Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

From this article, you will learn everything you need to properly choose roofing materials for the roof: the types and prices of modern coatings, you can fully assess both the disadvantages and strengths of materials, learn their basic characteristics, get acquainted with the scope. In addition, you will find tips on choosing and using different types of roofing coatings.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

Common types of roofing materials for roofs

All houses are protected by such a construction as a roof. It can be created on the basis of various materials, which are selected in accordance with the type of roof and construction. There are certain types of coatings used exclusively for the roofs of cottages and country houses, others are used for the design of commercial buildings.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

To make the right choice when purchasing roofing material, you first need to decide on the purpose of the building. The range of modern roofing materials is quite extensive and includes the following varieties:

  • seam;
  • piece;
  • leafy;
  • bulk (mastic);
  • soft.

Note! Each of the specified types of a roof unites in itself several subspecies. Since the market offers an extensive selection of coatings, the distribution by groups makes it easier to navigate the range and select products for construction work.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

The metal tile, as one of the most popular types of a roof, possesses a set of favorable advantages. It is beautiful, provides a high indicator of strength, although its operation is accompanied by a certain level of noise. This type of coating is made on the basis of steel sheet. Raw materials may have a different thickness, up to 0.5 mm.

The surface of the finished products is covered with a special varnish compound that performs a protective function and prevents the appearance of damage. This moment is very important, because strong gusts of wind often bring small pebbles and branches on the roof, which can cause scratches and dents.

Hitting the surface of the roof, debris can damage the paint on the surface. In such areas with the ingress of moisture, corrosion is formed, gradually damaging the material and reducing the life of the roof. Due to the lacquering composition, this probability is eliminated.

Under the varnish are ground and aluminum layers. The finished product has a light weight, which simplifies transportation and the subsequent installation procedure. Weight 1 m? material ranges from 3 to 5 kg, depending on thickness.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

In addition to steel sheet for the production of metal can be used and other raw materials, such as aluminum or copper. In each case, the products acquire special properties due to the material from which they are made.

Galvanized steel sheet is the most common raw material for building metal tiles. The final thickness of the products may be 0.45–0.55 mm. In rare cases, this figure reaches 0.6 mm. Due to the zinc coating, the metal is reliably protected from corrosion. Several layers are applied over the top to increase strength, including polymer. Steel with aluzinc or zinc can also be used.

Helpful advice! If you want to achieve maximum durability, use for the organization of the roof material with a coating in the form of aluzinc. Accordingly, the price of this type of coverage is much higher.

In products from aluminum there is one important advantage – the material is completely not susceptible to corrosion. Despite this, additional coating is applied to the products, but this is done in order to strengthen the metal tile and increase its service life. The aluminum tile has one more advantageous advantage – very light weight. The disadvantages include perhaps limited color palette and high cost.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

The tile from copper sheets has refined and noble appearance. Over time, a patina characteristic of this raw material in the form of a greenish patina forms on the surface of the material. But it does not reduce the decorative properties of the coating, but, on the contrary, emphasizes them.

Like many architectural monuments, as well as ancient buildings, metal with a green patina looks quite interesting and attractive. Patina acts as a protection against the adverse effects of external factors, so there is no need for applying additional polymer spraying. The cost of such a coating is quite high, so it is used very rarely.

The classification of metal tiles is based on the geometry that is inherent in the profiles, as well as the depth of the insole on the products. In each case, the coating offers an interesting and unusual design. The roof with a Monterrey profile has similar features with clay tiles. This type of coating from Finland very quickly found fans, thanks to its advantages:

  • ease;
  • esthetics;
  • easy installation;
  • high resistance to natural factors.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

Note! The material has a recognizable appearance, since different grades of metal tiles produce Monterrey-like products with a smoothly rounded profile. The marginal part has the form of steps, located symmetrically or asymmetrically. It depends on the design and specific manufacturer.

The metal tile based on the Cascade profile resembles a chocolate bar. It is economical and suitable for the organization of the roof on the roofs with a complex shape, thanks to its rectangular shape. The design is neat, proportionate and fairly strict. Therefore, metal tiles based on the Cascade profile can be considered classic. It is universal and will always remain relevant.

In the modern assortment there are products with round plantar and ridge parts in the classic version. These characteristics are inherent in a metal tile with a Joker profile, which looks like a ceramic coating due to its regular waves. This type of roof is considered traditional.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

Metal tile based on the profile of Banga belongs to the category of new products, since it was invented recently. It has unusual shapes and original exterior design. The wave has an increased height. Together with the non-standard profile structure, a peculiar three-dimensional image is created. This type of metal is characterized by a small width, but this in no way affects the merits of the coating. Most often material is used for the organization of a roof on high buildings.

The new roofing options also include metal tiles with the shape of the Andalusia profile. It is still not popular enough among developers and owners of country cottages; nevertheless, this material has enough advantages. The most significant and profitable of them is the hidden mounting system, which even such demanded roof tiles like Monterrey cannot boast. Screws from the outside do not look aesthetically pleasing and striking. Metal Andalusia completely solves this decorative problem.

Note! Due to the tight locking grip, the coating is solid, due to which the roof acquires increased moisture resistance.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

The newest and most unknown metal tile is a roof with a Shanghai profile, which came to our market from China. It has a complex symmetrical pattern. The profile has a height of 66 mm. Often the same equipment is used for the manufacture of professional sheet.

On this list of materials under the category “metal” does not end there. Previously listed only major varieties that are in high demand. In fact, coatings are much larger.

Rates for metal roofing of different brands:

Brand name Profile type Price, rub. / M?
Grand line Classic from 304
Country from 450
Modern from 209
Kvinta from 338
Ruukki Finnera from 660
Monterrey from 490
Elite from 1260
Adamante from 815
Armorium from 815
Metal Profile (metal tile standard) Monterrey from 345
Serupmonterrey from 345
Maxi from 345
Standard from 340


Metal roofing as a roofing material is quite durable. The term of its operational service is almost 50 years. The average cost is in the range of 500-1200 rubles / m ?.

General benefits:

  • simple and fast installation system;
  • the presence of only one person is sufficient for installation;
  • high strength;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • light weight and simple transportation system;
  • affordable price.

Material disadvantages are not so much. During installation, a large amount of construction waste is generated, which has an impact on costs. In addition, the products have a high sound conductivity.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

Profiled flooring or gofrolist made of the same raw materials as the metal tile. The production uses cold rolled steel, which is coated with a layer of hot zinc. In some cases, thicker sheets are used which have a wavy or rectangular profile.

Note! The profiled sheet has an extensive scope. For the organization of the roof, special material marks are issued: H60, C8, C44, C21, H57, HC35.

On each side of the billet of steel is covered with a protective layer of zinc or aluzinc. As an additional protection, a layer of polymers is used. In the production of profiled used the following forms of profiles:

  • wave;
  • trapezium;
  • rectangle.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

Works on the installation of metal profiles are carried out quite easily. But even here it does not do without certain requirements that must be followed. Installation can be carried out only on a surface with a slope of at least 10 °. The maximum allowable grade is unlimited.

The material overlaps by about 20 cm. Subsequently, this gap will be filled with a sealant. Reliable fixation is carried out by self-tapping screws. Consumption fastener on 1 m? makes 6–8 pieces. In some cases, the installation of professional sheet is carried out over the old roll roofing.

The profiled sheet belongs to the category of durable and reliable materials, and due to its affordable cost it is quite popular. The scope of the metal profile as a roof extends to buildings for household purposes, for example, sheds, carports, garages, etc. Often they are covered with shops, industrial enterprises, car washes. Decking able to serve for almost 50 years.

For the organization of the roof sheets are used in a single color, which can be very diverse.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

Note! The production is made of professional flooring with imitation of stone or wood: a drawing is applied over the steel sheet, then a protective layer of polymers. However, this version of the material is usually used for the construction of fences.

Such a wide range of applications is explained by the large list of beneficial characteristics and advantages of the material:

  • high corrosion resistance;
  • durability;
  • simple installation system;
  • high degree of strength;
  • the ability to maintain its appearance throughout the operational life;
  • resistance to weather changes;
  • low weight of the roof, which eliminates the need to strengthen the bearing part of the building;
  • resistance to physical properties (mechanical and deformation damage).

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of modern coatings

As well as metal tile, profiled sheet belongs to the category of noisy roofing. Therefore, you will definitely need to perform high-quality sound insulation. The rest of the material does not have serious drawbacks.

Pricing for the purchase of metal:

Brand name Name of product Price, rub. / M?
Interprofile C8 376
Roofing 4 seasons (polyester coating) C8 240
C21 275
Roof season 4 (cover printek) C8 558
C21 669
Grand Line (Atlas coating) C8 436
C21 497
H60 580
CH35 496
Grand Line (Velur coating) C8 450
C21 514
H60 599
CH35 513
Grand Line (Print cover) C8 578
C21 659
H60 769
CH35 658


Ondulin is among the materials related to the sheet type of roofing. This coating is popular with consumers due to its naturalness and affordable cost. The material is created on the basis of fine cellulose fibers, which are impregnated with additives from polymers and bitumen.

Note! Ondulin has other names that are used in the construction market: aqualine or euroslate.

The coating is painted with polymer paint, which exhibits resistance to thermal effects. Ondulin with single-layer and two-layer staining is found on sale. The standard sheet weight is 6.5 kg. Blanks are made in the form of waves whose height reaches 36 mm. Sheets with a length of 2 m have a width of 0.96 m. These parameters are considered standard, but other sizes are also encountered, for example, 0.76 x1.95 m.

The average prices for the purchase of ondulin:

Producing country Name of product Price, rub. / Piece
Ondulin (Russia) Green leaf 328
Red leaf 331
Brown leaf 331
Ridge element brown 308
Ridge element red 308
Ridge green 321
Nail brown, green (pack of 100 pcs.) 140
Ondulin (France) Green leaf 455
Red leaf 437
Brown leaf 437
Zinc leaf 370
Ridge element red 288
Ridge green 299
Ridge element brown 288
Ridge element black 288
Nail red, brown, green (pack of 100 pcs.) 139


When buying ondulin color is important. From the color sheets and other elements for the roof depends on the final cost of the material.

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