KS Diameter, mm Height mm price, rub.
7-9 700 890 2410
10-9 1000 890 2520
15-6 1500 590 3255
15-9 1500 890 3730
20-6 2000 510 5180
20-9 2000 890 6250


Well elements with a deaf bottom in the form of rings are used for the construction of settling structures. In this part of the sewage system during operation, sludge gradually accumulates, which can be removed using a fecal sewage pump in a private house or special equipment equipped with equipment with similar functionality.

This type of products is considered by experts as the best option for the construction of an autonomous, as well as an overflow sewer system for wastewater treatment.

The average cost of concrete rings for sewage with a blind bottom:

Product name KCD Diameter, mm Height mm price, rub.
7-3 700 300 1075
7-5 700 500 1115
7-6 700 600 1195
7-9 700 900 1289
7-10 700 1000 1289
8-6 800 600 1215
8-9 800 900 1289
8-10 800 1000 1420
10-3 1000 300 1200
10-5 1000 500 1289
10-6 1000 600 1545
10-9 1000 900 1610
10-10 1000 1000 1740


Note! Marking on concrete products displays its characteristics. For example, KS 20-9 means that the element belongs to the category of wall concrete rings, its diameter is 2000 mm, and its height is 900 mm.

Construction of the system of concrete rings, like any other sewage system, is carried out in stages.

The sequence of work is as follows:

  • selection of a scheme for construction;
  • calculation of well capacity, taking into account the number of residents;
  • selection of a suitable place for the installation of a septic tank;
  • the formation of the pit of the desired size in accordance with the calculations;
  • installation of concrete rings;

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

  • supply pipe system;
  • sealing joints between parts and joints;
  • falling asleep designs.

The arrangement of sewage based on concrete rings may include a septic tank with one, two or three chambers.

If a small number of people live in the house, it is better to choose a single-chamber structure for construction work, including a drainage well and a septic tank. Two-chamber systems are used when a large amount of sanitary equipment is present in the house, for example, a bathtub, sinks, toilet, washing machine and dishwasher, etc. In this case, the sewage system will consist of two tanks and a drainage well.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

The scheme may also include points of placement of concrete trays for storm sewers, which are installed along the perimeter of the blind area of ​​the building and in other problem areas where fluid may accumulate after heavy precipitation. This system will protect the relief of the site and the foundation of the building from water erosion.

The optimal scheme should take into account all the necessary calculations for comfortable use, in particular, the capacity of the well. This indicator depends on the daily water consumption of residents. The average amount of fluid intake by one person per day is about 150-200 liters. To calculate the optimal volume of a septic tank, this indicator must be multiplied by the number of people living in the house on a permanent basis. To the result, you need to add 20%, which will cover unplanned waste and storm sewers.

Note! According to building standards, a septic tank with an optimal volume should contain drains that are consumed for three days.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

To find the number of rings required for the manufacture of a septic tank, the total volume of the settling tank should be divided by the volume of the concrete product.

After the sewage system has been drawn up and calculated, a place is selected for the installation of the well.

It should take into account certain requirements:

  • the minimum allowable distance between the house and the septic tank is 10 m;
  • the level of groundwater movement should lie below the mark where the bottom of the well will be placed;
  • the minimum allowable distance between the drinking water source and the septic tank is 50 m.

Concrete rings for sewage: dimensions, prices and use of products

The building area must be cleaned of debris and stones. Next, a excavation is excavated, the size of which is able to accommodate a drainage well and a septic tank with a margin of 30 cm on each side. In those places where the cumulative cameras will be installed, concrete filling should be performed. Thus, penetration of waste liquid into the soil and its contamination is eliminated. Then it is necessary to form a drainage layer in the form of a sand pillow. The recommended thickness is 30-50 cm.

After that, the system is fully operational. Subject to compliance with all the requirements of the assembly technology, such sewage systems can last for several decades and provide comfort for people living in their summer cottage throughout this period.

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