Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

The times when the ceilings of the apartments were a dull white surface with a central chandelier in the middle are gone. Instead of them, multi-level complex plasterboard and tension structures appeared, in which LED ceiling lamps for the home are effectively housed. Market review of modern LED products will help in choosing the optimal, stylistically seasoned and taking into account the height of the room model.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

How to choose a ceiling LED lamps for the home: the requirements for lighting

LED products are available in a huge range. Choosing the right luminaire model among the thousands of options offered is very difficult. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account not only the original design and construction of lighting devices, but also their compliance with certain requirements: cost-effectiveness, safety and level of illumination.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

The allocation of lamps in separate groups occurs depending on the following factors:

  • scope of use – office, industrial, decorative, landscape, architectural, emergency;
  • place of installation – ceiling, wall, furniture;
  • construction – embedded, overhead, linear, with built-in and external driver;
  • shape – round, square, rectangular, triangular;
  • the purpose of the premises – for the living room, bedroom, children’s room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

In addition, LED lamps are available with a built-in converter and an external one. As a rule, built-in drivers are mounted in overhead lights, as they have a larger enclosure. Some luminaire designs have an LED lamp; in other models, a matrix of several LEDs is used instead of a lamp. Such models are the newest and most reliable option.

Particular attention when choosing ceiling LED ice-lamps should be paid to the degree of illumination for a particular room and the possibility of its regulation. To do this, consider devices with dimming function, as well as models with built-in motion sensor.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

In order to correctly determine the power of the wall-mounted LED luminaires planned for installation, it is necessary to use a certain rule. If you used an 80W incandescent lamp before replacing the light source, you can get the same level of illumination by using a 12W LED lamp.

The advantage of using overhead lamps is the lack of the need to pre-prepare the recess for their attachment. They are mounted on a flat surface of the ceiling with screws. Moreover, the design of the ceiling can be made of any material: concrete, drywall, wood. The absence of fragile parts in such luminaires eliminates accidental damage to the ceiling.

Manufacturers produce models of overhead LED ceiling lights round and square shape. They are installed mainly in the rooms for technical purposes: kitchen, bathroom, bathroom. Their use for lighting the living room and children’s room is not excluded. The choice of a particular model depends on the style and dimensions of the room.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

When planning the room lighting, focus on the power, size and color of the lighting of the overhead light. The luminescence colors of such luminaires can range from standard white, warm and cold hues to warm yellow light.

Helpful advice! If you plan to use the invoice LED square ceiling lamp in the combined bathroom, pay attention to the level of moisture protection device.

In the interior of spacious rooms it is customary to use dimensional models. Large overhead LED ceiling lights 595x595x50 mm are more often used in office space. However, if your house has a billiard room or a sports room of an impressive area, such a device can be used to illuminate it. Photos of overhead LED ceiling lights for the home illustrate the possibility of using them as a replacement for ceiling plates such as Armstrong.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting


If the replacement of all old light sources coincided with the time of the repair, it is advisable to use recessed LED lights for the ceiling. At the stage of project development, it is possible to provide places for luminaires and to carry out appropriate preparatory activities. Thanks to this thoughtful lighting will be able to emphasize all the advantages of the interior.

The design of embedded devices consists of a luminaire and special mounts, which are holders with springs. Thanks to a simple mounting mechanism, the lamps are easy to install and remove. If the ceiling space is small, it is recommended to use structures with a thinner body and an external driver. Models with a volumetric case are suitable for structures with a large ceiling gap.

The built-in round ceiling LED lamp with a diameter of 280 mm with a large luminous flux of 2,240 lumens has a slim body and a sleek design. The diffuser is made of durable acrylic polymer, due to which the lamp emits a soft light. Such a model can be used as the main illumination of the room space.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

Helpful advice! The use of ultrathin LED recessed panels with a thickness of about 1 cm makes it possible to form quite compact lighting systems.

For the interior, whose design is dominated by strict geometry, it would be appropriate to use for lighting LED ceiling lamps of square shape. Depending on the power of the LEDs, you can embed several of these lamps in one or several rows. Some people prefer to supplement the main light source with small perimeter-shaped ceiling point LED lights of the appropriate shape.

Receiving the layout of the central lighting with spot recessed LED ceiling lights (photo examples illustrate this) allows you to achieve high-quality illumination of the entire room and place light accents on individual decorative elements. The combination of several types of lighting, operating in different modes, significantly saves energy costs.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

With the help of spot built-in luminaires, it is possible not only to highlight the premises qualitatively, but also to create certain zones, each of which requires a different illumination intensity. In addition, point lighting can be used to delimit the space or nuanced lighting elements of the decor, setting the tone for the overall interior.

Point devices consist of two parts: the recessed part is mounted on the ceiling surface, and the front part remains visible. Manufacturers offer many options for the design of spotlights: with frosted, transparent, reflective glass, with crystal mini-shades, with gold, silver, frosted frame. In short, you can choose the design of the lamp for any interior style.

There are rotary models of lamps, the design of which provides for the rotation of the body. Thus, their luminescence can be directed to a particularly successful decorative composition. Spot lights were developed for high ceilings. They can be single, double, as well as form a whole lighting system. Spot can be twisted in all directions, like a spotlight, changing the area of ​​illumination.

A very popular option is the use of point lighting, embedded in furniture. For this purpose, mainly round forms of luminaries with a thin body are used. The assembly is the preparation of a hole of the required diameter, into which the illuminant is inserted. The main application is the lighting of the working area of ​​the kitchen surface, highlighting the contents of cabinets, walk-in closets and storerooms.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

The use of spotlights in the bathroom involves the choice of sealed models with a certain degree of moisture protection and with reduced operating voltage. These parameters can be seen on the product packaging. In addition, it is very important to choose a glow color that is close to natural, since this particular room is used for hygienic and cosmetic procedures.

Helpful advice! It is not recommended to connect the LED lights to the switch with the backlight function. This will contribute to the unstable operation of the lamps and reduce their lifespan.

Applying spot lighting for a stretch ceiling, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances concerning the operating conditions of the tension surfaces. To do this, it is useful to consult with the manager for the sale of these products.

The technical characteristics of the LED recessed ceiling luminaires for stretch ceilings must meet certain requirements. Lighting, above all, should be evenly scattered and create a comfortable atmosphere. It is worth avoiding the use of massive lamps for structures modest in area: they only reinforce the impression of limited space.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

The limitless variety of LED spotlights for stretch ceilings allows you to find models that are applicable to the style of any orientation. It should be noted that among them there are two main groups: devices with internal and external location of the lamp. The internal layout of the light source provides directional light, creating a unique effect.

When choosing the type of lamp should take into account the limitations on the temperature and power devices. In this sense, in combination with a stretch ceiling, it is preferable to use devices with an external source. External placement of the lamp in the luminaire creates diffused light and allows the use of devices with a variety of decorative elements: chrome framing, crystal pendants, glass ceiling lamps, etc. Such lamps do not emit excessive heat and can not cause deformation of the tension coating.

With the help of spotlights with shimmering effect in the stretch ceilings, they create a light illusion of the starry sky. Using such light sources you can form a beautiful ornament or pattern. Owners of multi-level designs, designers recommend the use of illumination of each tier of the ceiling. The use of LED ceiling lights with a remote control will make lighting control comfortable and fast.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

Before ordering and purchasing LED products, you need to arm yourself with certain knowledge in order to really appreciate all the advantages of the selected lighting. First of all, pay attention to the manufacturer of LED devices. Products of well-established manufacturers will be of high quality and will last a long time.

Helpful advice! When choosing LED products, give preference to luminaires from proven manufacturers.

Projects of the main and decorative lighting with the use of point light sources make such lamps extremely popular. High fire safety allows to use them even for lighting of poorly ventilated rooms. Laconic design, compactness and versatility of use – the main selection criteria in favor of such products.

It is possible to buy the dot built-in ceiling LED lamps in places of sale of lighting engineering or on the websites of producers. The price depends on the design, the materials used, the number and type of lamps and many other factors. The cost of the simplest square luminaire with a plastic canopy and one lamp can be up to 350 rubles. More advanced models for two light bulbs reach a price in excess of 10,000 rubles.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

In the online catalogs are photos, prices of LED lamps for suspended ceilings. This makes it convenient to familiarize the consumer with the range and cost of products. In addition, the consultation of professionals will allow you to make the right choice of lamps for use in a particular material design of the ceiling.

Specialists can also offer an overview of embedded LED ceiling wall lamps for the rational organization of various types of lighting. All lighting devices are warranted by the manufacturer. Discount systems and product return conditions have been developed.

The design of LED ceiling lights Armstrong is a group of LEDs combined in a common circuit and mounted in the lamp unit. Depending on the number of diodes in the device, the lamps may have different power. Fastening devices produced by inserting them in the section of the suspended structure of the ceiling.

The main area of ​​use of Armstrong 600x600mm LED ceiling lights are public, commercial and industrial premises: supermarkets, train stations, schools, workshops, etc. However, they can also be used as lighting for the residential sector. Usually it is spacious bathrooms, spacious corridors or rooms for sporting events.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

Helpful advice! Armstrong type LED luminaires create a cool white glow that does not distinguish them from devices that contribute to maximum home comfort.

The price of Armstrong ceiling lamps is quite high. Therefore, their use is beneficial to those who receive real energy savings in case of their use. The purchase of Armstrong cheap ceiling LED lamps of 600×600 mm is possible in case of purchasing a large batch of products, which is possible only for large institutions.

It is worth noting that in addition to a number of positive technical characteristics, lamps for Armstrong ceilings can be used for both embedded and surface-mounted installation. Such versatility makes them popular among other models. The price of the LED ceiling lamp 600×600 mm is from 900 rubles.

Whichever way you choose, the lighting design will be incomplete without the installation of a refined and corresponding general orientation of the chandelier interior. And if in the hallway, bathroom and bathroom the presence of a chandelier is not at all necessary, then such rooms as the living room, bedroom, children’s room and kitchen need a central source of illumination. The design of modern LED chandeliers is so diverse that it is quite difficult to group them even by style.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

According to the method of fixing the chandeliers are divided into suspended, built-in, panel. The choice of the lighting fixture depends not only on the overall design of the room, but also on the height of the ceilings. An elegant and elegant chandelier with a low hanger will look too pompous on a ceiling whose height is less than 2.5 m. In such a room, it is advisable to use built-in or panel devices.

It is possible to install not one chandelier in the center, but two or three identical devices on one central line. Such a ceiling design can visually extend the room. For the kitchen-dining room, a method of lighting the dining area or using several lighting fixtures with stylish shades over the bar or kitchen island is used. Usually such lamps can be adjusted according to the height of the lighting.

Choosing an LED ceiling chandelier for your home with a remote control will allow you to control the luminous flux without leaving a cozy armchair. As a rule, such lighting devices have several modes of operation, including smooth and step adjustment. In some models there is an option to turn on individual groups of lamps, which also allows for achieving a certain level of illumination.

Ceiling LED lamps for the home: the essence of harmonious lighting

The option of using a central chandelier for suspended ceilings is not excluded. The main requirement for such lamps – the use of LED light sources. Reflected from the glossy surface of the ceiling, multicolored highlights create a spectacular glow. A nursery can be decorated with a chandelier of a thematic focus, trying to choose a model that is consonant with additional lamps.

LED lights conceal a lot of possibilities. With their help, unique lighting systems are created, the main criteria of which are spectacular, comfortable perception and safety.

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