Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

The desktop induction plate enjoys wide popularity among consumers. This is primarily due to the versatility of the device, which allows you to quickly cook food, while saving on electricity. The compactness and mobility of the product makes it possible to conveniently use it in confined spaces. This article will allow you to become more familiar with the features of this home appliance.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

Tabletop induction cooker: distinctive features of the product

The desktop induction stove (the photo clearly displays various models) is a mobile portable panel that differs from the full-sized counterparts in its operating principle and performance characteristics and is characterized by a smaller number of burners and the lack of an oven. The device is connected to a separate outlet with a fuse and ground.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

The design can be represented by a single- and dvukhkonforochnoy model with built-in induction coils, filled with glazed mass of black or white on top. Each burner is equipped with electronic control and locking system. Heating circuits are enclosed in a metal casing, covered with glass-ceramic, which will look harmonious in any kitchen.

All desktop models of inverter plates are equipped with a touch screen, through which you can set a specific program for the device and set the required temperature, which requires the recipe of the dish. The timer allows you to set the cooking time, after which the cooker will turn off. Some models are equipped with automatic modes with a given power, temperature and cooking time, thereby achieving a good result without additional time costs associated with manually setting the parameters.

Indisputable advantages of desktop induction cookers are compactness, mobility, stylish appearance, high performance and affordable price.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

The principles of operation of the induction cooker and gas or electric stoves are radically different. The heating process is carried out due to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The magnetic flux passing through a closed circuit creates an electrical current. Turning into a magnetic field, it ejects induction currents, which cause the electronic particles of the bottom of the dish to generate heat, thereby heating the contents in it.

The hotplate does not reach temperatures exceeding 55 ° C. After shutdown, it instantly cools. The glass-ceramic surface of the plate always remains cold. Thanks to this feature, the air in the room is not heated.

This technology allows you to quickly heat the dishes installed on the surface of the stove, while spending the minimum amount of electricity. Desktop devices are equipped with the ability to finely adjust the power, which is in the range of 50-3500 watts. This makes it possible to set and maintain the required temperature regime. Models are also characterized by a high level of protection, contributing to the safe operation of the product.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

Before using the induction cooker, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions, which describe in detail the main modes of operation of the device. It specifies a summary of programs with a given temperature regime, which is optimal for preparing a particular dish.

While holding the power button for a few seconds, the panel is in its active state. The required function is selected by pressing the appropriate button once.

Important! The stove starts working from the moment it is installed on the cooker hob and turns off when it is removed.

Tabletop induction cooktop allows you to cook anytime and anywhere. For a comfortable and efficient cooking process, you need to choose the right model.

Desktop products can have one or two burners, which determines the design dimensions. This plate can be installed in a small room. The choice of the number of burners depends on how often the stove will be used, as well as on the nature of its workload.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

It is important to pay attention to the material of the body, which must be made of heat-resistant and durable ceramics. The energy saving class is required to be type A or A +. The stove must have a convenient control. Each working area is equipped with an individual panel (this applies to dvukhkonforochnymi plates).

Choosing a product, it is necessary to decide on the most necessary functions of a plate. It is imperative that there be temperature and power control modes, a control panel lock and auto shut-off program, and a timer.

It is necessary that the two-burner stove is equipped with a mode of redistribution of power. You should also pay attention to the presence of the function of the expansion zone, so you can carry out the process of cooking in dishes of different diameters.

Helpful advice! Each additional function of the plate affects the cost of the product.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

The next selection criterion is the device power. The best option is the value of 2 kW per one burner. The higher the power range, the more efficient the stove will work. Tabletop design should have a stable and strong legs, which ensure the reliability of the plate.

On an induction cooktop it will not be possible to cook food in any dish. It needs to meet certain requirements.

Dishes should be made of ferromagnetic material that will react with copper coils. To make sure whether this dish is suitable, a special icon of the induction cooker in the form of rounded zigzags, which is printed on the bottom of the product, will allow. If there is no such mark, the suitability of the dish can be checked with an ordinary magnet. The product is suitable for induction if there is an attraction between the magnet and the bottom of the product.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

Enameled, stainless and cast-iron cookware has suitable properties. Aluminum, copper and glass products in this case are not suitable. An exception is the combined pots for induction cooker with a bottom of a ferromagnetic material. The bottom thickness must be at least 3-6 mm.

It is necessary that the pans have a solid anti-deformation disk, which allows to exclude the deformation of the product during strong heating. The bottom of the dish should have a diameter of at least 12 cm. On the hob, you can use a Turk complete with a special disc for an induction cooker.

Helpful advice! To heat an aluminum, copper or glass product on an induction cooker, you should lay a conductor in the form of a metal plate on the burner.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

When choosing an induction cooker for the kitchen, preference should be given to models of well-known manufacturers who have proven themselves from the best side as leading companies for the production of high-quality products. Among such brands the most famous are Kitfort, Caso, Iplate, Clatronic, Oursson, Gemlux, Ricci, Midea, Orion, Unold, Saturn, Kenwood, Darina.

The company Gemlux is engaged in the production of single-burner induction plates in a stainless case and two-burner products in plastic edging, designed for amateurs and professionals.

The Chinese company Ricci specializes in the production of tabletop single and dual burner induction and gas stoves. All models are characterized by high quality, nice design and affordable price.

The Russian company Iplate occupies a leading position in the domestic production of the best induction stoves. She was one of the first to release a desktop model of the plate, the body of which is the thinnest. In the catalogs of the manufacturer a wide range of single- and dvukhkonforochny induction plates of various layouts.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

Another Russian brand Kitfort also specializes in the manufacture of various versions of modern small-sized household appliances. Products differ in high workmanship, multifunctionality and reasonable cost.

The Chinese company Midea, which has taken possession of almost all the shares of the German company KUKA, offers modern compact induction table plates with a minimum set of functions and the necessary equipment at a low price.

The Swiss manufacturer of home appliances Oursson is a world leader in the introduction of modern technologies in the production of products. Plate models are ergonomic, high quality and original design. The main consumers of products are Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Products of low power at a low price are offered by the Russian company Smile. The range of desktop plates are mainly single-ring models.

Desktop induction cooker: a review of the best models of global manufacturers

The best models for 1 burner desktop induction plates

Today, manufacturers produce many models for 1 burner. Induction hob KITFORT КТ-101 has dimensions 28x36x6 cm. The weight of the product is 2 kg. The plate is in a plastic case with a black glass-ceramic surface. It is equipped with 10 heating modes, overheat protection function, auto-off program, timer.

  • in the case of detection of resistance where it should not be, the corresponding part is replaced.

If the tabletop induction cooker does not turn on, the fuse is immediately checked. For this, dialing is performed using a special multimeter device, a diode bridge and transistors. If resistance is found on sections of the chain, broken parts are replaced. Next, the system is assembled and repeated ringing of the chain.

The desktop induction stove is the ideal solution for small spaces. Due to its small size and mobility, it can, if necessary, be taken to a country house or to a country house. When choosing a model, it is necessary to pre-determine what necessary set of functions the plate should have. Of the many proposed devices worth preference products of well-known manufacturers.

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