Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a table. There is a huge choice of models of various shapes and sizes, made of various materials according to various sketches. At this time, the glass kitchen table became especially popular. The original appearance of these products and excellent performance characteristics make it possible to use them not only at home, but also in restaurants, cafes, bars, meeting rooms.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

Glass kitchen table: general characteristics

For modern interior design characterized by freedom, brevity, airiness and lightness of space. All elements of the dwelling should be of a simple form with concise lines, include weightless accessories.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

Reliability and duration of use of interior items came to the fore, so the process of selecting furniture has become more thorough and thoughtful. It is important that all furniture items are practical and in harmony with each other. In addition, environmental friendliness of materials plays a significant role.

Stylish modern glass tables are ideal for modern, comfortable kitchens. They are able to emphasize the originality and unusualness of fashionable design.

The most important detail of any table is the tabletop. In this model, it is made of strong glass. Thanks to a special treatment, this material quietly copes with its functions. Glass has high resistance to mechanical damage, as well as excellent aesthetic characteristics. The material is not afraid of strong pollution and the influence of aggressive environment, including the effects of chemicals. The glass tabletop is easy to clean and at the same time looks beautiful.

Before buying a table made of glass, you must determine whether the table fits into the interior of the kitchen. The whole room should be decorated in the same style, so that neither the guests nor the owners will feel disharmony while inside it. Most suitable glass tables and chairs for the kitchen and apartment, made in the style of high-tech, which is characterized by the use of glass and metal.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

However, similar furniture can be used in other cases. Most often, tempered glass tables are bought in addition? other kitchen furniture. The main thing is that all furniture items in the room are combined with each other. On the Internet there are many photos of glass tables, harmoniously inscribed in the interior of the kitchen or dining room, which will help you choose the most suitable option.

Important! Modern developments and innovations allow you to create glass surfaces with elements of stained glass, to include a variety of flat and three-dimensional drawings, geometric patterns.

At present, glass kitchen compositions have firmly entered the furniture market, displacing wooden, ceramic or granite structures. And this is not surprising, because they have a huge number of advantages.

Products are reliable and durable. Modern manufacturers produce unusual designs with special regulatory supports.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

These tables are different original and stylish decoration. The combination of unique materials allows you to visually expand the space, making the interior lightness, airiness and volume, as well as gives the room a certain charm and zest.

Such models are easy to maintain. For cleaning and cleaning it is enough to use ordinary detergents. It is not necessary to buy expensive formulations.

The range of models is quite diverse. You can buy a table with a tabletop of any shape. Round, square, rectangular and oval glass tables for the kitchen are available. If you turn to a professional designer with an individual order, you can purchase a product of absolutely any configuration.

Such pieces of furniture will perfectly fit into one or another interior and will give an opportunity to realize any ideas of space design. Also offers a wide selection of shapes of the legs of various materials: wood, metal or forged.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

There is a huge variety of underframes and legs for glass tables. Usually they are made of wood or chrome-plated metal, but the options where these materials are combined with leather and stones or decorated with artistic forging and patterns look much more original. Then the table becomes a truly rich and elegant decoration of the room.

The quality of the table with glass is not inferior to its wooden counterparts. Glass furniture is no less durable, reliable and practical. The table is easy to clean and very difficult to break. It can be sliding, and also have additional shelves or adjustable supports.

It is interesting! Kitchen tables made of glass are ideal for lovers of practicality and free space, as well as an indispensable thing for owners of small kitchen spaces. Such products are easy to rearrange from place to place, which means that the table can be constantly moved from the kitchen to the living room and vice versa.

Glass kitchen table is great for rooms of any size and layout. It is able to combine other items of furniture and life, or to be their harmonious continuation.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

For rooms with a small area, experts advise buying transformer furniture, which can be transformed into a full-fledged piece of furniture through simple manipulations. Also on sale are comfortable folding tables equipped with functional sliding mechanisms. With their help, you can easily adjust the size of the table, and in some cases change the height.

Modern possibilities of design and zoning of space provide a variety of solutions used in any style and direction. The use of glass furniture is very practical and convenient, because glass harmonizes perfectly with other materials such as wood, metal and stone. Most often, glass surfaces are combined with chrome-plated parts and elements.

Hi-tech style – a bold and progressive solution to the design of the kitchen room. Having organized a kitchen in a high-tech style, you can get free space and harmoniously combining simplicity with luxury. The original glass worktop will easily fit in this direction. Having chosen a product of white, transparent, black or gray color, it will be possible to create a unique stylish design.

Minimalism is perfect for both small living rooms and kitchens, and for fairly spacious rooms. A small glass table (instead of a massive wood construction) will provide a feeling of lightness.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

Country – a democratic direction in which an unusual glass worktop fits perfectly and creates favorable conditions for working in the kitchen. This genre provides ample opportunities and allows you to implement absolutely any style and color ideas.

Although the tables for the kitchen with a glass tabletop do not meet the classical ideas about this piece of furniture, such designs, made in this design style, harmoniously fit into the living room and kitchen. Black, white, gray, blue, red and other monochrome tables look great in a classic style and give a special touch to the space of the room.

Pop art is a bright and progressive direction, so such an extraordinary and small product, like a table with a glass worktop for the kitchen, is best suited for this interior. Yellow, pink, blue, red and other bright colors of the table top match this style perfectly.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

Direction Provence involves a combination of old rustic details with modern notes. Tables with glass tops are ideally designed for this style, since they stand out favorably for their originality, practicality and visual appeal.

The combined group looks harmoniously with a glass dining table for the kitchen, dining room and living room in a single studio space. The main thing is to buy a product from high-quality materials and select the appropriate form for the interior.

A universal option is a transparent or white glass table in the kitchen. Transparent and translucent designs of saturated shades: orange, yellow, red, green, turquoise look spectacular and bright. The glossy black countertops give the kitchen a luxurious look.

The only problem with kitchen glass tables is hand marks on the table top. They are especially noticeable in photographs. You can get rid of this problem by covering the surface of the table with a special compound. The glass surface does not require special care.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

It is enough to wipe the surface of the tabletop with a damp sponge as it is soiled, after which you should wipe the table dry with a towel. Frosted tables are more practical, and for glossy surfaces will have to take care more carefully, using a means for washing glasses.

For a small kitchen or living room, a small glass table is ideal. This model gives the interior a note of charm, lightness and warmth. A small sliding table will be indispensable during the reception.

A combination of a glass table with exquisite high-quality chairs will help to add originality. Such products diversify and decorate any kitchen or living room.

Before buying a glass kitchen table, you need to take into account several important factors. Choosing a folding model, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the product in the assembled and sliding form. Usually tables in folding form can be doubled, so it is important that the kitchen accommodates such volumes. For families with small children, it is better to choose models with a round or rounded table top. This will help reduce the likelihood of bruises and injuries, and this form looks elegant and beautiful.

Kitchen table glass: stylish design for any interior

Having chosen a suitable model, you should carefully inspect the furniture for the presence of mechanical damage, namely: small cracks, air bubbles and chips in the area of ​​the glass table top. You can also purchase a glass table with a photo print for the kitchen. This design allows you to create an original design, taking into account the peculiarities of styles and personal preferences.

The most profitable these pieces of furniture are suitable for decoration of the kitchen in a modern style. In large living rooms furniture set with a glass table can be placed in the center of the room. In this case, it will become the main part of the interior. Also, furniture can be placed in the corner of the room or on the side, which does not make this furniture less noticeable or unattractive.

Manufacturing countertops involves the use of strong glass, which is almost impossible to damage. Manufacturers have created a true, reliable and practical device that helps each family member feel comfortable becoming the owner of an unusual and original table.

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