Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

The article considers in detail such a useful device as an air purifier for an apartment: what type of device to choose for the house, the types of existing structures, their classification, functional and technical features, advantages and disadvantages, rating of the best models on the market, reviews and prices. The text contains useful recommendations for choosing a high-quality household appliance.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Air purifier for an apartment: how to choose a device type

The cleanliness of the air in the room has a strong influence on the well-being of a person and his state of health. Particularly sensitive to pollution people suffering from the manifestations of allergic reactions and suffering from bronchial asthma. In such cases, it will not be enough to buy a humidifier, an air purifier will be an excellent addition to it in the fight for comfortable living conditions in an apartment or house.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Most devices are designed to combat the popular home allergens:

  1. Dust – dust particles in themselves do not pose a serious threat to humans. The danger lies in the ticks living in them, protein particles from domestic animals, spores of fungi and mold.
  2. Pollen – pollen from plants enters the house through the windows. This type of allergen is a seasonal problem, but the consequences can last almost a year.
  3. Dandruff and pet hair – the pet’s hair is also not dangerous to humans, the harmful effects come from protein, which is produced by the pet’s organism and fixed on it.

Air purification is carried out by special filters that keep allergens inside the structure. Devices are classified by purpose and type of filter installed inside. On sale there are air purifiers without replaceable filters. They are less hygienic than devices with a replaceable filtration system, but they have a lower cost.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Note! Fully remove from the air all types of allergens are not capable of any cleaner. But high-quality devices cope with most of them. In the shops you can buy universal devices, including the function of humidification and air purification.

The cleaning process is based on a plasma filter. It forms an electrostatic field, attracting dust particles to itself. This type of device is quite popular among consumers. The filter is a metal plate that is easy to clean and does not need to be replaced. It is enough to rinse them under running water.

However, as air purifiers from dust, these devices are not as effective. The capabilities of an electrostatic (plasma) device allow it to cope only with a certain amount of dust particles. From the air in the room can be removed only 80-90% of pollution.

If there is too much dust in the room, the device is not able to cope with high-quality cleaning of such volumes. For this reason, for a more efficient cleaning of air masses in the house, a device with several degrees of cleaning will be required. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics better find another option.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Air purifiers with ionization function are a complex. The device includes several elements that carry out cleaning in various ways. This ensures a high degree of purification of air masses from various impurities that may be harmful to humans.

The principle of operation of the ionizer:

  1. Due to the built-in fan, contaminated air masses are drawn inside the structure.
  2. The foam filter performs a preliminary coarse cleaning, due to which large dust particles are retained.
  3. Air flows through the photocatalyst filter. There is the destruction of toxic and chemical substances, as well as the elimination of unpleasant odors.
  4. Ultraviolet lamp with a bactericidal action disinfects the air.
  5. Plates that create an electrostatic field, filter out small dust particles from the air.
  6. A special device generates negatively charged ions that are transmitted to the air.
  7. Through the outlet grill, the air that has been cleaned and disinfected, flows back into the room.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Helpful advice! When using this air purifier from dust for the house, it is necessary to perform dry and wet cleaning more often. This is done to remove dust that has settled on the surfaces.

The principle of operation of this equipment at the same time is its advantage. The device does not accumulate contamination inside itself, so there is no need to regularly replace the filter system. Thus, the owner of the device will avoid the additional costs of its maintenance. Metal plates are easily rinsed under running water. To maintain the pre-filter in working condition, it is enough to vacuum it.

Features of air purifiers with HEPA filters

If it is necessary to perform high-quality air cleaning from dust particles, the device equipped with the HEPA filtration system will become the best air purifier for an apartment. The name is an abbreviation of “High Energy Particulate Arrestance”, which literally translates from English as “highly efficient particle retention”.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Such devices have a complex configuration and represent a kind of accordion, consisting of a fibrous material. The density of the filter is so high that the gaps between the fibers are only a few microns.

Inside the devices installed fan. It draws air masses into the air purifier with a HEPA filter, where streams are cleaned not only from microscopic dust particles, but also from bacteria that live in it, as well as plant pollen. Efficiency is almost 100%. For this reason, this type of equipment is considered to be one of the most optimal options for apartments where people with allergies live.

Helpful advice! In order for the device to maintain such high efficiency, it should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at least once a month. The module is changed for filtration 1-2 times a year. The frequency of this procedure depends on the quality of air purification and the level of contamination.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

As well as instruments with a non-filter, photocatalytic cleaners perform step-by-step cleaning. Due to this, the equipment copes not only with the removal of dust particles of various sizes from the air, but also with the elimination of mold spores, fungi, dust mites. These factors are provocateurs of allergies.

This type of instrument is necessarily equipped with a UV lamp and a catalyst. In addition, the design contains ion generators, a carbon filter and plates that form an electrostatic field. If ingested, polluted air is pre-cleaned by a dust filter that is located at the entrance. It retains most of the large particles of dust and pet hair.

After this, the air masses enter the chamber, where they are exposed to the ultraviolet light of the lamp and the catalyst. As a result, the process of photocatalysis starts. During this process, toxic airborne contaminants are decomposed to the state of safe substances. In other words, the output is carbon dioxide, water and oxygen. After this procedure, there is almost no dust deposits inside the device, so there is no need for frequent replacement of the filter.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Many buyers prefer to buy a photocatalytic air purifier for their home and for several reasons:

  1. Removal of formaldehyde fumes and phenol secreted by building materials. Such materials include fiberboard and particleboard, on the basis of which the furniture is made.
  2. Elimination of exhaust gas from the street to the house through the window openings. Actually for city apartments in the houses located at motorways.
  3. Effective removal of soot and carbon monoxide in homes where residents use a stove or fireplace.
  4. Elimination of dust together with harmful microorganisms contained in it (bacteria and viruses).
  5. Purification of air from allergens of animal, domestic, and plant origin.
  6. Removal of organic compounds that evaporate from household powder chemicals and solutions.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Note! Devices of this class are most often characterized by low levels of electrical energy consumption. They are environmentally friendly and safe. At the same time cleaners require minimal care. It is enough to clean with a vacuum cleaner only once every six months.

In view of the foregoing, it becomes clear why it is so profitable to buy an air purifier for an apartment, based on the process of photocatalysis. On the other hand, the cleaning efficiency, which belongs to the category of the most important advantages of these devices, can be considered as a disadvantage.

The masses in the process of driving through the structure are cleaned so thoroughly that at the exit in the air there are not only harmful, but also neutral for human microorganisms. The device simply can not distinguish one from another. Subsequently, such sterile air may adversely affect the immune system of children. For this reason, you should not perform too thorough cleaning of the rooms where the kids live.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

Ozonizer – a device designed to clean the air due to the formation of a small amount of ozone. Ozone is a gas that is part of the most common oxygen. In high concentrations, this element has a detrimental effect on all living organisms, so it is widely used for the disinfection of rooms and the destruction of microbes.

Air purifier for the apartment: how to choose a device for home use

After that, the container is filled with water and the design is ready for use, just close the lid and turn on the fan. This is the easiest way to make a device for cleaning and humidifying the air. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, it is recommended to purchase a high-quality device and not to forget about regular replacement of filters.

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