How to build a terrace with your own hands

The terrace is a great place to relax. If you are just planning to build an outdoor recreation area in your home, we suggest that you consider our ideas, which will allow you to understand how to build a terrace and choose the best solution..

Arrangement of the foundation

There are several ways to build a terrace area. It can be erected on the ground, but such a structure is short-lived, so experienced builders recommend thinking about arranging a good foundation. This does not mean at all that it is impossible to build a terrace with your own hands without a special foundation, but then it is reasonable to think about insulation. By using appropriate materials (e.g. foil), it is possible to create a waterproofed decking that protects the panels from moisture coming from the ground. If the site is being built on the ground, remember that the tiles must be frost-resistant..

For arranging a solid foundation, it is recommended to use concrete slabs, which are created by pouring a concrete mixture based on compacted gravel or crushed stone. Standard concrete slabs are about 20 cm thick. If the area exceeds 4 square meters, additional reinforcement will be required. The most effective method is reinforcement with steel rods with a diameter of about 10 mm.

It takes a lot of time to warm a terrace. When pouring concrete decking slabs, it is important to separate the slabs from the building walls. Slots must be used (i.e. dilation). It is recommended to create a dilation every 3-4 m on average. The resulting space can be filled with strips of polystyrene. After the completion of the concrete pouring work, it is necessary to wait until the concrete has completely solidified and only after that continue further work. It often takes 1 to 2 weeks for concrete to harden..

How to build a terrace to a house made of composite materials?

Composite decking is a good alternative to typical wooden outdoor decks. For its construction, synthetic materials are used, due to which the structure acquires high strength and resistance to weathering.

Often, composite platforms are created from high quality finished polymer panels, which are treated with special additives to enhance the strength of individual elements. Antioxidants and biocides are used as mixtures for the treatment of these elements, which increase the strength of structures..

How to properly build a natural terrace terrace?

The standard minimalistic design of a modern terrace area very often involves the construction of a structure on a natural surface. Sand bedding, stone slabs and concrete cubes are used as additional elements. With this method of construction, the fertile soil layer is initially removed and crushed stone or gravel is poured into its place with a layer of 15 to 20 cm, followed by leveling and compaction. In the process of hardening, compacted crushed stone can decrease in volume by 10-20%.

The curb along the aggregate is often created from a concrete curb or cubes that are fixed with concrete, due to which the pavement elements do not move apart during operation.

Choice of flooring

Before you build a terrace to the house with your own hands, you should also choose the right finishing material for covering the floor. When it comes to decking, it is better to choose tree species that guarantee maximum floor strength. Siberian larch, oak, thermosine or acacia are often used as flooring in our country..

The choice of roofing

Wood materials are also most often used as roofing materials. The timber-framed roof makes the structure cozy and beautiful. This is a classic solution, therefore, after a few years, such a terrace will remain in vogue. However, this solution has disadvantages – the relatively high cost of the material and complex construction..

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