Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Holders of country cottages, cottages, as well as residents of the private sector are faced with the problem of sewage disposal. A feasible pump with grinding for cesspools is a possible alternative to the centralized sewage system in the home and in the production sphere. In addition to the release of cesspools from sewage, it can be used for drying flooded basements, artificial reservoirs (pools) and for watering garden beds.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Field of practical use

The zone of practical application of fecal pumps with a grinder for cesspools is quite extensive. A key feature of the unit, in addition to pumping, is the grinding of small soft objects falling into the sewage system. Enterprises using the production and sale of food products, conceived, have to face the situation of sewage obstruction. It is on such industries that it makes sense to install a fecal pump with a grinder.

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The versatility in the application makes such a device indispensable in the organization of independent dacha sewage systems and for the maintenance of home farms. The unit can be used for pumping sewage masses from sumps and cesspools, draining and cleaning small reservoirs in the area, eliminating the consequences of heavy rainfall and melting snow.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

A generalized list of areas where the use of a fecal pump for cesspools will be necessary:

  • removal of contents of cesspools and settling tanks;
  • cleaning of artificial and natural reservoirs;
  • drainage of basements, wells, cellars from flooding with sewage or melt water;
  • watering the backyard plot of a dwelling house (rarely);
  • pumping sewer masses into the riser, in the absence of proper slope of sewer pipes;
  • use in the industries of food production and cooking, where there is a high probability of household waste and organic waste entering the sewage system;
  • application in the sewage system of organizations of mass leisure, recreation and sports (hotels, canteens, cafes, stadiums).

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

There are three main modifications of fecal pumps:

  • submersible pump;
  • semi-submersible unit;
  • surface apparatus.

Submersible models assume the lowering of a pumping unit into a tank or cesspool with sewage. To determine the depth of the fluid, the pump is equipped with a float. Thanks to the submersible pump you can cope with the pumping of water from basements, clogged wells, sumps or trenches. The technical units and the engine of such a device are protected by a reliable hermetic case made of durable material. This may be a steel, cast iron or polymer housing. The latter is used in models with low power. The main requirement is high resistance to corrosion and active chemical reactions occurring in waste sewer masses.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Helpful advice! If you decide to change the place of use of a submersible fecal pump or it has failed, it requires thorough cleaning of impurities.

Spending most of the time in a country house, you should definitely get a fecal submersible pump with a grinder to give. The price of this model is quite acceptable.

In semi-submersible pumping installations, the engine is located above the surface of the contents of the sump, and the pump is lowered into the liquid mass. The locking mechanism of this pump position is a float that does not allow the engine to touch the sewage.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Installation of the pump is not equipped with a protective housing due to the lack of interaction with a chemically active working fluid. This model of the faecal pump requires special stationary installation inside the tank, it works noisily, it is not equipped with a shredder and is rarely used in domestic conditions for pumping sewage from cesspools.

External fecal pumps are installed next to the cumulative capacity and the process of pumping out the contents of the pits occurs due to the immersion in the liquid of the suction nozzle. Pumps of this type are transportable, are installed immediately before pumping discharges from the pit. Surface models of pumps are not very susceptible to contamination, they can easily be relocated to other areas of work, be it pumping out of basements or providing technical water for irrigation in the country.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Helpful advice! If the surface pump operates at sub-zero temperatures, it is necessary to ensure its thermal insulation. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the liquid inside the pump will freeze, which will cause the device to break.

For country cottages and private houses that have an individual sewage system, it makes sense to use a fecal pump with a grinder. This will relieve from constant monitoring of the ingestion of objects larger in volume than prescribed in the instruction manual of the equipment.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

To prevent clogging of the sewage system in houses where the required slope of the drain has been violated or there is a high probability of non-standard inclusions getting into the drain, a fecal pump with a grinder for the toilet is used. Such constructions are mounted directly behind the toilet, they are equipped with an automated activation function at the next operation of the flushing cistern and can combine several connections from other sanitary appliances. Using the pump with a grinder for a toilet, you can forget about the services of an emergency sewer service.

A submersible-type fecal pump with a grinder is used to crush objects that fall into the slop pits when pumping their contents. Depth of immersion of the unit reaches 10 meters. Prevention of pump operation in the “dry run” mode is achieved using the built-in float switch. The pump automatically turns on when the critical level of fecal masses of the sump is reached and turns off when the level of effluent decreases.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

The device of the submersible fecal pump installation consists of the following elements:

  1. Body (made of corrosion resistant material).
  2. Rotor.
  3. Stator
  4. Elastic cuff.
  5. Sleeve (made of stainless steel).
  6. Oil chamber (prevents overheating of the nodes).
  7. Rubber sealing gaskets ..
  8. Duty cycle wheel (with cutting edges for grinding).
  9. Snail cap (provided with cutting links).
  10. Branch pipe with a removable connector.
  11. Grid special design (for more convenient transportation).

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

When choosing a model of submersible fecal pump, consider the following indicators:

  • frequency of operation;
  • tank depth;
  • distance to the intended drain;
  • unit power;
  • diameter of the working pipe;
  • permissible sizes of processed inclusions.

Helpful advice! When purchasing a submersible fecal pump, make a preference in favor of proven manufacturers. They will provide warranty service life and quick replacement of the necessary parts in case of failure.

Installation of faecal pumps is made in accordance with the instruction manual, component assemblies and parts are attached to the kit with the main unit.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Many manufacturers have specialized in the manufacture of pumping electrical equipment for household and industrial use. SFA (France), Dzhileks (Russia), Sprut (China), Grundfos SEG (Denmark), Homa Barracuda (Germany), Zenit (Italy), Whirlwind (Russia) are among the leading European and Russian manufacturers.
The fecal pumps Dzhileks are made of qualitative anticorrosive materials, are characterized by multifunctionality in use and reasonable price. Pumps of this brand can be used both for pumping sewage drains, and for draining basements and pumping water for irrigation.

Key parameters of models of fecal pumps Dzhileks:

Main settings Type of pump series “Fekalnik”
Jilex 150/6 Dzhileks 150 / 7N Jilex 200/10 Dzhileks 255 / 11N
Pressure (m) 6 7 ten eleven
Productivity (l / min) 110 150 200 255
Power, kWt) 0.2 0.55 0.88 1.1


The working element (wheel) of the fecal pump Dzhileks is made of stainless steel, the device is equipped with thermal protection. The volume of inclusions processed by the cutting mechanism can reach 35 mm. The price of Dzhileks pumping units varies depending on the selected capacity and performance of the unit.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

Whirlwind company specializes in pumping equipment since the 70s of the last century. The technical equipment of this company is strictly monitored and tested, which gives reason to consider products of high quality and durable. Models of faecal pumps of this brand are classified depending on the power and size passed through the grinder, content. The fecal pump Whirlwind fn-1500l is intended for household use, but despite it is allocated with a high power and productivity.

Technical characteristics of the fecal pump Whirlwind fn-1500l:

Main indicator Value
The number of inclusions in one hour (max) 20 times
Head lift height 18 m
Operating voltage 220 V
Frequency 20 Hz
Electric motor type Single-phase, asynchronous, short-circuited rotor
Feed (max) 24 m3/hour
Power 1500 watts
Diameter of the passed particles 15 mm
Cutting mechanism Knife
The diameter of the outlet 2 inches


Fecal pumping unit Whirlwind fn-1500l can be used for pumping out clean, rainwater or groundwater and for draining sewage masses from cesspools. The cost of the model Whirlwind fn-1500l corresponds to the combination “price – quality”.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

After reviewing the advantages and principles of fecal pumping equipment, you can make a choice that is acceptable for a particular system. If you plan to automatically dispose of sewage from the pit, you will need a submersible model of the fecal pump. The submersible unit will cope with its function when the distance to the bottom of the cesspool exceeds three meters or the septic tank is located so that it cannot be approached by the cesspool truck.

If the pumping of sewage into a pumper or special septic tank will occur from time to time – a surface installation will be appropriate here. After cleaning, the installation can be disconnected and used for other purposes without prior cleaning.

Fecal pump with a grinder for cesspools: device and functions

To determine the required head, it is necessary to add a horizontal distance to the number of meters vertically (one meter is added to 10 meters). For example, if it is necessary to raise the contaminated masses to a height of 4 m and pump them horizontally 20 m, then the required indicator of the pressure at the pump should be 7 m (4 + 2 + 1 reserves).

Helpful advice! Before you start cleaning the drain pit, it is necessary to dilute the thick masses of sewage with a small amount of water. Water should cover the sewage by about 5-7 cm. After that, bacterial agents are used to dilute the fecal mass into the pit.

For the treatment of fecal waste, the systematic use of special biologics is recommended, under the action of which an unpleasant odor is neutralized and fecal decomposition occurs.

Using a sewage pump for cesspools with a grinder in your farm, you can once and for all abandon the services of vacuum trucks and independently plan the pumping of wastewater as needed.

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