Modern bathroom – how to equip it?

A comfortable, functional, fashionable modern bathroom means comfort for all family members. If you decorate the space of this room in an original and modern way, this will further emphasize its character and decor. The space should combine elegance and comfort. How long the bathroom does not require repair depends largely on the internal equipment..

There are many solutions for arranging such premises – they mainly depend on the size of the room. In this room, you can use decorative lighting, photo wallpaper, place a bath or shower. The room has been designed over the years, so it is worth considering a sensible design suitable for everyday use..

Features of the arrangement of bathrooms

These premises have not been equipped according to the standard for a long time. Today you can give free rein to imagination, forget about the traditional rules. The bathroom interior in a modern style is not only a bathtub, a sink and a toilet. For rooms with a large area, you can select non-standard ideas, innovative materials and decorative elements.

Among the main aspects:

  • This room is often the smallest in the apartment, which imposes certain difficulties. The layout of the bathroom needs to be thought out to the smallest detail so that plumbing fixtures and furniture do not create obstacles to movement.
  • If the room is small, then you can always visually expand its area by adding mirrors, as well as transparent elements.
  • When choosing plumbing, you need to pay attention not only to practicality, but also to style. The stores offer a large selection of models of plumbing fixtures in non-standard, original design, due to which you can emphasize your refined taste.
  • Lighting fixtures – “cherry on the cake”, they emphasize aesthetics, contribute to a visual increase in space.
  • It is not recommended to use decorative elements for arranging such premises that do not carry any practical benefit..

Modern bathroom design in the apartment

The modern style is divided into two options. First, modernity is associated with minimalism. First of all, these are muted colors – white, gray, beige. The simplicity of style manifests itself in the harmony and use of the latest materials without rich patterns. Minimalism style is also a combination of bright colors and simple accessories.

Another option for a modern bathroom is more colorful. It is based on vibrant color combinations. Expressive colors give character to any space, especially the bathroom. You can accentuate the decor with colorful accessories such as candles or towels. A bright accent will be colorful glaze on the walls in the form of decor or photo wallpaper, which can be placed on the wall between the mirror and the washbasin or in the shower..

Stylish modern bathroom in the house

In private houses, the rooms reserved for the bathroom are usually quite spacious, which gives more opportunities for arrangement. A good idea would be to use natural light wood. Bright furnishings combine with light walls and warm lighting to create an elegant combination. Elegant decor can also be created with gray concrete fittings and white furniture. Gray is very popular due to its “clean” appearance and bringing a calm atmosphere to the interior. What is modern bathroom lighting? An interesting idea might be to install a stretch ceiling with LED lighting, which will give the room the right microclimate. Large modern bathrooms are often equipped with double vanity-mounted sinks and cosmetic drawers and other items used in the bathroom..

Many modern homes have an attic. The attic bathrooms can be combined with a walk-in closet. The architecture of the premises allows you to embody original ideas. An interesting solution can be, for example, the installation of a large shower enclosure without a pallet with glass walls. The freestanding bathtub is an original addition. In an open loft space, a modern bathroom can have loft-style décor.

Modern bathroom ideas in an apartment building

In an apartment building, such a room can be classic or more extravagant, with shades of different colors. The bathroom in the block is usually not very large, so it is worth thinking about tricks that will visually enlarge this room. When starting to plan a small modern bathroom, the color of the walls is chosen first. Modern decor is based on vibrant colors such as shades of white, gray and beige. Using bolder accents, you can add a colorful pattern of stripes running through the bathroom – this can be done with paint or with decorative tiles. Having decided to lay out tiles on all walls, it is best to choose large sizes of materials – the larger the tile, the more it will “enlarge” the room.

Moving on to further planning a small modern bathroom, it’s worth knowing that putting a bathtub in a small room isn’t a good idea. The best solution would be a shower cabin, that is, a shower without a tray, and the water drain is located directly in the floor. A shower cabin without a pallet in combination with all-glass walls will not optically limit the space of the room. If possible, a shower cabin can be installed in a corner, and inside there is a photo wallpaper, which, with the right choice, can also visually increase the space..

Modern design is not complete without a large mirror. If the room is small, it is best to mount the mirror along the entire wall above the sink. A practical accessory – LED lighting around the mirror, which will brighten the room with warm light.

Modern bathroom wall decoration

Finishing plays an important role in shaping the environment and contributes greatly to maintaining the harmony between design and interior style. If you needbathroom tiles – modern designthis material will fit perfectly, due to which you can create the impression of a larger space. It is recommended to install tiles diagonally. A good solution is wood or stone tiles, as well as classic ceramic materials. The surface of the tiles can be glazed or porcelain. If before the color of the tiles was given by clay, today production technologies have stepped forward, which allows manufacturers to make products in a variety of colors..

Quality tiles should be different:

  • Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.
  • Hygiene, environmental safety.
  • Easy to care for.

Bathroom design in a modern style often involves the use of porcelain stoneware. This material bears similarities to porcelain, but visually resembles stone. An important feature of porcelain stoneware is its practical zero water absorption. This allows the material to be used in rooms with temperature extremes for floor and wall cladding. Porcelain stoneware has a texture similar to natural stone, but is less prone to mechanical damage and cracking. High strength, allows the use of porcelain stoneware as a durable and reliable floor covering.

Contemporary bathroom with shower

Decorating a room with a small area is a difficult task, because often convenience does not go well with style. At the same time, if a tiny room is cluttered with a large bathtub, then convenience is out of the question. However, cramped spaces can be created with comfort. Designers offer a variety of bathroom furnishings that enhance hygiene comfort.

A progressive solution is recommended – replacing the bathtub with a shower cabin. Today they are installed more and more often in view of their high practicality, because the shower stall takes up much less space. The design is suitable for any interior design, goes well with other plumbing fixtures and decorative elements.

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