Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

This article discusses in detail this type of protective fencing as transparent window bars, which are successfully used as an alternative to standard metal structures. The text contains a full description of existing types of products, their advantages, technical and operational characteristics, as well as average prices for the purchase and installation.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Transparent grilles on the windows: characteristics of structures

Window bars are used to protect the premises from being hacked. Most often, standard metal models are used for these purposes. Although these options have certain disadvantages, including blocking the window opening and limiting the natural light coming from the street. This type of fencing does not look quite aesthetically pleasing, and not every consumer can order grilles on windows with an individual design, because the cost of forged products is very high. In this case, the best option will be translucent models.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Transparent grilles on the windows are durable lightweight constructions that provide a high level of security. These products are not less reliable than steel versions of fencing. However, they do not violate the appearance of the building and its architecture.

The scope of these products applies to various objects:

  • apartment buildings;
  • commercial buildings;
  • non-residential premises;
  • country and country houses.

The material for the manufacture of gratings is plastic. Polycarbonate is used for the production of translucent structures. Lightweight safety fences are represented on the market by lamella grilles and transparent roller shutters.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Plastic lattices differ from metal structures not only by the material of manufacture, but also by their configuration. Polycarbonate is completely transparent, so the lamellae do not create obstacles to the penetration of sunlight into the room and do not spoil the view. Photos of beautiful windows in large quantities can be found on the Internet, plastic bars on them look aesthetically and elegantly.

From the side, plastic constructions look brittle, but polycarbonate slats are very durable. This type of material can easily carry mechanical loads and directional impacts, for example, if a stone or a ball flies through the window. Plastic elements do not break, they can not be bent, so the house is under reliable protection from the ingress of unauthorized people.

Helpful advice! Transparent grilles are preferably installed on windows that face the north side, where the level of natural lighting is very low. They will help solve the problem of lack of sunlight.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Standard lamella thickness is 6 mm. This indicator is quite enough for the design to provide full protection against hacking. The cost of bars on the windows depends on various factors. Such parameters as the height of the lamellae, their length, as well as the distance between them are determined individually, taking into account the dimensions of the window. Therefore, products are made to order in accordance with the measurements.

The advantages of transparent grilles on polycarbonate windows:

  1. Designs can withstand high weight loads (up to 500 kg).
  2. Neat and attractive appearance.
  3. Resistance to the effects of negative atmospheric factors (corrosion, low temperatures, ultraviolet radiation).
  4. A simple maintenance system that does not require additional treatment of structures using dye or other protective agents.
  5. Reliable fixation due to the large number of mounts.
  6. To install the bars on the windows do not require permission instances.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Polycarbonate belongs to the category of materials obtained artificially. Therefore, he is not afraid of constant contact with water, the effects of frost and damp. Such designs successfully transfer any weather and seasonal changes.

Polycarbonate fences are most often installed as burglar retardant grilles on the windows of the first floor. But this is not their only function. In apartments located on high floors, they are used for protection against accidents. Lamels protect residents from falling out of windows. This advantage is useful to those consumers who have pets or small children at home, and even the basic washing of windows with such gratings turns into a safe occupation.

Plastic slats are transparent as glass. At the same time they are 250 times stronger. Despite their high strength, the structural elements have retained their flexibility, which allows them to withstand blows with an ax, bat or hammer. Fire safety is another advantageous feature of polycarbonate grids on windows. Sheet plastic does not support burning. In the event of a fire, this material slowly melts.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

The base of the transparent protective grilles on the windows are plastic lamellae. These elements are fixed in metal profiles, which are installed in the side parts of the window openings. And this is done in private. Fastenings are arranged in steps of 14 cm. For decorative purposes, each fastening profile is overlapped by another.

To protect metal elements from corrosion, a powder paint coating is used. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors. On sale there are models in which profiles are made of stainless steel, which is pre-polished or polished.

Interesting fact! Polycarbonate is used for the manufacture of face shields in space suits, which confirms its strength and practicality.

With a thickness of 6 mm, the plastic lamellae on the window grilles are 5 cm wide. These elements are usually arranged in 9 cm increments. For fixing, screw dowels-nails are used. The standard lattice height is 200 cm. To fasten such a construction, you will need 12 anchors on each side. For comparison, the metal gratings are fixed with 2-3 fastenings, so they are so easily broken off, moreover, together with a piece of the wall.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Manufacturers offer several options for products of different configurations. On sale you can find beautiful bars on the windows with horizontal or vertical placement of the slats.

Structures with vertically arranged slats are used in cases where it is extremely important to preserve the architectural style of the building. In addition, they are used as an alternative solution if the installation of fasteners for horizontal elements is complicated by any conditions.

Most often, apartment owners resort to installing windows on the ground floor with horizontal lamellae. The popularity of such structures is due to a simple installation system.

In addition to standard designs, you can find gratings complete with opening flaps, as well as products that swing open entirely. These products not only increase the comfort of operation, but also increase the degree of fire safety of apartments and country houses. Opening constructions are as robust as the blind versions. Manufacturers equip opening grating segments with mortise locks. Thanks to this, the safety fence cannot be opened from the street.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

Some manufacturing companies offer customers the opportunity to order designs with opening flaps, which have lugs designed to install padlocks.

Stained glass – one of the options for decorative design of polycarbonate using drawings. With the right choice of technology and the pattern itself, such a design will be a worthy decoration not only for a plastic window from the street side, but also for the interior inside the room. With this technology, you can create a unique and unique design.

In the photo of window grilles, which are found in the network, you can see a variety of images in the form of stained glass windows:

  • geometric patterns;
  • fantastic animals;
  • all sorts of ornaments;
  • heroes of fairy tales, etc.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

The dye used to create stained glass patterns has atmospheric properties. They are environmentally friendly and safe, not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, the choice of colors is almost unlimited.

Note! The stained glass windows on the lamellae of the window grilles are created using a fill. This technology has nothing to do with glass painting, it is a simplified imitation of the famous Tiffany technique. A distinctive feature of these stained glass windows is the presence of a relief contour that looks like a metal broach.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, the drawing can be applied to all the lamellae or partially (to one or several). Patterns on plastic elements can be combined and alternated in any order. In some cases, the buyer may be offered to apply their own pattern to the grid. Each proposed design option is considered individually, since the technical department of the manufacturer must approve it.

Transparent grilles on the windows and their functional advantages

The frame where the polycarbonate slats are inserted is painted in color on the RAL scale. The standard palette has more than 15 shades.

After this marking is applied under the fastener. To do this, use the holes in the power profiles. The grill is removed and holes are made according to the markup. The structure is returned to the opening, but the fasteners are not fully tightened. Full fixation of the structure is performed only after the correctness of its location has been verified. Then the fastening profiles are masked with decorative profiles.

If you adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer, installing the grille will not seem difficult. The protective film from the lamellae is removed only after the installation site has been cleaned. To do this, with decorative profiles and polycarbonate elements need to remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth.

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