Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

A sliding screen under the bath is a design that includes two or more doors and a guide frame. Installing such a screen allows you to decorate plumbing equipment, as well as save bathroom space and keep access to the pipes in case of breakage. The last point is very important for apartments, differing in small dimensions.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding bath screens

Consider the main advantages of using sliding screens on the bath:

  • the installation of this design is quite simple It can be carried out by any person who does not have special building skills and knowledge;

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

  • acceptable cost. To date, such screens are made from different materials, so everyone can choose for themselves the product in the right price range;
  • simple and convenient dismantling if necessary (for example, when replacing communications under the bathroom);
  • a wide range of models that differ not only in color but also in design.

Note! The doors, which are shifted to the side when opening, save space in the room, which is an advantage for small apartments.

Among the shortcomings of the sliding model, only one can be noted relating to plastic products – weak resistance of the guides. Plastic guides tend to deform after 2–4 years of use, which complicates the movement of the valves.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

The material of the frame of sliding structures may vary, depending on the price. Today you can find frames made of plastic or aluminum. The most expensive options are equipped with a roller mechanism. Plastic options are the least cost, as well as resistance to moisture. The main drawback of polymer frames is weak strength. Aluminum frames, unlike plastic, are more durable, however, less resistant to moisture.

A variety of colors is inherent in both the first and second versions of frames. But the paint applied to the aluminum parts of the structure, over time, tends to move away and peel off.
Roller sliding design used for bath panels, most of all resembles the one used in wardrobes. Rollers are fixed on the panel and when opening the sash pass along the guides. These panels are comfortable and aesthetic, but they are more expensive than simple models.

Some versions of the screens are equipped with shelves that are used to store household chemicals, as well as other various accessories. Constructive solution of this type significantly increases the functionality of the bathroom, especially small size. The cost of screens under the bath with shelves corresponds to their functionality.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

Sliding screens often include the following structural elements:

  • panels or shutters, the frame of which is made of plastic, aluminum, and other metals;
  • accessories;
  • installation instructions.

Useful information! Sometimes sliding screens are decorated with various materials. The most common element of decor in this case is the mirror. The use of a mirror has several drawbacks, among which: difficult maintenance and very weak strength (the mirror surface is often broken).

Experts recommend using models with a mirror coating only as a last resort. For example, when it is necessary to visually expand the space of the bathroom.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

The simplicity of the design and the practicality of such models do not affect their functionality. Consider their main functions:

  • protection of communications from the ingress of water on them;
  • hiding communications and other items (plunger, household chemicals) that look inorganically in the interior of the bathroom;
  • decorative.

You can buy a sliding bath screen at any building hypermarket, as well as on the market. A variety of models allows you to choose the appropriate option for any interior.

Variety of sliding screens under the bath: 150 cm and 170 cm

These products feature a small assortment of sizes. Dimensions of sliding screens are selected depending on the size of the room and, directly, the bath. Along the length there are two options for standard sliding models.

The minimum number of doors in a sliding screen for a bath 150 cm – two, and the maximum – four, however, there are exceptions. The height of the screens under the bath ranges from 506 to 560 millimeters. If necessary, you can adjust this figure yourself. Height adjustment is quite simple – with the help of legs.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

Sliding bath screens 170 cm

Models that are of this length are the most common. Sliding screens for a 170 cm bath include from 2 to 4 flaps, which are retracted by a mechanism similar to the mechanism of the wardrobe. The height of this design varies from 506 to 560 mm. You can buy a sliding screen for a 170 cm bath in any supermarket or store.

It is possible to purchase products of greater length, for example, screens for a bath 180 cm. If you start from the design options for these products, here are 4 main types:

  • simple (plastic sash and aluminum frame);
  • multifunctional (to the previous features added the ability to regulate the size);
  • products that are produced without frames;
  • products that obscure the end of the bathroom bowl.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

Thanks to the simple design, you can make your own sliding screen on the bath. Photos and prices of such products can be viewed in the manufacturers catalogs, where you can see the application of these structures in real interiors.

Models made from this material, as already mentioned above, are considered the most common. They are widely spread due to their acceptable cost, as well as other positive qualities, including:

  • resistance to fungal growths and molds;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • resistance to decay.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

Water resistant plastic material is a huge advantage, determining its prevalence. Constant humidity in the bathroom adversely affects products made of chipboard or MDF. Over time, they become completely unusable and require replacement. In turn, the plastic does not swell from moisture, and also he is not afraid of rotting. Today in the construction market you can find products of different lengths – from 120 to 180 cm and above. Sliding screens under the bath 150 cm – are easy to install, as their length is standard. The same applies to sliding screens under the bath 170 cm.

Note! Polymeric doors do not require individual care – it is enough to wipe them with a usual rag. Drops and stains on the polymer material are not as noticeable as, for example, on the mirror surface, which is also a plus.

Acrylic sliding panels often come complete with a bathtub, which is made from the same material. They differ in originality of performance and consist, as a rule, of the integral panel. They can be purchased separately, however, do not forget that they are only suitable for acrylic baths because of the mounting features.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

The installation of the acrylic screen is distinguished by some features that need attention.

Consider how to install bath screens made of this material:

  • first you need to find the center of the on-screen panel and mark it with a marker;
  • further, it is necessary to have a part of the panel behind the side of the bathroom bowl;
  • at this stage the panel is applied to the bath;
  • marked fixation point, which should coincide with the first mark;
  • studs are screwed;
  • the nuts fix the corner, which is necessary for fastening the panel;
  • holes are made in the marked places (drill);
  • the design is fixed by self-tapping screws, which are masked with the help of plugs.

Acrylic construction is reliable and durable. If you follow the installation rules, it will last more than one year.

Sliding bath screen: the best solution for a small bathroom

MDF is a material that is made by pressing wood chips. Given the humidity of the bathroom, MDF screens are made using moisture-resistant impregnation. As such impregnation are special resins.

The algorithm works as follows:

  1. First, measurements are made and drill locations are marked.
  2. The level marks the points at which the fixing elements will be located.
  3. For guides (upper and lower) it is necessary to measure, corresponding in length, segments of the W-shaped metal profile.
  4. The panel is cut into pieces. In this way, sashes of the required size are obtained.
  5. Build the screen.
  6. Installation design using spacer racks.

Note! The screen, made on the basis of the W-shaped profile, has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage of this design is the poor resistance of the profile to moisture.

Design screen design – a matter of taste. If desired, you can make the doors of plastic of different colors, glue the handles for convenience, equip the structure with shelves for household chemicals.

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