Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

In country and country houses, autonomous heating devices are not at all a whim. It is a necessity that can provide heat without being tied to any communications and centralized systems. Consider a device such as a gas heater on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of the choice of a suitable device. We will determine the best models for use in various conditions.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

Varieties of bottled gas heaters

Depending on some features of a design, and also conditions of application, gas heaters can be divided into several types.

Gas convectors are a great alternative to the traditional gas boiler. They cope well with the heating function, and at the same time are much more economical. The only thing to consider is that they are of two different types: with an open combustion chamber and with a closed one. The first option is more difficult to operate in a residential environment, as it requires the arrangement of a special ventilation system. The second is great for any purpose.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

Catalytic gas heaters – the principle of their action is significantly different from that used in most other devices. There is no open flame as such, and the combustion of gas takes place with the help of a hot ceramic plate on which it falls. Thanks to this method of operation, the device works silently, more efficiently and safely compared to the others.

Ceramic gas heaters with balloon. This type of device is similar in principle to electric heaters that heat a room due to directional heat radiation. At the same time, they heat objects, not air. This principle of operation allows more efficient use of fuel.

Heat gas guns are cylindrical devices whose operation is based on the principle of a fan. A heat generator, powered by a gas cylinder, heats the air and, with the help of a fan, transfers it to the outside. Most often, these models have a power regulator that allows you to configure the device.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

Helpful advice! It is strictly not recommended to use gas heaters for those purposes for which they are not intended. For example, attempts to heat a tent with a garage heater may be unsafe and lead to unpleasant consequences.

In order for you to get an idea of ​​the whole range of offers that can be found on the market today to the average buyer, we consider the characteristics of each device, its purpose and features of operation.

The leader among mobile devices of this type can be called gas heaters Bartolini. They are designed to use bottled gas, and can easily heat a room of any size.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

The most popular model of this line is the Bartolini Pullover I gas heater. With its very modest dimensions of 780x430x420 mm and a weight of only 13.5 kg, its power is 4200 W, and it is excellent for heating both residential premises and extensions, garages and utility buildings .

Gas heater Bartolini equally often used as a primary heating device, and as an additional. Thanks to the convenient wheels, the heater can be easily moved from room to room.

A catalytic panel made of fiberglass is used as a heating element in a Pullover gas heater. Catalysis of the combustion process occurs with platinum powder. Such materials, as well as work technology, allow the device to operate without any noise, as well as an unpleasant odor.

A nice addition to this model is the ability to adjust the power of the device. There are three power modes and, accordingly, fuel consumption:

  • 1400 W / 0.1 kg / h;
  • 2800 W / 0.2 kg / h;
  • 4200 W / 0.3 kg / h.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

In addition, buy a gas heater Bartolini, means to protect yourself and your home as much as possible. After all, for security purposes, several measures are provided here:

  • built-in sensor that indicates the level of heating of the burner;
  • automatic shutdown of the device when falling or tilting;
  • sensor monitoring the level of carbon dioxide in the air and automatically shutting down in case of exceeding the norm.

The cost of such a device is only 9400 rubles, which makes it not only one of the best, but also one of the most affordable mobile heaters.

Gas heaters are widely used for heating garage rooms. After all, centralized heating is never there, and staying there for a long time, if it is freezing outside, is almost impossible. Therefore, for heating use autonomous heating systems that are as simple as possible in the design, and at the same time consume the minimum amount of fuel.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

Solyrogaz GII 2.9 – just such a device. His device allows to heat only that part of the space to which it is directed at a particular moment. As a result, fuel is not consumed for empty air heating. At the same time, this model can be used as a plate for cooking, and as a device for drying products during painting work.

Such a wide range of features has made this model very popular among fans to work in the garage. Here are a few advantages that were noted in the review of the gas heater of this model:

  • the use of a German ceramic radiator has a positive effect on the service life of the device, as well as on the uniform distribution of the flame in the burner;
  • The efficiency of the device is extremely high, which is achieved due to double thermal radiation: primary and secondary;
  • device autonomy. No need to connect to the mains, make it possible to use it in any conditions;
  • working on propane, which allows significant savings. At the same time, fuel consumption is minimal;
  • there is no open flame in the device, which makes its use more secure;
  • its weight does not exceed 2 kg, which makes it possible to easily rearrange it.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

The base power of this model is 2900 W, however, there are analogues with both higher and lower power. The cost of Solyrogaz GII 2.9 is only 950 rubles.

Definitely answer the question which heater is the most convenient and suitable for camping conditions difficult. Here, a lot depends on personal preferences, as well as in what conditions, and for how long you plan to use the device. Consider the two most popular models of heaters for tents.

The Pathfinder Ion PF-GHP-S01 is a model known to very many who are fond of winter fishing, hunting or hiking. This device was designed specifically to safely heat small tents, tents or hunting lodges.

As a fuel, the Pathfinder Ion uses liquefied gas, which is very convenient when there are no other sources of energy nearby. Both 230 g and 450 g cylinders with a threaded valve can be used for feeding. If you want to use cylinders of large sizes, it is necessary to additionally purchase transition elements.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

The lack of an adapter in the kit is the main drawback of the device. At the same time, the main advantages of this heater – high power, minimal fuel consumption and compactness easily compensate for this. The cost of such a heater is 3790 rubles.

The second, no less popular option – heater Kovea Fire Ball KH-0710. This is an infrared gas heater, which is initially equipped with a hose, and can be connected to a cylinder of any size.

The device reflector has two positions:

  • horizontal, designed specifically for cooking;
  • inclined, intended for heating the room.

According to reviews, the gas heater from the Kovea Fire Ball KN-0710 is also good because there is a special bolt for fixing the reflector in both positions. Such fixation eliminates the possibility of overturning dishes during cooking, or a change in the direction of heat flow.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

Helpful advice! This device is equipped with a function of additional gas preheating before being supplied to the burner. This ensures its stable operation even in the most severe frost. So this model is considered ideal when it comes to using for winter fishing.

The disadvantages of this device include a small power – 900 W, and a rather high cost (about 7,000 rubles). But there are also advantages: the device is universal, and can be used not only as a heating device, is equipped with piezo igniter and weighs only 565 g.

A separate category can be identified those devices that are mounted on the wall. They are almost always used in residential buildings, and therefore special requirements are imposed on them.

Alpine Air NGS-20F is a gas convector that is designed for wall mounting in a residential area. Due to the presence of a cast iron heat exchanger, the warranty period of its service is at least 50 years. Among other features of the design of this device can be noted the independence of automation, and its ability to fully function even at very low temperatures.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

If we talk about the Alpine Air NGS-20F, here only the fan works from the power supply, which allows you to increase the speed of air circulation, thus accelerating the heat around the room faster. But even in the absence of electricity, the device will still be able to fully heat the room.

The combustion chamber in this heater is of a closed type, and a special telescopic coaxial tube is provided for taking air and removing combustion products.

Helpful advice! Depending on your desire, the device can be connected to the power supply by liquefied gas, and natural. But it is useful to clarify the details with a consultant or seller.

Among the shortcomings of this device can highlight the fact that to install it is necessary to make a hole in the wall. Among the advantages: efficiency, long service life and affordable price for this type of devices – 2,700 rubles.

The second, no less popular wall heater – Hosseven HP-3. It is distinguished, first of all, by an unusual design, thanks to which the model gained its popularity. The strict black body is complemented by shock-resistant heat-resistant glass, which allows owners to observe the flame. Outwardly, such a convector is very similar to a fireplace.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

Speaking about the functionality of the model, it is worth noting that the combustion chamber is of a closed type, the efficiency of the device is very high, and the air condition in the room when the heater is turned on remains unchanged. The heat exchanger is made of steel and equipped with fins, thanks to which the heat transfer is noticeably increased. To control the operation of the device, the built-in thermostat is used.

As with the previous version, to install Hosseven HP-3, it is necessary to make a hole in the wall. However, there is a nice addition: this model is universal when it comes to different fuels. It can equally work from both natural and bottled gas, which allows it to be installed at the cottage.

Hosseven HP-3 has a capacity of 2700 watts, but there are analogues on the market, with a capacity of 4100 watts and 6200 watts. Among the shortcomings can be noted a higher price – 24,300 rubles. However, this can easily be justified by a stunning design.

Among the representatives of outdoor gas heaters for summer porches, leadership can be given to the products of Enders Elegance. This manufacturer produces products specifically designed for heating in the street, not indoors. Such devices are excellent for terraces, verandas and open areas, as they cover an area of ​​approximately 4.5 m ?.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

The design of this device is well thought out, and the body is made of stainless steel. At the same time, gas burners are made of the highest quality alloy steel. In addition, the heater is equipped with a piezo igniter, and can be connected to a cylinder with a capacity of 11 kg.

When creating this model, it was not without innovations. The latest Enders-Eco-Plus technology has been used, which can significantly reduce the amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere, as well as the gas consumption by almost 30%.

The safety of the heater is ensured by the whole gas-control system, which ensures that in case of flame attenuation, or tilt of the device by more than 45 °, the gas supply is automatically stopped.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

In this model, it is very difficult to find flaws, but if we speak tentatively, then they can include a rather limited area of ​​operation of the device. The rest of the device is very high quality and copes with the task perfectly. And the price is quite acceptable – 21,550 rubles.

The next infrared gas heater on bottled gas is not enough for everyone to buy. Ballu BOGH-14E is not just a heater, but a whole complex designed to make your rest on the street as comfortable as possible. In addition to heating, its function includes the creation of lighting.

Durable, made of stainless steel, body, not afraid of any external factors. And the problem is large enough, it was solved with the help of the built-in wheelbase. Another addition is the presence of a special control panel that allows you to adjust the operation of the device remotely. And for convenience, there are three temperature regimes, as well as the ability to adjust the degree of illumination.

Gas heater for bottled gas: prices and characteristics of the best models

The disadvantage of Ballu BOGH-14E is only one – the high price. 39990 rubles is a lot of money, however, beauty, mobility and the ability to control the device remotely are worth it.

Having reviewed several of the most popular models of gas heaters from a cylinder, prices and characteristics, we tried to note all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device. Now you only need to decide on the appointment, and purchase the appropriate device.

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