Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Replacing interior doors, sooner or later, is made in each apartment. The main reason for this is wear or damage to old structures. The procedure itself is simple, so many owners decide to install the door personally. Installation of the interior door consists of several stages, the study of which will allow to avoid installation errors.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Types of interior doors

The range of structures installed inside apartments and private houses is quite wide. The modern market offers many models that differ in size, functionality and design. All interior doors are first classified according to the material of manufacture:

  • from fiberboard;

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

  • from MDF;
  • from a natural tree.

Fiberboard The frame of this door is made of wood. The wood base is lined with sheets of fiberboard (laminated). Such designs have many advantages. Their main advantage can be called democratic cost. These models have a small mass, which greatly simplifies their storage, transportation and installation. This is a very important feature that allows you to greatly simplify the installation of the door with your own hands.

The doors sheathed by DVP are most widespread now. The range of such structures is the widest. However, these products are characterized by some drawbacks. Their main disadvantage is weak strength, which is reflected in the low resistance of doors to mechanical stress. Also, models of wood and fiberboard do not have good resistance to moisture.

Note! Doors, sheathed fiberboard, it is not recommended to install in bathrooms and other rooms with a high level of humidity.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

MDF. These doors can be attributed to the average price segment. Experts recommend purchasing these designs, as they have the best price-quality ratio. Installation of MDF doors is not difficult, despite the fact that these doors are heavier in comparison with the above models.

Speaking about the advantages of such products, it is worth noting that they are characterized by good durability and are also resistant to moisture. Separately, it must be said that such structures have good sound insulation properties, which is also very important.

Natural wood. These canvases belong to the highest price segment. For their production using natural wood of different breeds. Install the interior door made of wood is the most difficult, since it has a fairly large mass. Products of this type are the most durable and expensive. Their cost depends on what kind of wood was used to make the door. Natural models fit perfectly into classic designs.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Separately, it should be said about the glass interior doors. The installation of such models is different from the installation of traditional options. First of all, it is worth noting that the loop in this case is fixed in another way. They are attached to the door using special clips. The peculiarity of these doors is that metal pans are suitable for them. In some cases, the door frame is completely absent.

The quality of the door frame depends on the operational life of the product. Therefore, before buying ludki it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its main types that can be purchased on the construction market. Today, there are three types of door frames:

  • from fiberboard;
  • from untreated wood;
  • from laminated wood.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Fiberboard The design of this type has a presentable appearance, but does not have an adequate margin of safety. A common problem of boxes of fiberboard – deflection of the middle part of the bar under its own weight. The weight of the door leaf also affects the puddles, which leads to a large deflection and distortion of the structure with time. Install the door, which is characterized by a large mass, on such a box is not possible. Products have a fairly affordable price.

Untreated wood. The cost of such a box is quite acceptable. For the price, it can be compared to puddles of fiberboard. The material of manufacture in this case is a profiled bar, so the strength of these structures is much higher when compared with the previous versions. Dry log boxes are great for installing wooden interior doors of any type.

Note! Before purchasing a structure made of untreated wood, it is recommended to consider that it needs a finishing finish with paintwork materials.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Laminated wood. In contrast to the untreated ludok such designs have finishing processing, which is represented by laminated paper. The main point that is recommended to pay attention to when choosing such a box is the quality of lamination. With low quality increases the likelihood of minor and larger scratches, as well as worn areas.

It is worth remembering that a doorway of any type may need additional processing after the installation of a wooden door. The expediency of this operation is determined for each specific case individually. It all depends on the interior of the room, as well as on the size and type of door design.

Manufacturers of interior doors produce rulers with standard dimensions. It is necessary to immediately say that these norms differ depending on the country of production. This is due to the architectural features of different states. The width of domestic structures is in the range from 60 to 90 cm (in 10 cm increments). In some European countries, this figure is 69 cm. This should be taken into account when purchasing doors of foreign manufacturers.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Buying a European door without a box is recommended only if its dimensional standards correspond to domestic ones. In any other situation, you must purchase a set of door-box. This will allow to adjust the design under the domestic doorway and perform a competent installation. Interior doors with a size that does not correspond to the aperture, yet are not very popular.

The choice of width is made depending on the purpose of the door. For example, for a bathroom it is necessary to select products according to individual indicators. Standards for the width of canvases installed in a living room vary from 60 to 120 cm. The height of such doors is usually 2 m. The minimum width of the door for the kitchen is 70 cm, and the height is similar to the models mounted in living rooms. Doors for the bathroom often have a standard width of 60 cm, and the height of such products ranges from 1.9 to 2 m.

Installing the door frame of an interior door requires strict adherence to dimensions. It should be noted that, if necessary, you can increase the doorway. No special permission is required for this operation. However, it is recommended to study the building codes in which the limits of the dimensions of the doorways for each room are indicated.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Useful information! To determine the width of the door, before purchasing it, it is necessary to measure the same indicator of the old canvas with the help of a building tape measure. If, together with the door, the door box will also be replaced, then it is necessary to calculate the dimensions of the opening.

In this case, it is recommended to buy the canvas along with the boxes. This will avoid errors. This is especially important if the door is being installed in the bathroom, as moisture can affect the performance of the door, and using it in an opening made of a different material can become difficult.

When calculating the size of the box, which will be installed in a specific opening, it is necessary to measure its narrowest place. After that, a margin of several centimeters is subtracted from the received figure. As an example, you can take an opening whose width is 78 cm, for him the ideal solution would be to purchase a door frame measuring 70 cm.

To date, there are three options for door designs, which differ in configuration. The simplest of these is the usual door leaf, sold separately from the box. In this case, it is necessary to know exactly what width and height is required to install the door to a specific vessel.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

The second common version of the configuration – the door with a barrel. It is important to remember that the canvas with the box is recommended for people who want to carry out an independent installation of the door. The only disadvantage of this option – the door frame is delivered unassembled. Therefore, you will need to independently perform and assembly, and installation of interior doors. Podpil angles and hanging loops can be a problem for beginners.

The latter type of configuration is called the door unit. It is an improved version of the door with the box. In this case, the structure has already been assembled by the manufacturer and is ready for installation. The only thing you need to do with your own hands is to trim the side elements, set them in a level and fix.

Equipment has a great influence on the cost of construction. This is especially noticeable if we compare three different versions made of the same material. The choice of type of configuration – an individual decision of the owners.

Installation of the interior door: a guide to the correct replacement of the web

Before proceeding with the installation, it is recommended that you read the step-by-step instructions. It contains a sequence of actions and their detailed description. The work plan for the installation of interior linen consists of the following steps:

  • dismantling the old structure;
  • the acquisition of tools and materials;
  • preparation of the opening;

A complete set of interior doors includes all the necessary fittings and facing materials, which are installed at the last stage of installation. Such elements are already fitted to each other, which greatly simplifies the work. Independently to do this is quite difficult, especially in the absence of due experience.

Interior doors are classified according to the material, size and purpose. Before purchasing this design is recommended to familiarize yourself with the range of models. You can install the interior door on your own, but for this you need to read the instructions and follow all recommendations clearly. When mounting the door frame and the door leaf, it is very important not to forget to carry out measurements after each action, which establish the evenness of the structure.

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