Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

The hallway is the first room where you get into the apartment. The general atmosphere of this room helps to create a first impression about the owners of the house. It is important to create the design of a small hallway correctly so that the room appears cozy and spacious. Knowing some design tricks and observing the basic rules for designing a small room, you can achieve amazing results by getting a stylish and original corridor.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

Design a small hallway: room layout

When you make a small room, you must combine a beautiful interior, convenience and functionality. The size of the hallway is the main component when choosing options for decoration and location of furniture.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

Repair a small hallway begins with the layout of the room. Here it is necessary to adhere to the principle of minimalist direction. The interior should not be excessively overloaded with furniture and other decorative elements in the form of paintings, vases, frames with photographs. A large number of decorative accessories will bring havoc into the room, which will give it an untidy look.

Storage systems of small hallways should be organized in a closed form, where shoes and clothing will be hidden. Open racks, shelves and hangers create a feeling of clutter, making the interior of the room tasteless. The storage system should occupy the entire height of the wall. It is also appropriate to look roomy mezzanines, under which are narrow closed cabinets. This option is most relevant for rooms with high ceilings.

Proper separation of the internal space allows you to achieve the necessary proportions for a narrow hallway. The total area of ​​the room is divided into several functional areas. At a minimum, there should be an entrance area and a lobby.

Zoning can be carried out by using different levels of ceiling structures, changing colors or the type of wall surface, flooring, changing the concept of artificial lighting, which is clearly shown in the design photo of real small hallways in the apartment.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

The use of two types of flooring is very popular when zoning rooms. For example, tile is used in the entrance area, and laminate can be put in the lobby.

Expand the space, visually raising the ceiling, will help competent organization of spot lighting. Lamps should be located in different places and at different levels. The maximum effect is obtained by the reflection of soft light in the mirrors of the corridor.

Visually increase the small corridor is possible with the help of mirrors. It is desirable to install several small elements opposite each other, thereby recreating the optical illusion of doubling the area. The maximum effect can be obtained when installing a wardrobe with a mirror surface, opposite which is a large full-length mirror. Different reception options are shown in the photo of the design of a narrow hallway in the apartment.

Doors in the living room can be replaced with an arch. The use of such a technique will allow you to expand the vestibule, to get rid of the feeling of tightness, filling the hallway with light.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

The corridor is a special room, devoid of natural light. Therefore, it is very important to properly organize artificial light. It is necessary that the light flux sent in a scattered form to all the walls of the room, which will allow to increase it visually.

The main is the overhead lighting, which should be quite bright. It can be done with the help of a ceiling chandelier and several spotlights. More subdued light should be organized near the front door, hanging sconces above it. Above the mirror, it is important to create a bright light that, reflected in it, will be scattered throughout the hall in the Khrushchev. Photos of real design hallways in Khrushchev clearly display different lighting options.

Above the cabinet it would be appropriate to place the LED lighting or small spotlights. At the organization of lighting it is required to allocate favorable places, having darkened the least attractive. It is better to choose fluorescent lamps, creating the illusion of natural daylight.

A good solution for the hallway is to install a wall sconce with dimming function. Such a light fixture will make it possible to change the brightness of colors in the hall, depending on the time of day, affecting the interior of the hallway. For the best effect, such a sconce should be placed on the wall at a level above human growth.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

Helpful advice! By applying the method of lighting only long walls, you can visually expand the narrow hallway.

For a visual increase in the height of the room, it is recommended to illuminate the ceiling along the contour with the help of LED lighting and place 2-3 ceiling chandeliers at the same distance from each other. Visually expand the overall space will also help LED lights, placed around the perimeter of the floor, which is shown in the photo of small hallways.

The furniture for a small corridor is selected compact, small-sized. It is better to give preference to shallow closets equipped with front hangers. The furniture must be arranged in such a way as to maximize the space of the room. To achieve this effect, you can maximize all its angles. Such a rational layout will compactly place all the necessary things, while using a minimum of space. Different layouts can be seen in the photo of the real design of a small hallway in the apartment.

Important! As a storage system for a small hallway, a closet is considered the ideal option.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

In the small hallway you can also install large furniture. However, in this case, it should be multifunctional, have a large number of shelves, drawers and hangers necessary for the placement of clothes, shoes and accessories.

The most difficult to equip the corner mini hallways. Photos of room design will introduce the options for the angular arrangement of furniture. Usually choose a spacious large cabinet. Other storage systems for such a hallway are not suitable.

All elements of furniture in a small hallway should be combined into one design. Do not place modules in different places. Such a system should be located in the corner and near the adjacent walls. An important rule is to soften the corners. Therefore, it is necessary that the furniture occupies the entire functional angle, and its elements should not contain sharp projections.

Important! The pledge of a comfortable and beautiful interior are compact design and smooth lines.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

In a very small hallway, which has an area of ​​2-2.5 m ?, you should not have a large cabinet. It is better to give preference to a narrow chest of drawers and shelves.

With the help of color you can visually change the shape and size of the room. The smaller the room, the brighter and warmer the selected color palette for its design should be. It is recommended to use no more than three shades. Primary color takes up to 65% of the space. For the second shade about 30% is allocated. The third color is applied as a bright accent.

The most popular and most suitable combinations of colors for interior decoration of a hall in a small apartment are the following combinations:

  • pearl and coffee;
  • sky blue and white;
  • beige and ocher;

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

  • sand and terracotta;
  • gray-yellow and red-orange;
  • olive and khaki;
  • eggplant and apricot;
  • pink and violet;
  • golden green and brown;
  • creamy and dark saffron;
  • turquoise and lime.

Important! The floor is darker than the walls and ceiling, which allows you to organize the balance of color design.

If the furniture is chosen in white color, then it is desirable to arrange the walls using a bright shade that will create an emotional atmosphere in the room, having noticeably revived it. The pattern on the walls or the catchy print can be used in small rooms in a single version, which is clearly demonstrated by the design photos of narrow hallways.

Another color solution is the implementation of long longitudinal walls in a light range, and short transverse – in a darker color. This technique will allow you to adjust the shape of the room, visually expanding it.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

Helpful advice! With the help of colored LEDs, you can make a monochromatic room more colorful, that eccentric people will appreciate.

Before you equip a small hallway, it is important to choose the right finishes, thanks to which you will be able to visually expand its space. Natural decorative stone, relief panels and wallpapers, as well as other volume elements should be immediately excluded from the existing range of facing materials. To finish the walls it is necessary to choose thin coatings that will not hide the area of ​​the corridor. For this fit classic wallpaper or ordinary paint.

The wall covering should be uniform, and it is recommended to use a bright palette of shades. Avoid bright wallpaper with large patterns.

Important! For the hallway, it is necessary to use only high-quality, wear-resistant and durable materials that will maintain the original appearance for many years.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

The ceiling in a small room should have a light monophonic look. This will add ease to the corridor and give it extra volume. If the surface of the ceiling is flat, without dents and bumps, then the most rational solution is to paint it with water-based paint.

Sheathing the ceiling can be plastic panels. Due to the glossy surface will be able to visually lift the inner space of a small room. To improve the interior design of the corridor, you can use the panels pale pink or light blue hue.

Design a small hallway: universal principles of design space

Making a small corridor – a responsible event. The main goal is the maximum visual expansion of its space. Using the above design techniques and recommendations, you can create a cozy, comfortable, stylish and presentable room.

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