Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

The article will detail the characteristics of such a device as a quartz heater: consumer reviews of popular manufacturers and their products, the main criteria for choosing a quality device, the comparative characteristics of infrared and monolithic structures on the main parameters that are important to customers.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Quartz heater: reviews and selection of the optimal device

The current market is oversaturated with a variety of heating devices. Of the total mass of heaters, quartz structures stand out due to their practicality. They have a lot of advantages, although, like many other products, they are not without flaws.

Quartz heaters are considered to be electric heating equipment, which partially incorporates quartz. Some elements of the structure are made of this mineral. Depending on the type of device and its modification, quartz may contain completely different elements.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Each type of quartz instrument used to heat a house has its own principle of operation. But at the basis of this principle is the same scheme of action: the temperature of the heating element increases due to the particles of electricity that pass through it, causing high resistance.

There are two types of quartz structures on the market: infrared and monolithic. By the principle of operation, quartz devices are also divided into two types: induction and resistive. A distinctive feature of the latter is the absence of magnetic fields that have a negative impact on the human body. In addition, such heaters do not contribute to the heating of metal fittings on clothes (buttons, zippers). This usually turns into a problem if, by carelessness, getting too close to a working device.

Note! Electric type of heating is one of the most productive options for heating homes: equipment efficiency in some cases reaches almost 95%. This means that the device works out the money spent on electricity, without loss.

Thanks to modern technology, the cost of electrical energy can be reduced. There are many ways to economically use electricity for heating with maximum benefit from this energy.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

For a quartz instrument, it is recommended to purchase a temperature sensor with an automatic monitoring system. The sensor responds to temperature changes in the room and is triggered by turning the equipment on or off depending on the settings that you can set yourself. This scheme allows to reduce costs by 1/3.

Monolithic version of the design (MKTEN) has another name – tiled. In the production of its production is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Preparation of the solution, which includes marble crumb (crushed dolomite), white kaolin clay and quartz sand in different proportions.
  2. Pouring the mixture into flat forms on top of a spiral of nichrome. This material is a metallic alloy of chromium and nickel.
  3. Tamping composition.
  4. Drying procedure.
  5. Sintering product.

In finished form, the device is a kind of equivalent to the design of an oil heater, only dry. When the device is connected to the mains, the nichrome spiral is heated. Following it, the whole stove warms up.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Note! The properties of quartz sand are similar to those of an oil. The material in the working device contributes not only to warming up the air in the room, but also serves as a heat accumulating battery. Therefore, even after turning off the heater will give heat to the room for 1.5 hours.

Infrared structures of quartz devices are equipped with a heat-emitting element in the form of a tungsten spiral. She is in a glass tube. A glass flask is a preventive measure that prevents unpleasant odors. The spiral made of tungsten is red-hot. If it were not for the glass tube, particles of dust falling on the spiral, constantly burned, filling the room with an unpleasant smell.

It is more expedient to use the infrared type of equipment for fixed heating. This device is best to install in the living room, where there is a TV, or at the workplace. Of course, the room does not warm up completely, but it is possible to achieve substantial savings in electricity by purchasing an aggregate with a low power level.

The most significant advantage of such a device is comfortable operation. The design is compact, mobile, and in the process of heat release the air in the room does not burn, as is usually the case with convection products that require the purchase of air humidifiers. In this case, the natural humidity of the room is preserved, so that even after a long warming up of the room, people still breathe easily.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Infrared heaters can be equipped with four types of heating elements: quartz, halogen, ceramic, or mimatermic. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the principle of operation is the same. Therefore, we will further consider the features of infrared devices with a quartz heating element and quartz monolithic structures.

Despite the many advantages that unite these devices, each of them heats the room in its own way. For this reason, heaters must be selected according to their own needs and conditions of the room:

  • its size;
  • air temperature;
  • the presence or absence of good insulation.

The monolithic unit heats the room with a convection effect. During this, there is a gradual increase in air temperature at all points in the room. When heated, the air expands, its density decreases, so it rises. The monolithic heater first heats the air gap in front of itself, after which, by raising the hot flows, each subsequent layer is heated up.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Note! Heating is slow, but the device is able to maintain a normal temperature in a room measuring 16-18 m ?.

The operation of the infrared heater does not involve the use of convection. In the process of heating a room, thermal radiation is intensely transmitted, which has a directional propagation pattern. Heat does not dissipate around the room due to the fact that the device is equipped with a focusing reflector, reflecting it in the right direction.

Thermal radiation is formed by a quartz bulb, inside of which a spiral is sealed. When this occurs, the heating of objects in front of the structure, and not air. In other words, the lamp will heat people and things that are directly in front of it in the radiation range.

The best device is determined on the basis of whether the buyer requires uniform heating of the room or locally directed heat.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Infrared devices will be useful in areas where there is no normal insulation. For insulated rooms with minimal heat loss, it is better to take monolithic heaters. When the operational conditions of the room are determined, it is possible to proceed to a comparison of the characteristics of these units.

In terms of weight, monolithic structures substantially lose to infrared devices. Their weight is 10-12 kg. But tiled heaters are very compact. Standard dimensional parameters are 60×35 cm, while the thickness of the structure does not exceed 25 mm. Dimensions of products, depending on the manufacturer, may differ from those indicated, but not significantly.

Note! If you plan to use the device in combination with a thermostat, professionals will recommend to buy a monolithic quartz heater without plug.

If a tiled unit is purchased to order, many manufacturers give buyers the right to choose the material from which the protective frame will be made. The most affordable option is aluminum. The highest quality frames are made of steel coated with a protective coating.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Infrared models are more functional. They allow you to adjust the power level in the range of 1-3 kW. In the reflector are lamps with a capacity of 500 watts. From their number depends on the possibility of precise regulation of heating. The main thing – do not overdo it, so that the emitter does not cause harm to people around.

If we talk about infrared emitters and their harm, it is worth analyzing in more detail the temperature capabilities of these units and the degree of action on humans.

Modern designs of heaters are divided into three categories:

  • 300 ° С – emitters with a long wave that are not capable of harming human health (provided that the rays are not directed at a person at a right angle);
  • 600 ° С – the wave range practically coincides with the human body;
  • 800 ° C – aggregates with short-wave action (this type of radiation can be extremely dangerous, since it has the ability to penetrate under the skin of the human body).

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

The degree of harm to a quartz heater on health can be compared to the effect of sunlight on a person. In both cases, the thermal component is based on the principle of the propagation of waves of the infrared spectrum. In other words, if one is under the influence of radiation for a period of 10–20 µm for a short time, health will not be harmed. Rather, on the contrary, the body is toned.

It is better to refrain from prolonged stay under an infrared heater, as this can lead to skin burns.

Helpful advice! To reduce the degree of negative effects of infrared radiation, it is recommended to send the device to furniture or other surfaces in the room. Direct human presence in front of the heater is allowed, but not more than 20 minutes. Especially vulnerable parts of the body are the eyes and the head.

Price of quartz heaters TeplEko, Teploplit and Texture

Monolithic structures are characterized by a long service life (up to 25 years). In this case, this period of operation is accompanied by a minimum number of failures. As a rule, the main part of breakdowns falls on the power cord, which, if necessary, is very easy to replace.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Now it is possible to calculate the amount of necessary electric energy for one unit for the heating season: 1800 h x 0.4 kW = 720 kW / h.

Taking into account the fact that it will take 6 appliances to heat the house, and the cost of 1 kW is 2 rubles. You can easily calculate what the total costs will be:
720 kW / h x 6 (heaters) x 2 rub. = 8640 rub. in year.

Average price of monolithic quartz heaters for the home:

The brand power, kWt Dimensions, cm Action area, m price, rub.
TeplEko 0.4 2,5x35x60 8-10 2300-2600
Heatplit 0.45-0.5 12 2400-3000
Texture 0.4 ten 2300-4950


Pricing depends on the characteristics of a particular model, its design, components and power.

Most infrared emitters are designed to be installed on the floor. For convenience, some models are equipped with a stand that adjusts the height of the device.

Note! On sale you can find units with imitation of decor in the interior or furnishings. Devices made in the form of cabinets made of natural wood or chipboard are especially popular. Heaters in such cases are not less effective than ordinary ones, but their appearance is significantly improved.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Additional advantages of emitters:

  1. At the expense of a temperature regulator high efficiency and profitability is provided.
  2. In case of overheating or overturning of the structure, the device automatically turns off.
  3. The unit is equipped with a timer that allows you to control the operating time of the device.

Average prices of infrared quartz emitters:

The brand Model
Action area, m price, rub.
Sinbo SFH-3310 one 14x23x43 15 1300-1400
Noirot Royat-2 1800 1.8 11x12x55 15 8100-8300
Stiebel Eltron IW 120 1.2 8.5х14.5х53.5 15 4200-4500
Prorab QH 800 0.8 18x35x47 eight 1000-1500
AEG IR Premium 6000 6 110x27x110 36 145000-147000
Comfort K-19H 2 18x35x47 ten 1500-2000


Monolithic models have a standard size, which, depending on the manufacturer, can vary within 1-2 cm.

The main characteristics of heaters with a monolithic design:

  1. Product weight – is in the range of 10-12 kg (depending on the material from which the structure is made).
  2. Surface temperature in operating mode – 95 ° C.
  3. The power consumption is 400-500 watts.
  4. The temperature of the heater is 120 ° C.
  5. The rate at which the device cools is about 1 ° C / min.
  6. Recommended room size – 16-18 m ?.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Infrared emitters have a wider range of sizes. Buyers have a significant choice in terms of the weight of the structure. These devices have a lightweight body from 1 to 3 kg.

From the working temperature of the emitter depends on the wavelength:

  • from 300 to 600 ° C – length is 2.5-50 microns;
  • from 600 to 800 ° C – the length is 0.7-2.5 microns.

Domestic models consume from 1 to 3 kW. In one unit can be installed several heating elements. The power of each of them is 400-500 watts.

Note! To provide users with the ability to control the temperature, manufacturers have equipped each of these heating elements with an individual switch.

Consumer opinions about infrared and monolithic structures diverge. Some of the reviews are positive, others, on the contrary, speak about the shortcomings of certain products.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Here are some of them:

“Last year I purchased several monolithic heaters for the home. I decided to do this only because at every corner I heard only about the merits of these products. But I was disappointed in them very quickly. This is not to say that they are impractical. And the savings from them are substantial. But I did not feel the heat as such in the house. Therefore, part of the monolithic models installed in the living room, and for the bedroom acquired an infrared heater. Though it acts locally, it doesn’t have to wait until the whole room warms up. ”

Vitaly Andrienko, Yekaterinburg

“Looking with my husband where to buy a quartz heater to give, we spent a lot of time until we decided on a suitable option. Opt for a tiled heater. Devices perfectly proved themselves. Of course, I had to spend money on a thermostat, but now the energy consumption is minimal and completely under control. With such equipment is not afraid to leave the cottage for a week. In winter, at a working temperature of the heater of 10 ° C, the house is insured against freezing. I am very pleased with my purchase. ”

Tatyana Smirnova, Moscow

“I personally prefer infrared heaters. Despite their price, they fully justify themselves. Energy consumption is very small. When the central heating system in the apartment does not cope with its task, I just bring the temperature to the desired level due to the heater. “

Igor Skorodko, St. Petersburg

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

In the modern market of heating devices there is a large variety of devices. The total number of models exceeds one hundred. In addition to standard and common units, you can buy a quartz heater TeplEko, which refers to the newest and original versions.

Note! Brand TeplEko appeared on the market in 2010. Already by 2012 the products of this manufacturer was widely known and distributed.

This type of device is a monolithic rectangular plate. The basis of the solution for the manufacture of heater TeplEko quartz sand. At the same time there is no reinforcing mesh inside the slab. The product has a relief surface that is able to absorb moisture. And the cabinet part of the heater can be safely painted in any color you like, because it is absolutely safe. Thus, the design can be arranged in the same color scheme as the room where the device will be installed.

The heater is connected to the mains through a standard outlet. On the back of the structure there is a short cable cord about 1 m long. Manufacturers do not complete the cable with a plug, so you have to buy this part and fix it yourself. Not far from the cable exit point is the power button.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Fixing the plate on the wall at the expense of the brackets. On sale there are special floor coasters, which can be purchased as a supplement. The integral unit has a heating element inside in the form of a nichrome spiral, which is heated under the influence of current and gives off heat to the structure. Due to the special wear-resistant wire heater can be turned on throughout the day. In other words, it can be used as the main source of heat in the house.

Note! The material used to make the plate has a high level of inertness. This means that the structure heats up for a long time and at the same time also cools for a long time. The temperature reaches its maximum in 30 minutes.

In order to fully appreciate the capabilities of TeplEco products, it is worth exploring in detail the main technical characteristics of the devices, comparing them with the indicators of heaters of another popular brand.

Comparative characteristics of devices Heatplit and HeatEco:

Characteristic Manufacturer
Heatplit TeplEko
Energy consumption (day), kW 2.55 2.5
Full cooling time, h 2.2 five
Power level, W 450 400
Weight, kg eleven 12
price, rub. 2500 2300


This product belongs to two competing brands in the panel heater category. Judging by the table, the heaters of the company TeplEko have a lower power level in comparison with the instruments of Heatplit. But in the process of their manufacture, the manufacturer uses a large amount of quartz sand, thereby improving the storage capacity of the plates.

With similar design indicators, HeatPlit retains heat from heating much worse, despite its cost.

Regarding quartz heaters TeplEko consumer reviews are not entirely unambiguous. Buyers leave both negative and positive comments.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

On the basis of a common opinion, the following positive aspects of the products were highlighted:

  • a long period of cooling, as a result, the stove generates heat for a long time even after switching off;
  • the possibility of painting the surface;
  • the device does not overdry air;
  • reduced power consumption.

Note! Despite the fact that the manufacturer positions its devices as energy-saving, in comparison with convectors, the savings are not so great (if you rely on reviews).

Cons significantly more:

  • big weight of a design;
  • there are no handles on the body of the device, which makes the process of transfer and installation of the flat plate more complicated;
  • with insufficient drying quartz heater Tepleko beats the current;
  • the brackets present in the instrument package do not allow the device to be securely fixed to the wall. Particular difficulties arise when mounting on a thin partition;

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

  • it takes an hour to warm up the device;
  • if there is an increased level of humidity in the room, cracks are formed on the surface of the slab;
  • the manufacturer has not provided protective elements that prevent human contact with the structure. Taking into account that the switched on device heats up strongly, the operation of a heater without a protective screen in the children’s room can be dangerous;
  • limited equipment. For comfortable use, you must purchase a lot of additional details.

In addition to the protective screen, you will need to purchase a number of additional parts for the full operation of the heater TeplEko. You can buy them from the manufacturer.

Average prices for components:

Type of part price, rub.
Power Level Control (thyristor) 2000
Metal screen 1000
Smart socket 5500
Reflective film (foil) 150
Temperature regulator 1200
Mounted dryer 700
Stand (outdoor) 600


In practice, only the stand, protective screen and temperature controller will be of benefit. The remaining components are optional, they only increase the level of operating comfort.

Helpful advice! If the device is to be installed on the walls, a film with a reflective effect will not be superfluous. She will send heat in the right direction.

The “smart” socket enhances the functionality of the heater. With its help, the user can turn off or turn on the device by voice call or text message (SMS).

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Installation of the quartz heater design is carried out as follows:

  1. An optimal place is selected where the heater will be placed. The most suitable area for this is under the window or opposite the door (opposite side). It is recommended to indent from the floor to a height of at least 10 cm.
  2. A reflective film is stuck on top of the wall. It can be purchased from the manufacturer of the heater, and from any other company. It does not really matter. The film is glued so that the monolithic device is completely covered with small protrusions on each side (literally several centimeters). Due to this heat will be fully reflected in the room, and not spent on the heating of the wall.
  3. After the design placement zone is planned, the mounting of the fastening elements is carried out: 1 pc. at the top of the case, 2 pcs. down below.
  4. The installation of the plate.
  5. The temperature controller is connected. It is very important that it is located in a convenient place.

It remains only to connect the device to the electrical network. To avoid cracks on the plate, it is very important to “dry” the device. To do this, leave the heater in working condition for 2-3 hours. Since the construction material has a high ability to absorb moisture, do not neglect this procedure.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Helpful advice! In order to completely eliminate the possibility of cracking, it is recommended to leave the device in a room with a dry microclimate for several days, or better for 1-2 weeks, before operation.

The quartz devices of the company “TeploPlit” are made on the basis of dolomite (ground marble stone), quartz sand and kaolin (white clay). These components are mixed in production in the required proportions, compacted and subjected to the sintering procedure under the influence of high temperature.

The heating element, which is installed inside, is completely isolated from contact with oxygen and the environment. Due to this, the part is not subject to destruction under the influence of oxidation processes that occur upon contact with air.

The manufacturer has chosen for the manufacture of the heating element material, called nichrome. The working temperature of this metal, which is an alloy of nickel and chromium, reaches 980 ° C, which indicates a high resistance of the helix to heat. The actual temperature inside the device does not exceed 120 ° C, so the material retains its strength characteristics over a very long service life.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

The company provides consumers with the opportunity to buy two types of Heat-Stove quartz heaters:

  1. The “HeatPlit” model is a quartz instrument equipped with an aluminum frame.
  2. Model “Heatplit-M” – quartz heater, equipped with a frame with white powder coating. The surface of the frame is framed under the colors of the monolithic slab.

The manufacturer has made sure that the devices are not only economical, but also have attractive external data. The front of the case is covered with textured patterns in the form of ornaments.

All units are available in one color – white. Buyers will be able to paint the structure in their favorite shade. This will require the purchase of a special paint with heat-resistant properties.

Note! All corners and edges of the heater are rounded, so there are no restrictions on the installation of the device in any premises. The design is completely safe for operation.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Consumers can buy Heatplit quartz heaters in the following modifications:

  1. Structures without plug – power cable is provided in their configuration. Its length is 0.5 m. This cable is designed to connect the device to the system or to a temperature controller.
  2. The device with the plug – is equipped with a power cable with a length of 1 m. This design can be portable. The device is completely independent of a single electric heating system.

The design of the heater is able to withstand a long period of work without interruptions. This ability allows you to leave the device turned on without fear that the heating element will fail. If the network has a voltage of 220-230 V, the temperature of heating the spring surface will be about 95-98 ° C. This indicator is an average value obtained as a result of taking measurements from 9 different points.

The temperature of the monolithic heater can be raised above the specified level. To do this, you will need to significantly increase the voltage in the mains, and for quite a long time.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Technical characteristics of heaters:

  1. The size of the structure is 2.5x35x60 cm.
  2. Total weight – 11 kg.
  3. Power level – 450 watts.
  4. Network operating voltage – 220 V.
  5. Full heating time – 20 min. (heating from 10 to 95 ° C).
  6. The maximum possible heating temperature is 95-98 ° C.
  7. The cooling rate of the structure is 1 ° C every 1.8 minutes.
  8. Recommended room size – 16-18 m ?.
  9. The level of daily electricity consumption in a complex with a thermostat is 2.54 kW.

Standard features include the heater itself, a set of brackets for its installation (3 pcs.) And a package of documents.

Note! The power cable, which is provided in the design, is capable of withstanding 380V of load and the effect of temperature equal to 190 ° С. In this case, the cord sheath is not prone to ignition.

According to consumers, the company’s products Heatplit, although it deserves the right to exist, has several significant shortcomings.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Customer Reviews:

“I live in a flat. The possibilities of the centralized heating system is enough to feel comfortable even in the winter. The exception is a few weeks when the temperature outside the windows drops sharply. This year, she refused to use the fan heater – the air is constantly dried out, a lot of noise and the head starts to hurt. Alternatively, decided to try a quartz heater Teploplit. The room is warming up well, but very much too slow. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the device. ”

Victoria Demchenko, Yekaterinburg

“I was very disappointed in the design of the heater Heatplit. On the site designs look neat, in fact – quite the opposite. The panel heats up too much, so they refused installation in the nursery. Although, strictly speaking, it was there that the device was bought. The only thing that pleased the heater was a small energy consumption. ”

Sergey Matvienko, Moscow

“The manufacturer has clearly not finalized the production of the panel. The following shortcomings were identified on the fact of operation: electric shocks, cracks appear on the structures and the heat capacity is much lower than the stated figure. The absence of an additional set – a stand, a screen – is also very sad. I see no reason to pay the same money for it as for the device itself. As for me, it is better to purchase an infrared heater. ”

Evgeny Sotnikov, Moscow

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

Features of quartz heaters Texture

The “Texture” company has been using its own technology for manufacturing quartz heaters for 17 years. These designs are inherent environmental friendliness, safety and efficiency.

Note! Compared to standard models, Texture heaters can save up to 80% of the money spent on electricity bills.

The manufacturer offers consumers two series of heaters:

  1. Delux – heater designs are discreet monochromatic colors, covered with a small but voluminous texture.
  2. VIP – natural materials are the basis for the collection’s décor: the plate rather realistically imitates the surfaces of natural stones and minerals.

Quartz monolithic plates from the manufacturer Texture have at least 95% of quartz sand.

Technical features of devices:

  1. The size of the structure is 2.5x35x60 cm.
  2. Total weight – 10 kg.
  3. The level of daily electricity consumption – 2 kW.
  4. Recommended room size – 14-18 m ?.
  5. Service life – 50 years (if properly used).

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

In the construction of the heating element is completely sealed. It is blocked by a non-flammable dielectric with high temperature resistance. Conductive parts are also completely hidden for safety. The device can be safely left on for a long time, as it is characterized by complete safety.

During operation eliminates the burning of dust particles and oxygen in a heated room.

The advantages of monolithic heaters Texture

Monolithic structures of quartz heaters Texture have the following advantages:

  • cost-effectiveness – by connecting a temperature controller, you can reduce the consumption of one device to 2.5 kW per day;
  • hypoallergenic – indoor microclimate indicators are comfortable for living;
  • environmental friendliness – in the production of structures used materials of natural origin. Heaters are recommended for use in areas that are subject to increased requirements for sanitation;
  • safety – heaters are assigned 1st class of fire safety;
  • low cost – in comparison with infrared and convector models, the cost of a monolithic plate is about 20-50% lower (taking into account all the costs of electricity and the purchase of a heater);

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

  • efficiency – with a low level of consumption the device is characterized by a high indicator of efficiency, up to 98%. In this case, the heat fluxes are evenly distributed throughout the room.

Note! Installation of the structure can be performed at any convenient angle and completely on any surface. In terms of installation, the monolithic slab is universal.

Operation of quartz heaters Texture: customer reviews

Despite the many advantages that the manufacturer notes, customer reviews regarding the monolithic structures Texture are almost the same as comments about similar products from other brands:

“Not only does the heater not cope with the function of full heating, an unpleasant odor is emitted during the heating process. It is possible that the paint used by the manufacturer does not quite comply with the technical requirements of the design. When the stove is fully heated, it’s simply impossible to be in the room. ”

Vitaly Syroezhkin, St. Petersburg

“In Texture heaters I was attracted by their attractive appearance. Compared to HeatEco, design is much better, and design options are much more. They are heated for a long time, but, as I understand it, this is the trouble of all monolithic devices. There are no particular complaints, but I did not notice the high quality. ”

Alexander Semenovich, Rostov-on-Don

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

“Weak heater. Apparently, the high price is not due to product quality, but to its design. Before that I tried the devices of TeplEko in the country. Everywhere the same problems. The constructions are clearly undersupply in order to claim the title of the main source of heat in the house. Pampering, and only. Why do we need this energy saving if monolithic quartz structures are not capable of providing an acceptable temperature in the house? ”

Igor Arkhipov, Yekaterinburg

The choice of the optimum device will depend on what tasks will be assigned to a heater. As a rule, for country houses and cottages, consumers buy monolithic models. Infrared is suitable for industrial purposes or to locally heat certain parts of a room.

Note! On the technical side, monolithic quartz devices are recognized as the best. The stove is not as easy to damage as a glass lamp in an infrared emitter. In addition, the plate heater can be installed even in a wooden house, without fear of making a fire.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

The country of origin also influences the choice of heater. Ratings of quartz models formed as follows:

  1. Heaters of foreign production – have a high quality of performance and assembly, endowed with good functionality. The best manufacturer is the company UFO (Sweden) and Fakir (Germany).
  2. Russian companies – the most popular among domestic brands are manufacturers of monolithic tiles Texture, HeatEco and Heatplit. But, as practice and consumer reviews show, these products are not able to compete with infrared devices – neither in terms of quality nor in terms of heating.
  3. Chinese companies produce products with a very low cost, but this does not greatly affect the popularity of devices. Heaters very quickly fail, have a limited service life, and repair is complicated by the lack of component parts on the market.

Quartz heater: reviews and review of popular manufacturers

During the operation of any heater is very important to comply with safety rules. First, do not overload the power grid. It is better if the instrument will be fed through the machine. Secondly, it is strictly forbidden to leave the working structure at night. The exceptions are heaters, equipped with temperature sensors and thermostats, which automatically adjust the operation of the device depending on the climatic conditions in the room.

Infrared quartz devices have been present on the market for quite some time and have managed to establish themselves on the good side. However, their cost is significantly higher than that of monolithic models. The latter are good in the event that budget heating is required with minimal expenses for the purchase of equipment.

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