Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

In order for the design of the fence to be strong and reliable, the presence of support pillars is mandatory. Often these pillars are made of bricks, which makes them not only very beautiful, but also durable. The article will consider such a protective structure, such as caps on bollards for the fence of bricks and their main purpose, as well as information on how to choose and mount the tops yourself.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

Caps on bollards for brick fence: why are they needed?

If you have decided to buy a cap on a brick pillar, then you need to understand what functions it should perform, what is required of this design and what is its purpose. Here are some reasons to install caps on brick fence posts:

  1. First of all, they perform a protective function. They protect brick pillars from rain, snow, hail, and freezing ice.
  2. A secondary, but also very important function – aesthetic. It must be admitted that without top fence posts look much less attractive.
  3. Caps on the poles serve as an excellent basis for the installation of lamps, as well as other decorative elements designed to illuminate and decorate the street.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

Helpful advice! If we talk about protection, then the pillars made of natural stone are especially in need of it. Their porous structure makes them much more susceptible to environmental factors.

Do not neglect the value of these items. Moreover, it is not just a decorative element, but a necessary part of the fence. Fortunately, you can always choose an option that you can afford or make a cap yourself.

Even the simplest cap on the fence can be described by several parameters in order to get an idea about it. Just walking along the street, you can find a variety of options, for example:

  • simple cone-shaped designs;
  • caps in the form of a hemisphere;
  • classic pyramidal designs;
  • caps resembling a pitched roof;
  • the designs decorated with various decorative elements, for example, forging or a sphere.

In addition, there are models that mimic shingles or scales.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

Helpful advice! For greater preservation of the pillars, as well as to give them an unusual appearance, you can use special skates along the entire length of the fence.

Depending on the material from which they are made, caps can also be divided into:

  • metal (as a rule, use stainless steel, tin or galvanized steel);
  • plastic;
  • concrete;
  • stone;
  • ceramic.

At the same time, the abundance of color solutions will please even the most demanding customer. There are a lot of color options, and it is necessary to choose such an option that is most successfully combined with the color of the fence and the roof of the house. You can give preference to glossy and matte cap. The main thing is that this element does not stand out from the overall composition and look appropriate in it.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

In order to easily install metal caps on a brick fence, they are made hollow inside. This not only significantly reduces the price, but also allows you to effectively use them in all conditions. However, internal emptiness does not affect their quality, and does not make them more fragile and susceptible to damage.

The price of metal caps for brick pillars includes both the cost of materials and the cost of manufacturing work. That is why caps made of stainless steel, have such an affordable price. In addition, they are easy to transport, just putting in the car.

Helpful advice! A street lamp can be mounted in the cavity of the hood. This allows you to simultaneously light up the street and decorate the fence.

Choosing caps for brick pillars of the fence, you need to focus not only on the aesthetic component, but also on the parameters of the product. For this, before buying, you need to pay attention to the size of the product, as well as what material the cap should be made of. If among the range of several fairly large manufacturers you can not find a suitable option, then it is best to make an individual order.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

As a rule, individual production of caps on the fence is carried out within 10-14 days from the time the order is placed, having first drawn up a drawing and carried out all the measurements necessary for the work.

The structure of caps on the posts can be called almost primitive. Each cap has only two components, each of which fulfills its intended purpose:

  • the upper part performs two main functions at once: protective and decorative. At the same time, it can be of any shape and made of any material;
  • the lower part is the mount that allows you to hold the structure on the pole.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

In order not to be mistaken in making a purchase, you must use a few simple rules. They will help you check all the most important elements and fixtures, and assess the quality of the goods offered:

  1. Inspect the product from all sides. Try to assess how much it is proportional and symmetrical.
  2. Ask the manufacturer for special tools that will allow you to check the compliance of the actual angles of inclination of the cap with that indicated by the manufacturer.
  3. Carefully inspect the eaves overhang or the place of the drop drop – it should be ideally closed tightly.
  4. Pay attention to the quality of the packaging, as it is of great importance in the process of transportation. All layers must be dense and intact.
  5. Before you make a purchase, once again make sure that the model you are purchasing will be well combined with the rest of the fencing elements, as well as all that surrounds it.

Compliance of the product with all these points will help you choose and buy hubcaps for the fence of exactly the model that suits your needs and wishes.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

The first thing you need to know for those who are engaged in the construction of a fence around their home – the protection of support pillars does not begin at all from the moment when you purchased special caps, but much earlier. As a temporary measure, you can use a dense polyethylene film, as well as ordinary rope or elastic band for fixation.

Obviously, it will look unattractive, but when it comes to the safety of the structure, you will have to sacrifice something for a while. The most important thing is to check the film for damage. After all, even a small hole will lead to the fact that moisture will get inside, having a devastating effect on the structure.

In order to carry out the installation of the cap, it is not at all necessary to seek the help of professionals. Owning the usual set of tools, you can do it yourself. All models use standard mounts. The only difficulty that can really arise in your work is related to the installation of a hood on a fence with a lantern.

In this case, it will take the greatest amount of time to complete the wiring to supply the luminaires with power. Here it is better to contact a professional electrician to avoid possible unpleasant consequences and the occurrence of situations dangerous to life and health.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

Installing hubcaps and skates is the final stage of installation work, so it should be taken seriously. All this can be done independently, and even alone. If you have purchased concrete caps on the fence, you will not be difficult to lift up the 20-kilogram structure. For fixing such heavy products, special tile adhesive is used for exterior work.

The installation of the cap on the fence can be divided into several stages, adhering to which you can securely fasten the element on the support:

  • the top of the support column must be cleaned of dust and debris, and then primed;
  • if you plan to use glue or cement mortar as an attachment, then it should be applied to the upper surface of the column;
  • place a cap on a greased surface with glue and with the help of wedges try to align it as much as possible. Use the level to make sure everything is level;
  • all seams between the product and the support must be rubbed;

Helpful advice! If the model you have chosen does not provide for a canopy, then the seam formed between the support and the cap must be additionally treated with a special water-repellent compound.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

It is very important to give the glue to harden. This may take 2–3 days, and at this time it is better not to exert any influence on him. Proceeding to the installation of decorative elements is possible only when the cap is securely fixed.

Metal caps on brick pillars can be fixed in two ways:

  • on a special adhesive composition;
  • with the help of screws.

If you use the adhesive composition, then follow the classical scheme. In the case of self-tapping screws, the main thing is to accurately measure and get into the established place in order to screw the structure to the post exactly.

Special attention should be given to installing lanterns on the cap. It is necessary to take care of this in advance by drilling all the necessary holes for laying cables. If you entrust this business to a professional, then save yourself from unnecessary trouble. But if you intend to do everything on your own, then it is not at all superfluous to look at the photo of caps on the fence, as well as supplying electricity to them.

The choice of models offered by manufacturers is very large. And to orient in a huge range is not always easy. Consider some of the most popular to date models of caps that are on sale.

Name and country of origin Specifications Sizes, mm price, rub.
Classic cap (Russia) Made of galvanized steel with polymer coating. Available in three different colors. 400×400 653
Cap with a ball (Russia) The cap is equipped with a 250mm ball lantern, which serves as an additional light source and decorative element. 400×400 1350
Flat cap (Russia) The cap in the style of minimalism has a flat cover and a minimum number of additional elements. 380×380 440
Cap with lantern (Russia) Classic metal cap with a street lamp on top. 400×400 1650


As can be seen from the above table, you can buy caps on brick pillars of the fence with different financial capabilities. The price of a brick pillar cap will differ significantly, depending on whether there are additional decorative elements on it.

Helpful advice! In a separate category, you can select the ceramic caps on the fence posts. They look very impressive, although they have a considerable price.

Generally speaking, the prices of concrete caps on brick pillars are much higher than those of metal ones. This is due to the fact that they are more difficult to manufacture, and also require special care during transportation.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

Despite the availability of fairly cheap models, many try to make a cap on a brick pole with their own hands. This idea is not devoid of sense in the event that you are sure that it will be easier for you to realize your plan on your own than to buy caps on fence posts.

Parapet on the fence can be called a mandatory element of design. In addition to creating a complete image, the parapet also has the function of protecting the structure of the fence. But if you initially chose caps on fence posts made of concrete, then you need to purchase a concrete parapet on the fence. The big mistake is to mix different materials, and combine concrete caps on the fence posts with a metal parapet.

The main function of the parapet, as well as metal or concrete caps on brick fence posts, is to protect the material from moisture. The fact is that, being placed horizontally, the surface is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays and moisture. Over time, these factors contribute to the formation of microcracks and the destruction of the fence.

Caps for poles for the fence of bricks: what they are for and how to choose the right ones

By investing their financial resources in the arrangement of the local area, not a single owner wants the results of his efforts to be in vain, and within a couple of years the fence received significant damage. Therefore, distributing the budget, it is necessary to lay in it such important details, like parapets on brick fences and caps.

Any business must be approached responsibly, especially if you have to observe the result of your choice on a daily basis. As it was possible to be convinced, having familiarized with the table, and also catalogs of manufacturers, the prices of caps on fence posts have very wide limits. Do not over-save on the acquisition, but the quality and affordable option, despite its simplicity, can suit you most.

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