DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

Own little house – the ultimate dream of every child. Here are kept the secrets, the little inhabitants in the course of the game undergo practical training for adult life. There are many ready-made models of such facilities, but kids will appreciate the skill of their parents. Therefore, it is better to build a children’s house with your own hands, and this article contains detailed instructions for its manufacture.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

House for the child: the purpose and benefits

A small house in the apartment or in the country is of great importance for the development of children, and it gives parents the opportunity to go about their business. The child will proudly call this small territory his own and treat her with full responsibility.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

A playhouse for a child plays an important role in moral education, as it forms a caring attitude to things, develops economy, a sense of responsibility for your home and love for it. But the main function of the house – the organization of useful leisure for children. On the one hand, this is a cozy place to play, and on the other – the personal space of the child.

If we talk about species diversity, the houses are distinguished depending on the material, purpose, method of manufacture. The latter case involves the construction of their own hands or in a factory. For self-construction, wood, plywood, cardboard and fabric are most often used.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

Manufacturers usually offer plastic houses. The main advantage of such structures is ease of assembly and compactness. Unlike wooden analogs, they can be easily disassembled and removed for the winter. You can install such houses both in the yard and in the house. The size can be chosen not only for the smallest (90x90x90 cm), but also for more adult children (with one and a half meter dimensions). The lack of plastic is that it burns out in the sun and loses its attractiveness under the influence of precipitation.

Depending on the destination and location, this may be a house in the country, in an apartment or in a garden on a tree. Children can play in the house alone or with friends. Based on the purpose and method of manufacture, choose the material for the houses. Photos on the Internet demonstrate their species diversity.

Helpful advice! House, made by hand, has great educational value. Building such a house with your children can be an interesting creative family pastime. This is not only an educational process, but also a great opportunity to devote time to a child.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

For the manufacture of houses using different materials, depends on their shape and purpose. Consider the most common models.

  1. Wooden houses for children are suitable for those who have their own garden at their summer cottage. In the spacious courtyard the structure can be installed without damage to the space. This option is most close to the present dwelling. Such a structure requires special care, ventilation, treatment with pests, mold and fungi.
  2. Children’s plywood house is a simple analogue of a wooden structure, more accessible for construction. Plywood in this design is used as a wood frame finish.
  3. Children’s plastic house – a universal alternative to wooden structures. Plastic houses are popular with those who do not want to burden themselves with construction and prefer to buy a finished product. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of designs and models with different sizes.
  4. Inflatable houses for children – the safest option. Suitable for the smallest. Used mainly for active games, and not for the purpose of teaching children to the economy.
  5. Children’s lodge tent. A game tent is usually a temporary structure. For its manufacture using fabric and parts for the frame of various materials. On sale there are many collapsible models available at a price. But such designs are suitable for the smallest inhabitants. Older children like more capital facilities.
  6. Cardboard houses for children is also a temporary design. A large packing box is suitable for manufacturing. The main drawback is fragility and fragility. This house is afraid of moisture and moisture.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

You can buy a children’s playhouse for the dacha or an apartment ready, or you can build it yourself. At the same time during the selection you need to take into account a number of features:

  1. Durability design. It is necessary to decide on what period the child needs a mini-dwelling. If for 10 years, it is better to give preference to a wooden capital house. For a couple of years, you can purchase a collapsible plastic construction or a fabric tent.
  2. Materials Since the building is intended for children, then the materials must be harmless. Special attention should be paid to additives and dyes. If the choice fell on the finished model, then you need to consider that unscrupulous manufacturers can add harmful substances to materials, for example, lead. In the case of buying a plastic house, you must make sure that the product does not cause allergies in the child.
  3. The size of the house. Facilities for games should have appropriate dimensions so that it comfortably fit in an apartment or yard. Therefore, before buying or building, you need to carefully measure the area of ​​future “possessions”. In addition, the house should fit the child in height.
  4. Appropriate design. It is necessary that the design of the children’s house meets the age and sex of the little owner. The ideal option is to choose a house or build it with a child, because it is he who is the main inhabitant of this building.
  5. Security. The design should be reliable, affordable, without sharp corners and protruding nails.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

Helpful advice! A spacious capital children’s house with glazed windows, a reliable roof and a real door can be used not only for games, but also as a summer guest option.

Wood is the optimal raw material for building a children’s house. It has several advantages compared with cardboard, cloth or plastic, in particular:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • practicality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • esthetics;
  • maximum proximity to the present housing.

The disadvantage of such a house is the relative difficulty in manufacturing. On its construction, in addition to wood, you will need various additional materials and special tools. This will not only take a lot of time, but will cost more.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

You also need to consider exactly where it is planned to place the house. In a small apartment for him there is definitely no place. Therefore, the ideal place to accommodate a tree house for giving is in the garden.

At the same time, almost everyone has the skills to build a children’s house of wood with their own hands. It is enough to have a desire, to remember the lessons of geometry, drawing and labor, to connect the imagination or use materials from the Internet. Using wood, you can create your own shield, frame or timbered building. Below we consider the order of manufacture of all these options.

Creating a wooden tree house requires special seriousness, since this is a real building, albeit of a small size. Depending on the type of construction and the level of complexity, tools and materials are selected.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

To work will require:

  • board and timber for the base;
  • plywood, lining or hardboard for plating;
  • material for roof and ceiling;
  • brick and mortar for the foundation;
  • blocks for windows and doors.

You should also prepare tools: hacksaws, planer, jigsaws, chisels, hammer, drill, screwdriver. From consumables need nails, screws, screws. For finishing you will need sandpaper, brushes, paints for finishing work. In addition, you may need metal corners, glue, a set of keys and screwdrivers.

The number of materials and a specific list of tools are selected in accordance with the selected model. First, a project is created in the form of a drawing-scheme of the future house. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the dimensions, to provide options for fixings and openings. The consumption of materials is calculated separately for each component of the future structure: walls, floor, roof.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

The place for construction must be chosen spacious. If the territory of the yard or the dacha site allows, then around the house you can equip flowerbeds, break up small beds and protect the mini-courtyard with a small fence. This will give the house at the same time naturalness and fabulousness.

The design of the shields – the easiest version of the children’s wooden house to give. Making it easy, fast and easy. The main material of construction is bars, boards and finished panels, which can serve as parts of old furniture and the remnants of building materials.

Helpful advice! The shield house, sheathed with plywood, can be supplemented with decorative elements, cut out with a jigsaw of the same material, which will give it additional attractiveness and fabulousness. The finished design will be the pride of the small owner.

DIY house with their own hands: options, ideas and instructions

To provide all the nuances, first a drawing of the future model is created. Next, make solid shields for the walls. Details are connected with a screwdriver. One of the walls is made slightly higher to provide a roof slope, therefore the side walls are trapezoid-shaped. From above stack odnoskatnuyu roof. You can use decking or a pair of sheets of slate.

Important! Children’s cardboard house is unstable to moisture, so it is better to use it indoors. Out in the street can only be carried out in dry, clear weather. In order to protect the bottom from dampness, it is recommended to install it on a specially prepared base from a wooden or plastic shield.

Games in the cardboard building must be calm, as it is easily susceptible to mechanical damage. But if necessary, you can choose any design and make paper houses with your own hands at least every day in the form of a wigwam, a spaceship or a fairytale castle. The main thing in the “construction” of such a home is a clear project of a future model and a competent combination of elements.

Thus, to build a house for the child with his own hands is not a very difficult task. In this case, make a small home can be both in the apartment and in the country. Work does not require significant material costs. The main thing is desire, fantasy and a little time, and in return the children will give their admiration and joy.

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