Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Owners of apartments and houses with a balcony or a loggia should think about a decent design of these areas, which are practically not used to store unnecessary things. This article will help to understand the features of such decorative products as shutters on the balcony, will acquaint with their classification, advantages and disadvantages. The publication contains a brief overview of existing types of structures, as well as recommendations for their use on windows and doors of loggias and balconies with different types of glazing.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Blinds to the balcony: characteristics and main types of blinds

Balcony windows without blinds look empty and uncomfortable. In addition, nothing prevents the penetration of sunlight into the house, which adversely affects the microclimate of residential premises. Of course, it is possible to protect the space from negative influence from the outside with the help of curtains, but they are less convenient and practical than blinds.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

The range of such structures is quite diverse. On sale you can find narrow and wide blinds with a smooth or textured surface. Some of them can be decorated with drawings. Manufacturers offer customers hundreds of options for products made from various materials. Therefore, before buying blinds should understand the features of these structures, their advantages and disadvantages.

Designs of modern blinds consist of cloths or lamels, and also eaves. For the manufacture of products used various raw materials.

Lamella can be made of the following materials:

  • wood;
  • metal (aluminum);
  • fabrics;
  • plastic.

Note! The designs of modern blinds are not universal. Choosing the right option for installation on the balcony, it is necessary to take into account not only its decorative design, but also the configuration, as well as the type of glazing and other features.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Product classification by type:

  1. Horizontal blinds – the most popular type of products for installation on balcony windows. Differ in a practicality, convenience and simple system of operation.
  2. Vertical – canvas or lamellae are placed vertically, which allows you to adjust the direction of the luminous flux that falls on the balcony from the street.
  3. Rolled – more versatile than other product options, are on the market in a large assortment.
  4. Front or outdoor blinds – installed on the outside of the building. Perform not only decorative, but also protective function.
  5. Roman – have excellent decorative characteristics, are made from natural fabrics.
  6. Pleated – made of pleated fabric. The design is formed from folds 20 mm wide.

Each type of product has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when choosing products.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

The high popularity of blinds due to the large number of advantages that are inherent in these products:

  • high quality materials with a high margin of safety are used in production;
  • the possibility of creating a cozy atmosphere;
  • protection of space from prying eyes;
  • simple cleaning system;
  • in contrast to ordinary curtains, blinds on the balcony do not crumple and tear, they do not need ironing;
  • dustproof surface (roll and vertical structures);
  • the ability to control the level of natural lighting on the balcony;
  • large selection of colors and decorations;
  • affordable cost.

Even in the closed state, the slats do not hinder the natural circulation of air. Opening the window for airing, you can not be afraid that outside the room will be viewed. Regardless of what material blinds are made of, these products can be easily installed with your own hands.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

The disadvantages of the blinds are not so much. Some types of products are notable for their high cost, for example, plisse. But this disadvantage is offset by ease of care. Unlike other types of blinds, the pleated can be washed.

Helpful advice! If the balcony is located on the sunny side of the building, it is advisable to use rolled types of products (mini-roll).

For balconies are considered optimal roll, horizontal, vertical types of structures, as well as pleated. Each type of product has certain properties and characteristics that are necessarily taken into account when choosing blinds.

Selecting the product in the store, you should pay attention to the quality of the turning mechanism. Its moving components must move freely, without squeaking and other sounds. It is necessary that the details of the high-quality turning mechanism work smoothly, only in this case, the daily operation will be comfortable.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Horizontal designs are the most budget option of products for balconies. In most cases, these blinds are compact in size. Their installation is carried out on the balcony frames, and the products are fixed separately on each glazing.

The design of horizontal blinds consists of the following components:

  • lamellae;
  • the eaves completed with the regulating mechanism of the built-in type;
  • mesh made of filaments;
  • cord, designed to control.

Some products provide additional items. They provide fixation of the lower plank, so that the blinds do not move with strong gusts of wind when the windows are open. The advantage of horizontal structures lies in their compactness. Narrow and thin plates require a minimum of space, so that there is enough space on the windowsill to grow flowers. At the same time blinds protect plants from the hot sun in the daytime.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Lamellae perfectly trap street dust, which is also one of the significant advantages of horizontal structures. To clean the product from contamination, just put it in a soapy solution, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water. This procedure does not require much time, and the lamellae quickly dry out.

Important! In the process of washing it is strictly forbidden to wet the eaves of window blinds. In this zone there is a turning mechanism, which fails when water enters. If this happens, you will have to buy new blinds, since they will be unusable.

Disadvantages of horizontal products:

  • under the influence of ultraviolet lamella yellow;
  • over time, cheap designs crack out;
  • with regular use, the swivel mechanism quickly fails;
  • with careless handling, the slats can be bent, after which they must be replaced.

Horizontal blinds, although they look neat, are not able to create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony. They are suitable exclusively for minimalist spaces.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Horizontal, cassette and roll types of products will not be suitable for sliding windows. Although pleated blinds are classified as horizontal, their design has a different structure. It consists of a pair of aluminum profiles, between which pleated textiles are fixed.

These designs can be regulated in various ways:

  • using a chain;
  • remotely;
  • by means of a special pen.

Day / night systems are equipped with an additional profile. In addition, the fabric on such products is much denser, so in the closed state of the canvas almost do not let the sunlight through. If you fold the structure, the thickness of the fabric will not exceed 5 cm.

Pleated blinds can be installed in different areas:

  • on the window frame;
  • along the contour of the glass;
  • in the window opening.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

Blinds for sliding windows can be used on double-glazed windows with a non-standard shape, for example, triangular, circular or in the form of a trapezoid. Washcloths can be washed. The only exceptions are metal-coated constructions. In this case, the cleaning process is to wipe the dust with a damp cloth. Pleated designs are made in a wide variety of colors, which allows consumers to choose the perfect option for any interior style.

Vertical blinds can be closed from left to right, right to left, and also diverge in both directions from the center. Most often installation of structures is carried out on the ceiling or walls. Brackets are used for fixing.

The design of vertical blinds consists of the following elements:

  • the eaves made of aluminum or plastic;
  • the lamels placed in vertical position;
  • a connecting chain equipped with runners and weights;
  • control cord.

Blinds to the balcony: how to choose beautiful and practical designs for windows and doors

When closing, the lamellae are wrapped around their own axis, and when opened, they are assembled into an accordion. These items are made from aluminum, fabric or plastic. For balconies, loggias and rooms of residential type manufacturers offer products decorated with various patterns, which gives the blinds maximum similarity with curtains. Due to the special impregnation fabric blinds are less susceptible to fading in the sun. In addition, the material becomes dust-repellent properties.

Note! Vertical-type fabric blinds are ideal for mounting on plastic frames. The size of such products allows you to block windows of any size. You can also install vertical blinds on the door.

Vertical structures can be closed with one hand movement, shading the entire balcony. To achieve the same result with horizontal products, it is necessary to close each window separately.

The choice of blinds on the balcony depends on many factors. Be sure to consider the purpose of the room and its location in relation to the cardinal points. If the working area will be arranged on the balcony, it is advisable to select products that will help to smoothly adjust the level of natural lighting. For rooms located on the north side of the building, it is recommended to take blinds with thin linens.

With regard to decorative features, the choice of design depends on the personal preferences of the apartment owner and the style in which the room is decorated. The modern range of blinds allows you to choose products that will fit the taste of even the most demanding customers, so there should be no problems with the choice.

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