Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

Blinds on plastic windows are the most ancient kind of curtains. Today they have not lost their relevance due to their practicality, versatility and durability. The main difference between blinds and simple curtains is the ability to control the intensity of the sunlight entering the room. Products are presented by a big model range that allows to enter the chosen blinds harmoniously into any interior of the room.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

History page

The first blinds appeared in the era of the late Middle Ages. These were horizontal curtains made of wood. A prototype of vertical blinds can be considered cloth curtains of shreds, which closed the doorways. In Europe, wooden blinds without a control mechanism were first seen in Spain. Then the products gained their popularity in France, where they became an aesthetic element of the room decor.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

The appearance of the first blinds officially coincides with the moment when the American Hampton John received a patent for their production, which happened in 1841. Since then, the product has gradually gained its popularity in all cities and countries of the world. Due to its high technical and operational characteristics, sun protection systems are at the top of the ranking of the most demanded products designed to protect the premises from sunlight penetration.

Today blinds are an integral part of a modern interior of any room: from a modest apartment in a regular city to a respectable country cottage. Due to the wide range of products, different in material performance, size, texture, color and mechanism of control, it becomes possible to choose the most suitable option, taking into account the individual requirements and financial capabilities of the buyer.

The louver design is represented by a device consisting of a horizontal eaves, which is equipped with a control mechanism, the main functional elements of the product in the form of lamellae, control elements in the form of a chain and cord, and a set of connecting elements.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

What are the blinds, depending on the material of manufacturing slats? Products are classified according to specific types:

  • tissue;
  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • bamboo

Lamellas can also be combined, where several materials are harmoniously combined in one product, as clearly shown in the photo blinds for plastic windows.

Depending on the design of the sun systems are:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • Pleated;
  • roll;
  • cassette;
  • roller.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

Blinds can be with manual, in the form of a cord or a chain, or with a remote, by means of a remote control or a button by a control mechanism.

The high popularity of blinds due to the presence of a number of distinctive advantages. Due to the high functionality, you can smoothly adjust the intensity of the passage of sunlight into the room without interfering with the free penetration of the required amount of air, which cannot be achieved from classic curtains. Blinds on the plastic windows allow you to choose a position that provides both protection from excessive light and the ability to pass enough air into the room. This quality allows you to keep the cool air in the apartment, even in the hottest weather, which saves energy when the air conditioner is not working.

Blinds can be made of various materials that can not be burned out. This property is especially important for fabric products that are impregnated with a special compound that protects the product from the effects of UV treatments. Blinds do not need special time-consuming care. To clean the product from contamination, simply dry-clean with a vacuum cleaner or wipe the blinds with a damp sponge. Fabric lamellae are cleaned by soaking the product in water with the addition of a detergent.

A creative solution is to make blinds on the windows with your own hands from wallpaper. Detailed instructions can be found on specialized sites on the Internet.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

What blinds to choose for plastic windows? The classic option is considered horizontal products. The main element of the design are horizontal lamellae, which can be made of fabric, aluminum, bamboo, plastic or wood. They are placed parallel to each other. The rotation of the slats is carried out thanks to the thin ropes that are between them. This allows you to direct the sun’s rays up or down.

Horizontal blinds, photos clearly display this, are divided into certain types:

  • standard;
  • venus;
  • Magnus;
  • mini;
  • lightless

Blinds Standard are the most popular among other horizontal sun protection systems due to the successful combination of functionality, reliability, aesthetic appearance and ease of operation. Slats are made of aluminum, the width of which can be equal to 16 and 25 mm. The horizontal system uses the standardized classic V10 cornice, which combines such concepts as reliability and affordable cost. The minimum width of the louver is 0.22 m, the maximum value reaches 3 m. The height of the product can be in the range of 0.5-3 m.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

Important! Products with a lamella width of 16 mm will be an order of magnitude more expensive, due to the fact that the horizontal elements are thicker in order to preserve the rigidity of the whole structure with a small width.

Horizontal aluminum blinds on the plastic windows are presented in various colors that allow you to fit the product in any style of the room. Manufacturers produce monochromatic, perforated, two-color, imitating wood models. For products with a lamella width of 25 mm, the Light off system can be used, thanks to which maximum sun protection is created. The price of horizontal blinds averages 650-750 rubles / m ?.

A variation of the Standard system is a Mini product whose lamella width is 16 mm. The cost of such blinds is in the range of 500-700 rubles / m ?. Such products are available in variations “metallic”.

Aluminum blinds on plastic windows are painted with a special paint that protects products from exposure to UV rays and deformation changes during temperature changes. The system is controlled by a cord and cane, which can be located on either side. The cord is used for lowering and raising the blinds. Rejecting it to 20 degrees. aside, you can lock the product in the desired position. Rotate the horizontal elements around its axis by using a cable. A convenient design of horizontal blinds makes it possible to fully open the window, while the slats will be folded and pressed against the eaves.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

The kit includes a standard U-shaped box, which can be mounted on the entire window, installed on a separate sash, or placed between frames or on inclined surfaces. When deciding how to attach blinds to plastic windows, you should know that the product can be mounted in the opening, to the ceiling or to the wall with the help of three mounting options. It can be used L-shaped, plastic or Twist mount. Fixing blinds for tilt and turn sashes can be performed using a string or a set of plugs with clamps of the lower eaves. How to fasten blinds to a plastic window can be studied on specialized sites.

Venus sun protection systems are also represented by lamellas 16 and 25 mm wide. The minimum width of the product is 0.26 m, the maximum – 1.5 m. The height of the blinds can be 0.4 -3 m.

The main difference from the previous version is seen when deciding how to fix horizontal blinds on plastic windows. They are mounted directly on the window bead, which contributes to a snug fit of the lamellae to the glass, which are fixed on the frame with the help of special cables. And the use of a specialized Venus cornice, in which the extreme parts have a flat shape, makes it possible to create the impression of a unity of the blinds with the window frame. This effect is also achieved thanks to invisible fasteners for blinds that fit well into the design of the window and save space.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

Important! When installing a horizontal Venus sun protection system, the geometry of the window profile is not disturbed, which eliminates the possibility of moisture penetrating into its middle.

The system is controlled with a cord that provides vertical movement and rotation of the lamellae. The fixation of the product is carried out with the help of a fishing line, which does not allow the louver to sag in the ventilation position. The average cost of products is 750-850 rubles / m ?.

Magnus Horizontal Sun Systems

Thanks to the synthesis of the two previous models, it was possible to obtain a new, improved version of the blinds, which was called Magnus. From the standard Standard system, this model received a classic U-shaped eaves, from the second blinds – chain control, which allows you to lift and rotate the lamellae. They can rotate in the range of 1-120 degrees, while blocking the window to any height. The value of the minimum length of the raised slats from the height of the window is about 5%.

Lamels are made of vinyl, which allows you to install Magnus blinds in rooms with high humidity. The product is characterized by a robust, durable, durable design that is resistant to UV-curing, ease of operation, rich print texture, various embossing options and a wide color gamut. The main difference from other options is the low cost of products, which is in the range of 350-550 rubles / m ?.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

Helpful advice! When buying blinds should pay attention to the certificate of quality, since imported products may contain lead, which has a detrimental effect on human health.

There are models of horizontal Magnus blinds, in which the slats are made of aluminum. Such products have a higher cost, which averages 650-700 rubles / m ?. The classic option is white color products. However, blinds and other colors are available that do not fade under the influence of sunlight due to the use of special high-quality and environmentally friendly dyes. Such models can also be provided with an electric motorized control, which contributes to a more time-consuming attachment of blinds to a plastic window, but simplifies the process of further operation.

A popular type of blinds is the sun protection system with the optional function of maximum dimming of the Lightles, which allows you to completely block out the sunlight when the blinds are closed. The video “How to install blinds on a plastic window” will help to understand all the intricacies of installing this system. The cost of such curtains can be 750-800 rubles / m ?.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

When it is necessary to visually increase the height of the room, it is necessary to opt for vertical blinds. Lamels can be made of aluminum plastic, wood and fabric, impregnated with a special dust-repellent composition. Among the newfangled options, you can select the rope products. The length of the products can reach the bottom of the window sill or just close the upper surface of the window. The average width of the slats is 8-9.5 cm.

Blinds on plastic windows: aesthetic decoration of the openings

Blinds on plastic windows is the most popular sun-protection system due to its versatility, practicality, durability, affordable cost, and a diverse range of models. This allows you to enter the product in any style of interior, giving the atmosphere of the room additional comfort and convenience.

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