Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

The owners of country houses are engaged in the improvement of their plots, so that seasonal or year-round living in this area would be as comfortable as possible. If the organization of a recreation area in the yard does not cause difficulties, then the construction of some objects needs increased attention. These include a bath: the layout and design of the structure, the calculation of the size of each room and the distribution of the area – all these issues should be solved before construction begins.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

Bathhouse: planning and division of the total area into functional zones

If earlier baths consisted of only one room, then modern versions of these structures include several rooms. These may include a washing room, a waiting room, a recreation area, a swimming pool, a billiard room, etc. So that in the future the owner does not have to resort to rebuilding and adjusting the building, even at the design stage it is necessary to include all important notes in the bath drawings. The following points deserve special attention:

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

  • interior layout;
  • water supply system;
  • electrical wiring;
  • sewage and sewage system.

Note! With a detailed scheme in front of you, you can greatly simplify and speed up the process of selecting and arranging furniture.

To create the ideal conditions for relaxation in the bath, you need to take into account some of the nuances that will avoid trouble during the operation of the premises. It is desirable that the construction zone is located on soils with low groundwater flow. Before proceeding to the development of the project, it is necessary to immediately exclude all sites that do not meet this condition.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

If there is a well in the territory, then the distance between it and the bath should not be less than 5 m. The minimum gap between the steam room and the residential building is 8 m. The farther from the bath the pit and toilet are placed, the better. Experts advise making the entrance from the south side. In winter time, less snow drifts form here, so the likelihood of blocking access to the door is excluded. It is better if the windows look to the west, which will facilitate the penetration of a sufficient amount of sunlight into the room.

If the summer cottage has a reservoir, building a bath in the 15-20 m from it, you can use it instead of the pool. In addition, the presence of a river or lake in the vicinity of the structure will provide a water supply system.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

For small plots (3-6 acres), 3 by 3 bathhouses will be suitable; photos of such buildings are abundantly present on the websites of construction companies. Even in such compact buildings the main room remains the steam room. Under the organization of this room should take the maximum possible amount of space – about 8 m ?. This is enough to install 2-3 beds (shelves) and put the stove-heater.

Other rooms may be included in the layout of the bath 3×4 m or more (optional). The construction can be used for its intended purpose even in the absence of a billiard room or bathroom. A bath without a steam room can not exist. For this reason, the division of the internal space into functional areas primarily depends on the size of the project.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

If you want additional amenities, you can include a small shower room or a washing one in the 3 by 4 m bath project. After the steam room here you can wash off the dirt and refresh yourself. Typical projects are characterized by the presence of a rest room, which will be used during the breaks between sessions of steam. Its organization will require 4.5 m ?.

Other rooms will be useful too, for example, a changing room or a vestibule. They are compact enough to fit in a draft of a 5 by 5 sauna bar, along with the main rooms.

Note! The area norm for washing one person is 2 m ?.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

Even the smallest project can not consist solely of one steam room. In order for the bath to function normally, and its operating conditions provide comfort for the person, other rooms should be included in the layout. To this end, the internal space of the building is divided into small rooms, each of which performs its own role.

In the project of a bath 5 by 6 m (taking into account the small size of such a building) it is not necessary to use load-bearing walls to divide the space into zones. It will be enough lightweight partitions made of wood. They do not need laying the foundation and do not carry additional loads.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

By dividing the main space into several sections, it will be possible to efficiently and quickly heat up the steam room. However, other rooms will not be exposed to heat. This advantage is especially useful for a rest room.

The required room is a waiting room. This room is used as an entrance gateway to the bath, preventing cold air from the street from entering the room. Here you can store firewood or other type of fuel. The dressing room is suitable for arranging a small dressing room (locker room). If the layout is made correctly, from this room you can easily get into the steam room, and in the shower, and in the rest room.

The 3 to 5 m bath layout may include a rather spacious waiting room. Using partitions, in it it is possible to organize additional rooms for storage of things and fuel. In the dressing room there will be a large window, but only if it is not in the steam room. In the steam room there should be only one door that goes into the waiting room. The waiting room itself can be connected by passages with other rooms.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

If there is a shower in the project, it is desirable to separate it from other rooms. This is due to several requirements. Firstly, the temperature in the washing station should be much lower than in the steam room. Secondly, the process of taking a shower – an intimate procedure, so the room is better to hide from prying eyes.

To save money on heating the shower, you can minimize its size. Square 2-3 m? will be quite enough. Such a shower will fit even in a miniature project bath 4 on 4 of the beam.

Helpful advice! If this room will be used exclusively by the male sex, the size of the washing room can be reduced to 0.5 m ?. This will allow you to increase the area of ​​the rest room.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

You can include a more spacious shower room in the project of a 6-by-4-meter bath by installing there not only the necessary equipment, but also seating areas, such as a bench. As lining for the upper half of the room fit lining, the lower part can be tiled.

If the building is intended for family visits with children, it is desirable to take as a basis the project of a 6×6 m canopy of a bath. It will allow not only to organize a comfortable and large washing room, but also to equip it with additional compartments for washing and so on. , can be the main room in the bath. In this case, you need to take care of creating the appropriate conditions:

  • organize a high-quality ventilation system (forced and natural);
  • perform the correct calculation of the heating scheme;
  • organize a lighting system with the optimal combination of natural and artificial light;
  • calculate the area of ​​the room for the maximum number of visitors.

Bathhouse: layout and great solutions for compact buildings

In the presence of such a planning of a 6×6 m bath, the rest room can be excluded from the project and transferred to the house.

It is advisable to place the steam room as far as possible from the entrance door. This room does not need windows. Dimensional parameters of the room are selected in accordance with generally accepted standards. In these standards are standards for the main points:

The nature of the placement of rooms can be individualized, since only the owner knows how many people will simultaneously relax in the bath and how it will be used. Development of the project can be started from any part of the building, the main thing is that the sewer pipe is located next to the drain pit and dimensions, as well as features of the furnace construction, are taken into account. It is desirable that the steam room was much larger than the washing one. In the recreation room you can equip the pool.

In general, planning a bath does not cause much difficulty. Given the basic standards and safety requirements, as well as using the principles of rational room placement, you can create a space that

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