Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

The central element of the children’s room is the bed. It can be of any design, design and color, which should correspond to the gender, age and personal preferences of the child. Bed for girls differs significantly from the model for the boy. The design is carried out in warm pastel colors, has smooth outlines and is full of a variety of decorative elements. About what are the variations of the bed according to the age of the child, described in this article.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

How to choose a bed for a girl: basic requirements

Baby bed is a place for a comfortable sleep, reflections, games and get-togethers with friends. The furniture must have an aesthetic appearance in order to awaken the child’s sense of beauty and of sublime The design is required to be comfortable and functional, so that a cozy and protected atmosphere is created in the room. Baby bed is selected taking into account the sex and age of the child, which determines the size of the structure.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

This piece of furniture should be safe and reliable. An important selection criterion is the absence of sharp protrusions, sharp corners and grooves. It is necessary that the bed was equipped with an orthopedic mattress laid on the slats.

If we talk about choosing a model for children 2-7 years old, in this case, you should give preference to beds for girls with sides, which eliminates the possibility of a child falling down during sleep. The product must be made of natural, environmentally friendly material. These requirements are met by wood that does not emit toxic substances into the atmosphere.

The design of the baby bed should be multifunctional. The presence of drawers designed for bed linen and other things is welcomed, thanks to which the child will learn to maintain order in his own room. Using a bedspread on the bed for a girl turns this object into a place to play.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

A cot for a girl must fit into the interior of the room, and the chosen type of construction should correspond to the hobbies of the child. Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of different versions of the bed in a different style with the use of additional decorative devices and accessories. Unusual designs in the form of a castle, house, tower or car, which bring new storylines to the child’s life for children, are very popular.

The type of baby bed should be selected based on the age and number of children, size and stylistic design of the room, personal preferences of the child and the requirements of the parents.

Classic single beds are designed to meet the characteristics of the physiological development of the child. The design can be equipped with drawers for storing clothes, toys and other things. Such furniture usually has a width of 70-90 cm, a length of 160-200 cm. Photos of children’s beds for girls clearly demonstrate various design options.

Some models are equipped with a sliding mechanism, so that if necessary, increases the sleeper of the child. It is recommended to add the uniqueness of the traditional design using the head of the original shape. It can be made in the form of a butterfly or a flower, which is clearly shown in the photo of the beds for girls. It looks interesting carved headboard with bends.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

Double bed size 160×200 cm can be purchased for one girl, and for two sisters. Such models are equipped with a high soft headboard with a smooth outline. In their design lambrequins are used. The design may have a round shape that is suitable for spacious rooms.

For two sisters, an ideal option would be a children’s bunk bed for girls. Berths can be located parallel, perpendicular to each other or be shifted to one of the sides. The second tier must necessarily be equipped with a protective fence. To climb up the structure is completed with a vertical or inclined ladder. The height of such a bed is on average 160-180 cm. The optimal dimensions are 90×190 cm.

For small apartments, the bed-couch, which serves as a sofa during the day, has recently become very popular, and at night it turns into a double bed for two girls. The design is necessarily equipped with a deep niche for storing clothes. Such a bed has no sides, so it is recommended for girls of senior school age.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

Helpful advice! For one-bedroom apartments you can purchase a chair-bed, which can be used as a complete bedroom suite for a child.

An interesting and versatile option is the loft bed. The bed is located on the second floor. Under it, it is desirable to place a convenient storage system in the form of a cabinet, pencil case, open shelves and drawers. Here you can also organize a working area with a retractable desk. It is recommended to leave the space open and equip a play or sports area, as shown in the photo of cots for girls from 3 years.

Compact and convenient option is a retractable two-tier model, which when assembled takes up as much space as the single one. By pushing the lower tier from under the top one can get two full-fledged beds, independent of each other. The design has a small height.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

For small spaces, it is recommended to purchase a transforming bed, which when assembled turns into a vertical panel, and at night it unfolds into a full-fledged sleeping place. Such designs can be equipped with a variety of niches, shelves and drawers for storage.

The sofa bed is often bought for teenage girls. When folded, it has dimensions of 110×120 cm, disassembled – 120×190 cm. The design can be equipped with a different mechanism and made in any design.

Children’s beds for girls from 3 years old have an unusual shape and original interior decoration. Any child will be delighted with such a toy bed. For a girl, it is advisable to choose a model in the form of a castle, carriage, animal, typewriter, house, or an unusual shape design decorated with a canopy.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

You can create a truly magical atmosphere in the nursery with the help of a bed stylized as a real carriage. Such an original figure model will not only be a place for a comfortable sleep, but will also become a favorite gaming zone.

The front part is often made of laminated chipboard and decorated with photo printing. The bed coach for the girl is performed in the open or closed. Different models of design differ in stylistic design, design features and color scheme, which is clearly shown in the photo of cots for girls from 3 years. For convenient climbing into the bed on the side of it, special notches are provided. Some models are equipped with steps. Such beds are equipped with a convenient lifting mechanism and a spacious laundry box.

The bed-castle is a fabulous structure, which has the appearance of a medieval structure, a forest house or a palace of a beautiful princess. The bed is usually located downstairs. The upper part is reserved for games. Modern models of such beds are made based on favorite cartoons and games for girls. Beds with Disney characters and Winx fairies are very popular.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

Important! Bed lock has impressive dimensions, which requires a lot of free space in the room.

Not all little girls dream of being princesses. For some of them, a bed designed as a car can be a good solution. In contrast to the models for boys, such beds are characterized by the presence of smooth lines, the use of a large number of decorative elements and the use of bright colors in the design of the structure. Most of the girls’ beds-sets are completed with a wheel, opening doors, flashing headlights and other car accessories.

If the children’s bedroom has a small size and there is no possibility to install a bed of an unusual shape, you can purchase a classic four-poster model. This element is stretched to the top of the bed and with a flowing wave goes down, as shown in the pictures of the beds for children. It can have a hip or rectangular design. The canopy not only plays the role of a decorative element, but also performs a psychological and practical function. He is able to protect the young lady from the draft, the bright rays of the sun and annoying insects. Moreover, such an air fence gives the little girl a sense of security.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

For a newborn, an ordinary cot is chosen based on the personal preferences of the parents. She can serve a child up to 2-2.5 years. Children of two years old are beginning to move actively, so the new bed should be free from sharp corners and metal elements. The design has protective sides that exclude the possibility of a night fall from the bed. Product length – 130-170 cm, width – 70-80 cm.

Important! Fences should not be too high so that in the period of wakefulness of the child does not interfere with his movement.

Girls 3-4 years old will like a loft bed or a transforming bed, complete with a place for training. Such designs can be equipped with a wall bars, which allows the child to develop physically.

Bed for girls: a variety of designs for the young lady

For children of preschool age, it is important to create an orthopedic bed. Therefore, a very responsible approach to the choice of mattress. Sofa beds for this age are unacceptable because they do not provide the correct position of the spine during sleep.

To organize a bed for a girl of 4-5 years old, a general decision is required. It is necessary that the future design she liked and consistent with the desires and hobbies. A bed for a girl from 5 years should be 70×160 cm. For this age, role-playing games are interesting, so you can choose a beautiful bed for a girl in the form of a castle or a carriage. Bed-house for girls, equipped with slides and stairs, will appeal to the active and sporting nature.

Shades of yellow, peach, pistachio and purple are very popular among girls of school age. Here you can use both muted tones and bright, saturated blotches.

Helpful advice! If the choice of a bed is stopped on an unconventional model in the form of a lock, carriage or car, its color design should correspond to the original design of the structure using a diverse palette of shades.

Choosing a bed for a girl is a responsible event, which should be approached very seriously. This design should not only fit into the overall interior of the room, but also be comfortable, comfortable and multi-functional, which affects the price of a bed for a girl. The model variant is mainly selected on the basis of the hobbies and personal preferences of the young mistress of the room.

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