A house with a basement – is there a benefit?

A house with a basement is a good alternative to outbuildings in a suburban area. In the basement, you can equip a workshop, workplace, storage rooms, tool shelves, etc. Many owners of country houses, at the design stage, do not want to equip the zero level, but later, after the completion of construction, they realize their mistake. Rebuilding a house to create a basement is a complex of labor-intensive work that requires a lot of time and labor.

Do I need a basement in a private house?

If the owner understands that he will need a storage room, then during construction it is necessary to provide for a basement of a country house. You can choose a one-story building with a basement without an attic, or with a building with a basement and an attic room. The owner gets additional space for his own needs. The basement can be used for other purposes as well, for example as a garage.

Also, some homeowners turn the ground floor into a full-fledged additional room for various tasks:

  • Workshop.
  • Study.
  • Gym.
  • Wine Vault.
  • Pool.

More and more often in Russia there are structures with a garage in the basement. Often this solution is used by owners who do not need a second garage or have no space on a piece of land next to the house. In such a situation, the old basement is often converted into a garage..

Are you thinking of building a basement in your house? This idea is most often rejected:

  • People with a limited construction budget looking to cut costs during the construction process.
  • Hosts who do not need additional space in the house for household needs.
  • People who have separate utility rooms in the house, for example, a garage, storage room, attic.
  • Owners who are planning the construction of additional outbuildings for their own needs.

Does the location of the house determine the construction of cellars?

Yes. Ideally, buildings with a garage in the basement should be built on plots with a small area, where there is no place for a garage and an additional utility room. Do you need a basement in a house where there is a risk of flooding the ground floor? It is better to refuse such an idea. Insulation costs will be very high and there is no guarantee that rainwater will not seep into the basement. The garage in the basement must be carefully thought out, so such work should be trusted only by experienced builders..

In practice, structures with basements are not common. The reason is the cost – the cost of building a basement increases the construction estimate by up to 30%. The foundation walls in such structures are twice as high. Such buildings also generate additional costs:

  • ceiling construction;
  • arrangement of stairs;
  • moisture insulation.

One-story buildings with a basement are more expensive to maintain than buildings without one. The reason is the additional need for heating, which increases operating costs by 20%. Basement lighting is also costly, as artificial light is important for additional lighting. Thus, in the case of the construction of such a building, additional costs will be required for:

  • waterproofing;
  • ceiling above the room;
  • arrangement of stairs;
  • equipment.

As you can see, a house with a basement has many advantages. Unfortunately, they are not cheap to build. In addition, maintenance is more expensive than buildings without basements. Thus, it is a practical solution, but intended for hosts who are willing to bear the aforementioned costs..

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