Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

Water-resistant and waterproof coatings are ideal for kitchen use. Manufacturers of floor coverings offer a huge selection of materials manufactured using modern technologies. They allow the coating to achieve high performance. It is the waterproof laminate for the kitchen that is practical and also provides beauty and comfort in the room.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

Distinctive characteristics waterproof and moisture resistant laminate compared to the usual

Most choose laminate for a beautiful appearance. But this material has one significant drawback: it is afraid of water. Since the lamellas are fibreboards, covered on top with a decorative paper pattern made under wood, stone or tile.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

If to fill in such covering with water and to leave for a short time, then the laminate will quickly swell and swell. The presentation of such a material will be lost, since a thin protective film does not protect against moisture.

The weak points of the laminate floor are the joints between the boards and the locks of the material. If moisture gets into these places, the coating is soaked, the internal structure of the material is broken, and as a result the floor is deformed. And even after complete drying, the laminate does not become the same.

To prevent this, special treatment and waterproofing of the joints after installation will help. In addition, modern manufacturers process locks with special compositions based on wax and silicone. This significantly extends the life of the flooring. And treatment with a solution of microscopic corundum particles allows to strengthen the upper layer of the laminate.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

Many people confuse these two types of laminate: waterproof and moisture resistant. But the main difference between them lies in the method of manufacture, which gives the material such a parameter as water resistance. For a waterproof material, a thicker PVC plate is used, rather than fiberboard. In addition, the slats are treated with special impregnations, which provides protection against moisture between the seams and joints.

The packaging of such a laminate necessarily has special marks: aqua or drawing of an open tap, water drops. But there are such marks both on the moisture-resistant coating and on the waterproof laminate. In order to choose an option suitable for a kitchen, it is imperative to understand the characteristics of each option.

Helpful advice! Experts say that for the kitchen, which operates as usual, you can safely use high-quality moisture-resistant laminate.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

Any laminate is made from fibreboard. For moisture resistant material used fiberboard high density. It should not be below 900 kg / cu. m

To reduce water absorption, the surface of the lamella, as well as the joints of the boards, are treated with a special protective, waterproofing coating based on melamine and pectin resins, silicone, wax or paraffin. For some models, manufacturers use for the treatment of the inner layers of the impregnation based on corundum. This substance enhances the effect of moisture resistance.

Such measures prevent instant absorption of water, but it does not give a full guarantee. Manufacturers indicate 3-6 hours, after which the moisture will begin to be absorbed. The basis of the laminate will swell, and the coating itself is deformed.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

Small splashes from washing or from washed products, evaporation, small pools, spilled tea, wet cleaning or other irregular wetting will withstand such a laminate. But a significant flood or constant humidity he will not survive.

Helpful advice! Laying moisture-resistant laminate is necessary so that there are no gaps. Be sure to first align the floor with a good substrate, such as cork.

The modern market of laminate for the kitchen is so wide that it is very easy to get confused. We present to your attention the largest manufacturers of floor coverings, in the assortment of which there are collections with moisture-resistant properties.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

The most popular brands in Russia are:

  • Alloc;
  • Witex;
  • Pergo;
  • Kronospan;
  • Tarkett;
  • Classen;
  • Quick-Step.

Excellent reputation among buyers enjoys laminate produced in Europe, namely: Swedish, Norwegian, German and Belgian. Such a coating among the masters is considered more reliable, high quality and durable than the laminate produced in Russia. Many users claim that such material is less scratched, and also withstand significant floods.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

But the Russian-made laminate has one advantage – the price of the material. In addition, many well-known brands produce their models in Russian factories.

The price of moisture-resistant laminate manufactured in Europe starts from 1300 rubles. for the quarter. m. The cost of covering an economy class starts from 500 rubles. for the quarter. m

Helpful advice! When choosing a laminate, it is important to pay attention not only to the brand, but also to the address of the plant where the material is produced. The flooring made in Europe is of better quality than the lamellas that are produced in Russian factories.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

For those who want to reliably protect the kitchen floor from moisture, the best way is to choose a waterproof laminate as a material. A PVC plate is used as the base. This material is resistant to moisture and can be under the influence of water for a long time. The surface of the lamellae consists of PVC, joints and locks are treated with a waterproofing substance based on wax, silicones, resins.

The minus of such material is the cost. The price of waterproof laminate for the kitchen is the highest, but it is fully justified by the quality of the product. For example, the German manufacturer Vitex based on Aqua-Protect provides a guarantee of more than 25 years. The service life of a waterproof coating depends on the coefficient of swelling. The lower this figure, the longer the laminate will not be subjected to deformation.

Helpful advice! The strength and durability of a laminate floor depends on the manufacturer. Skilled craftsmen note that 32 grade laminate for a German-made kitchen is better in quality than Chinese or Russian material is 33 grade.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

The following waterproof laminate brands are very popular on the Russian market: French Dumafloor, German Witex and Belgian Aqua-Step. These manufacturers provide a wide range of models of different decors, including the popular imitation of oak, pine, beech. In addition, these companies produce waterproof laminate for the kitchen under the tile and natural stone.

The waterproof laminate of the manufacturer Dumafloor provides buyers with two collections of coverage: Aquafloor and Aqua Expert (ruler Plus and Cuadro). All products are hydropol with a base of plastic. Also the laminate is protected from moisture by a special layer reinforced by the electron-beam method.

This flooring usually has 32 wear class, there are also 31 class options. Under the Dumaflor laminate you can install a floor heating system. Also feature of the panels in a special mount CLICK, thanks to which the operational installation and waterproof joints.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

The average price of waterproof laminate Dumafloor is 1600-1700 rubles. for the quarter. m

Aqua-Step flooring has 32 wear resistance class, anti-bacterial coating and anti-slip surface. The basis of such a laminate is a plastic PVC plate with air chambers. This material is presented in two versions:

  • as board: Original, Wood4V, Wood2V, Shipdeck;
  • tile-shaped: Aqua-Step Mini.

Waterproof laminate for the kitchen: all about quality coverage

When choosing a flooring, it is important to consider the characteristics of the material and the characteristics of the room in which it will be used. The kitchen is a special place with high humidity. Therefore, the optimal choice of material is a waterproof laminate. It looks beautiful and has a number of positive characteristics.

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