Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

In the process of building a country house, one of the main tasks facing the owners is to make living as comfortable as possible. And the heating equipment plays a significant role here, because it is the main component of comfort and coziness. Consider why as a heating device is increasingly choosing a gas heater to give, its advantages and features of use in a residential house.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

Gas heater for gardening: advantages and disadvantages

If you do not live in the country all the time, and only sometimes come to rest there for a few days, the gas heaters on natural gas for the house will be the best solution to the issue of heating. They have an affordable price, are very mobile and are able to warm up large enough rooms.

The device gas heater involves the use of natural gas as a power source. As a result of combustion, it emits heat, which, together with infrared radiation, is transmitted to surrounding objects. In turn, they give the resulting heat to the air.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

The advantages of using household gas heaters for gardening:

  • high efficiency, which reaches 80%;
  • to supply the equipment, only natural gas or liquefied propane is required, which can be called practically the most affordable option available today;
  • such heaters are environmentally friendly;
  • due to its low weight and dimensions, the device can be easily carried;
  • equipment is extremely easy to install and manage;
  • service life is long enough: from 15 to 30 years;
  • high level of safety: the body does not heat up above 60 ° С, which eliminates the risk of burns or fire;
  • This method of heating is very economical, as the gas cylinder can be refilled at any gas station, and fuel consumption occurs gradually.

Helpful advice! Another situation when buying a gas heater from a cylinder for giving will be the best solution – having problems with voltage drops in the electrical network. In this case, such a device can be both the main and additional sources of heat.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

All these qualities make gas heaters for the home almost indispensable. Indeed, on the one hand, you get rid of the need to install an expensive and complex heating system, and on the other hand, you provide yourself with a reliable and compact source of heat.

Among the disadvantages of this type of equipment can be noted only two significant points:

  1. In order to release heat into the environment, gas devices need oxygen. As a result, in the room where such a device is installed, the burning of oxygen will occur quickly enough.
  2. No matter how hard you try, bottled gas heaters for summer cottage will never be completely safe in terms of the likelihood of fire. One way or another, this is the use of an explosive substance that could cause a fire. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of operation.

Helpful advice! It is strictly not recommended to carry out repairs of gas heaters to give. It is important to remember that gas is explosive, and any mistake you make can have serious consequences, such as a gas leak. Therefore, it is better to entrust this to a professional.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

These shortcomings, although significant, have little effect on the popularity of this type of device. After all, if you provide additional oxygen access to the room where the heater is installed, as well as abide by the rules of operation, which are indicated by the manufacturer, then you will get a convenient and functional device that will serve for quite a long time.

In order to decide which type of heater is most suitable for use in your country house, you need to figure out what they are. All models are divided into three types: infrared, catalytic and gas convectors. Consider how they differ between themselves, and what kind is preferable for use in the country.

The principle of operation of this device is based on the following principle: inside the case made of metal, there is a burner, as well as devices regulating its operation. This is necessary to create the safest possible construction, which will cease its operation in the event of a malfunction or, for example, tipping over. At the same time, the price of a gas heater for a house is largely determined by the quality of this particular element.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

The main operating part of the device is the burner. It is in it that gas is burned and the heat transferred is further transmitted through infrared emitters. Due to this type of transmission, heat is not dissipated in the air, but is transmitted directly to objects located nearby.

The form, as well as the materials from which the emitter is made, can be very diverse, but most often they use ceramics. Buy gas ceramic heater decide many owners of country houses, thanks to an affordable price and a large selection of models.

If we talk about heating a country house, then infrared heaters can be called almost ideal. In operation, they are as simple as possible, and at the same time they are able to heat the room qualitatively. There are only two types of infrared gas heaters: domestic and outdoor.

Models for outdoor use have a greater range of exposure, and are often used on verandas, summer playgrounds, in the yard. They can not be used indoors, but on the street with their help you can warm up even in winter. Domestic infrared heaters, in contrast, are designed for heating a small area (up to 40 m?) And are practically useless outside.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

The second type of gas heaters – catalytic. They got their name from the process that was the basis for the operation of this type of device: catalysis. Oxidation occurs directly on the solid surface of the device, without forming a flame as such.

As for efficiency, it is no more for catalytic heaters than infrared ones. However, they are far superior to their competitors in terms of safety and environmental performance.

It is considered that by itself a catalytic heater can not cover and heat an area of ​​more than 30 m ?. Nevertheless, manufacturers skillfully combine it with fans, which allows to increase the area of ​​its impact up to 50 m ?. The only thing that should be borne in mind that such models are not suitable for use in small spaces.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

Gas convectors – another type of heaters that are used to heat country houses. Depending on the design, they are divided into two types: with an open or closed combustion chamber. In this case, the first type can be used only on the street, where the air circulation occurs constantly.

The second type provides for a special pipe for removal of combustion products, and can be used indoors without any problems. As a rule, the maximum area that he can heat does not exceed 40 m ?. The advantages of this type of device include low cost as well as high level of security.

It is difficult to answer exactly which device is most suitable for heating a country house. Here we have to take into account many factors that somehow influence. For example, think in advance about how long you plan to use the device. If you arrive for a short time, then a ceramic gas heater is better suited for the garden. If you plan long visits, gas convector will be more suitable.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

It is worth paying attention and power of the acquired equipment. It is important to listen to the recommendations of the manufacturer in order not to make an unnecessary purchase. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is a huge amount of devices with very different power indices, as well as their intended use. As a rule, the marking indicates the recommended operating conditions, as well as the area recommended for heating.

It is a mistake to believe that by buying the most powerful heater you are guaranteed to provide yourself with comfortable conditions. Too high a temperature of heating of surrounding objects and air is as bad as insufficient. So try to choose the right models. In addition, you are unlikely to want to spend an excessive amount of gas to produce heat that you do not need.

Perfectly fit models that are equipped with a power regulator. This allows you to significantly save the cost of purchasing gas.

An important parameter and appearance of the device. Depending on where it is planned to install it, as well as whether there is a need to move it, you can choose a floor or ceiling model.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

Helpful advice! Ceiling models are good for rooms with high ceilings. So the area of ​​radiation will be higher, and the amount of warm space in the room will increase.

Depending on what type of device you want to purchase, this will entail different costs. For example, a ceramic gas heater of a new generation can be very expensive, while simpler models are considered the most economical way to heat a house. Consider the price range for each type of heater.

The prices of gas heaters for summer cottage with a balloon start at 2000 rubles and reach up to 30,000 rubles per unit. In this case, the cost is influenced by various factors: power, material of manufacture, principle of operation, brand, etc.

For example, the prices of gas ceramic heaters on bottled gas are quite reasonable. A simple model with a minimum number of additional functions can be purchased for 2-3 thousand rubles. While powerful devices will cost 5-6 thousand rubles.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

Helpful advice! You should not save on product quality. Buy products from trusted manufacturers, and if you have the appropriate documentation and certificates.

As you can see, the prices of gas heaters for gardening can be very different. In order to purchase a high-quality convector, catalytic or ceramic gas heater to give, reviews serve as the best guide.

Another common use of gas heaters is heating garages. Due to the lack of a full-fledged heating system, in the cold season it is impossible to stay in the garage for a long time. You can use for heating the garage (as well as for the greenhouse, or to give) gas heater. Buy cheap such a device is not difficult, and its use does not require the supply of additional communications.

The peculiarities of the use of gas heaters in the garage include the fact that stationary devices in this case would be of little relevance. Place the device under the ceiling, most likely, will not work, so it is better to give preference to a small portable version, which can be easily rearranged to where it is needed.

Gas heater to give: why you should choose such a device

If you believe reviews, gas ceramic heaters – ideal when it comes to use in the garage. They are small and light, but at the same time they can easily heat a large enough area.

When choosing a gas heater to give or garage, first of all, be guided by the conditions in which it will be used. Read reviews and reviews of real buyers. After that, you can easily find a suitable model that will serve more than one year.

Paying attention to one parameter of choice, do not forget about the rest. So, at first glance, an expensive device can pay off in the first few months of regular use. While a simple and cheap heater can consume significantly more fuel.

In any case, make the most of the information provided by the manufacturer about a specific device, as well as customer reviews that they leave on forums and websites. Spend your time choosing the right gas heater for the garden, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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