Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

It has been scientifically proven that the vast majority of people living on the planet use drinking water of extremely poor quality, which is associated with the spread of a huge number of various diseases. However, few of us pay proper attention to this. Nevertheless, today there is a fairly effective solution to this problem – a flow filter for water. Consider how it works, what happens and how to choose and use it correctly.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

What is the flow filter for water, and how to choose it

Water can contain a huge amount of a wide variety of trace elements and bacteria that may be unsafe for human health. And the naked eye does not understand. It would seem that pure clear water cannot contain incredibly dangerous impurities. But this can only be determined with the help of a fairly expensive analysis, which is carried out in special laboratories.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

In order to quickly and efficiently clean drinking water from most of the dangerous particles, filters were invented. There are a great many of them, and they are all different in size, type of action, as well as the conditions for which they are intended. Perhaps the simplest and most well-known option is a jug. This type of water filter is a tank divided into two parts. In the process of simple flow from one to another, the water is purified. But this option is not always enough.

The choice of flow-through water filter is based primarily on the task that will be assigned to it.

Note! Today, there are filters for cleaning water from a well. Such devices are perfect for those who live in a private house or want to pay attention to the quality of water that they use in the country.

Another important filter selection parameter is the type of water for which it will be used. For this, it is best to pre-take the sample for analysis. Of course, this requires certain financial costs, but certainly worth it. After all, it will be much worse if you get an expensive device for water purification, which can not solve the task.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

So, for urban residents it is very important that the filter eliminates various chemical impurities, as well as eliminates possible mechanical contaminants. It is all the more important that bacteria and microorganisms that live in water are cleaned, since they can cause many diseases and adversely affect human health.

It is unsafe for the human body and an excessively high content of such elements as magnesium, calcium and heavy metals. As a result of prolonged use, such water can cause liver disease.

Another unpleasant, although not such a serious consequence of the use of poor-quality water in the house – the appearance of scale on electrical appliances. Of course, compared to the possible harm to health, this is a trifle, but the permanent failure of equipment is also quite unpleasant and entails additional costs.

Flow-through filters are those through which water passes naturally through pressure from a water main or gravity. That is, strange as it may seem, but jug filters for water purification are also of this type. They are simply the simplest representatives.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

Flow-through filters for water treatment vary in many ways. Price, manufacturer, as well as the popularity of a particular model is not so significant. It is much more important to understand the differences in the principle of their actions. Consider the main options, as well as their advantages and features.

This is the most primitive filter that allows you to get a small amount of purified water. Its design is simple and is a jug, which is horizontally divided into two containers by a partition with a special cartridge. Untreated water from the water supply system is poured into the upper part. Due to its own gravity, water gradually seeps into the lower container, passing on its way through the cleaning element.

Using this method, water is effectively purified from impurities such as chlorine, as well as some organic compounds. This process is also called “softening” of water.

The advantages of this option include ease of use and a fairly low cost. But the disadvantages are the fact that the amount of clean liquid produced is strongly limited by the size of the tank, as well as the need to buy replaceable water filters. This is due to the fact that the cleaning element located in the jug has a limited service life and requires regular updating.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

Dispensary filters are very similar to jars in their design and cleaning method. The main difference is the amount of liquid to be cleaned. As in the first case, water is poured into the upper tank and gradually flows down, accumulating in the tank for the purified liquid.

The advantages of this method include a large amount of treated water, as well as the ability to clean most of the impurities. In addition, the additionally installed magnetic valve affects the structuring of water, at times increasing its quality. This filter is great for installation in offices and homes where large families live. Among the shortcomings are large sizes that do not allow comfortable use of the device in small apartments.

Note! The use of a magnetic valve allows you to change the structure of water in such a way that its quality is close to a pure spring.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

The use of special nozzles that are mounted on the faucet is another way to perform flow-through water purification. Due to the fact that such a device has a compact size and can be fixed on any mixer, it is very convenient to use it in conditions of constant moving or traveling.

At the same time, despite its modest size, it perfectly purifies water from chlorine, as well as various mechanical impurities, making it softer and potable.

Filters which are intended for fixing directly in a shower watering can also belong to this type. Passing through such a barrier, the water becomes much cleaner, which positively affects the condition of the skin.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

The main filters require a rather complicated installation. They represent a small flask filled with a special charge or cartridge. The main advantage of this option is a one-time installation, as a result of which you will receive high-quality purified water throughout the house. In this case, the installation can be carried out both for both lines and selectively (only for hot or cold water).

Another convenient way to ensure the availability of clean water is to install a filter under the sink. So, the water will be cleaned immediately before approaching the mixer. At the same time there are single-stage and multi-stage filters.

Single-stage filters under the sink take the liquid from the common pipe, which supplies cold water, and remove it with a separate tap. Cleaning occurs at the expense of a special cartridge, which, depending on the cost and quality, may involve one or several stages of purification from impurities.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

Multistage filters for washing are considered more modern and high quality. Due to the presence of more than 5 cartridges, they allow you to purify water almost flawlessly. The water supply, as in the first case, is carried out through a separate faucet, which is installed at the sink. At the same time, a high filtration rate allows keeping a fairly high level of water pressure and avoiding the use of storage tanks. If you decide to buy a flow-through water filter of this type, then you will have to pay quite expensive, but the quality of the cleaning is undoubtedly worth it.

A large number of both large and fairly small firms specialize in the production and distribution of filters designed for water purification. To purchase such a device, you will certainly have to deal with the wide range on the market today.

To ensure that the acquisition does not disappoint, it is best to get acquainted in advance with the characteristics of the models, as well as reviews of a particular manufacturer, which can be easily found on the Internet. As examples, consider the two most popular options for hard water filters: Aquaphor and Fibos.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

According to the manufacturer, buy a filter for water Fibos – means to provide yourself with the most clean and soft water, purified from impurities and additives. Their technology is based on the fact that special very thin wire is used for filtration, around which there is glass. Surprisingly, the diameter of a human hair is several times the diameter of such a thread.

This ultrafine thread is wound on a special flask, which, in turn, is mounted inside the pipeline. The distance between the threads is so small that it does not allow any mechanical impurities to pass through such a winding, retaining them inside the flask.

In order to eliminate the dirt accumulated during cleaning, a special tap is mounted in the bottom of the flask. The absence of the need to purchase replacement cartridges is one of the undoubted advantages of such a system.

Flow-through water filter: technical characteristics and features of the device

Interesting to know! Due to the process of low adhesion, the filtered particles are not fixed on the filaments and in the spaces between them, but immediately settle to the bottom of the flask, which allows the filter not to clog.

Thus, among the advantages of the filters of this company can be identified cost. The truth is to understand the fact that it provides only mechanical water purification, and, as the manufacturer himself confirms, cannot be considered a panacea for all problems.

Consider several of the most popular models of this company, using a table with comparative characteristics:

Specifications Filter model
Fibos mini Fibos-1 Fibos-3
general description Household filter, suitable for hot and cold water. Production material – the high-quality alloys which are not giving in to corrosion Model designed for installation in private homes or cafes The device increased performance.
Extreme water temperature 95 ° С
Capacity, l / h 300 1000 3000
Working pressure, atm 0.5-16
The size of the filtered particles, microns < one
Installation diameter, inch 1/2 1/2 to 3/4 from 3/4 to 1
Dimensions, mm 70×150 100×190 110×190
price, rub. 7,000 9000 14,000


According to expert testimonials, Fibos water filters are a good option to protect the water from various particles entering it. However, if we are talking about filtering pathogenic bacteria, then this device is ineffective. As for customer reviews, here you can meet radically opposite opinions.

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