Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

The need for heating of a country house or cottage often causes difficulties associated with excessive financial costs, as well as the need for long and complex and installation. However, there are alternative solutions. Consider one of the most convenient and popular options today – gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics of models and features of operation will be presented in the article.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

What is gas cylinder convector used for?

Gas heating convectors have long been used by Europeans as one of the most economical devices for space heating. They run on natural gas, relieve owners of the need to have old-fashioned stove equipment, and at the same time reduce heating costs. At first glance, it may seem that it is easier to install a gas boiler, but in reality, the purchase of a convector will make it possible to significantly reduce the budget for the arrangement of heating.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

Gas convectors on natural gas can not be called a panacea, because they are able to maintain the desired temperature only in a small house, extension or garage. In fact, if the heating is not used in the winter, but, for example, in spring or autumn, this will be quite enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, and a high-power device will not be needed.

Gas convector for heating is the best way out if the house is not connected to a centralized power supply system or there are often power fluctuations in the network. Thus, you can provide permanent autonomous heating for your home. Moreover, this method is more economical.

There are models of heaters, which initially provide for the possibility of using liquefied gas as fuel, but for many models it is necessary to purchase a special adapter. The very same gas cylinder, with proper storage conditions, can be placed directly in the house.

Helpful advice! Liquefied bottled gas can be stored outside. To do this, you must first build a metal cabinet for it.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

One of the main advantages that a gas convector powered by bottled gas can boast is that its efficiency reaches almost 90%. The scheme of his work is very simple: the combustion of gas occurs in a special chamber where fresh air from the environment constantly flows. Due to this, supported by the flame, which heats the heat exchanger.

In turn, the cold air from the room, getting inside the convector, collides with the heat exchanger and heats up. Warm air gets back into the room through special blinds, equipped at the top of the device. The cycle repeats continuously and ends only when the indicator of the device reaches the set mark.

Here it is important to pay attention to the availability of a high-quality thermostat, since it is this that allows you to prevent overheating of the air in the room and to economize on gas reserves. The ability to set the desired air temperature is another advantage of using this particular device.

Helpful advice! To avoid the ingress of combustion products into the air, it is necessary to make a special discharge to the chimney.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

The first criterion that will determine the choice of a convector is whether it is planned to be used as the main source of heat, or as an additional one. Consider both options.

If the gas convector is the main source of heat that heats the room, then an indicator of 40 W / m? Will be used for the calculations. This means that for heating 1 m? space you need to use 40 watts of electrical power. Further calculations are extremely simple: the volume of the room is multiplied by 40 and the required power of the device is found.

Often you can find another formula for the calculation: 100 W / m ?. At first glance, it may seem that it is much easier to make a calculation, but it is wrong to do so. The height of the ceilings in country houses can be very different, and if you do not take it into account when calculating, then the purchased device as a result may simply not cope with the task.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

As an example, we calculate the required power of the device for a room whose area is 25 m ?, and the height of the ceilings is 3.2 m. Using the formula, we obtain: 25×3.2×40 = 3200 W.

If the required power is too high and you cannot find a suitable device for sale, it makes sense to buy two or more devices and place them under the windows.

Placing convectors under the windows is one of the best options, since, due to their ability to cut off the cold air coming from the window, they help to maintain the temperature in the room even better.

The second use of the convector is more common than the first. In this case, the device is used as an additional source of heat and works in conjunction with other devices when their power is not enough. So, in extreme cold it may be necessary to turn on the convector in order to create a comfortable temperature in the room.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

If you plan to use the convector for this purpose, then it is worth making calculations from the following indicators – 25-35 W / m ?. Here all the recommendations remain the same, and the calculation formula does not change. For example, for a room at 25 m? with a ceiling height of 3.2 m, the calculation will be as follows: 25×3.2×30 = 2400 watts.

If we talk about the gas flow rate of a gas convector per day, then here the indicators can be very diverse, depending on many different factors. As a guideline, a value of 0.09 kg of bottled liquefied gas per 1 kW of thermal power of the device is used.

Before you buy a gas heating convector, you need to understand what its price is made of and why some models can cost more than others. First of all it depends on the material from which the heat exchanger is made, as well as some design features. The quality of devices used to adjust the temperature can also affect the cost.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

Helpful advice! Be sure to ensure that all documentation relating to the future maintenance of the device is completed correctly. Otherwise, you will have to repair the gas convector yourself or hire a specialist at your own expense.

The heat exchanger, made of cast iron, is much more expensive than steel. The warranty period of its service is 50 years. So in this case, the waste will be justified. As for the design features, by this means the presence of a vertical or horizontal chimney.

In this case, there is no fundamental difference, but it is worth repelling that the vertical systems, although they have more power, may not be installed everywhere. For example, for a bedroom it is not a suitable option due to the large amount of gas burned out.

Another factor affecting the price of the device – the presence of a fan. Gas convector with fan provides more intensive air circulation in the room. At the same time, the price of a gas wall convector will not differ much from the floor model with the same parameters.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

The average price for this type of device ranges from 20-30 thousand rubles. However, you can find both cheap models for 10-12 thousand rubles, and more expensive devices. It all depends on the power and availability of additional functions. More detailed prices of specific convectors will be discussed below.

The prices of gas convectors on natural gas, as well as their diversity, are unlimited. Therefore, today it is easy to find a suitable option. Consider the most popular models of gas heaters to give. Convectors of these manufacturers almost always receive only approving reviews.

Gas convectors Alpine Air

Turkish-made wall-mounted gas convectors occupy one of the leading positions on the modern market. They are convenient, compact, efficient and have an affordable price. To get a complete picture of the proposed product, consider several models in the form of a comparative table.

Convector model Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Power, W Gas consumption m? / Hour Diameter of the chimney, mm Built-in fan Heat exchanger price, rub.
Alpine Air NGS-20 630x455x220 22 2200 0.24 150 not cast iron 17,000
Alpine Air NGS-30F 360x455x220 22 3000 0.32 there is 19200
Alpine Air NGS-50 630x605x220 thirty 4900 0.51 not 20,000
Alpine Air DT-5000 550x607x310 20 5000 0.46 not steel 11900


Any of these models can be selected for use at home. The most suitable option is to choose, focusing on the area of ​​the room, which will be heated, as well as their own financial capabilities.

Helpful advice! Do not buy too powerful a device for a small room. Nothing but air overheating and excessive gas consumption, it will not.

Gas convector Hosseven

Gas convector Hosseven HDU 3, perhaps the most popular representative of this Turkish company in our country. With an average cost of about 22,850 rubles, it has a quite decent power of 3000 watts and is a worthy competitor to similar models. Instrument parameters:

  • dimensions: 635x470x270 mm;
  • weight: 23.8 kg;
  • combustion chamber: cast iron;
  • built-in fan in the device is not provided.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

A feature of this design is that the air is taken through a special horizontal telescopic tube, which is connected to the convector from the reverse side. Thus, the device does not absorb oxygen indoors and does not need a traditional chimney.

If you summarize all the considered information, and also take into account the reviews, gas convectors can be easily attributed to the best solutions to the problem, both with the main and with additional heating. Among its advantages are:

  • full autonomy, independence from power supply or any other communications;
  • ease of installation compared to gas boilers;
  • economical use and low fuel costs;
  • there is no need to equip a special boiler room to install the device;
  • you can not be afraid that the water in the system will freeze;
  • The process of heating the air to the required temperature occurs very quickly.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

Care for this type of device can also be attributed to the number of their advantages. The simplicity of the design makes it possible, if necessary, to repair the gas convector with your own hands, if the warranty period has already expired. However, it will be safer to seek help from a specialist in order to avoid possible problems with gas leaks, etc.

In order to carry out work on the installation of a wall-mounted gas convector without the involvement of specialists, you will need a number of tools and the ability to use them:

  • drill with drills;
  • perforator with a crown;
  • screwdrivers;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • wrenches of the corresponding diameters;
  • plastic dowels and screws;
  • convector;
  • gas bottle;
  • set to ensure the flow of gas.

First determine the place where you plan to install the device. There are requirements stipulated by GOST: if possible, the gas convector should be installed under the window. If due to the nature of the layout this is not possible, it is necessary to locate it as close as possible to the window.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

Helpful advice! It is important not only to choose a place, but also to make sure that the model of convector you purchased fits there and will not interfere with furniture or free movement around the room.

After that, you can proceed to the measurements and layout of the necessary holes. To do this, use a tape measure and a pencil. The most important point at this stage is to clearly define where the gas inlet will be located if you plan to install the container in another room or on the street.

Drill the necessary holes and drive dowels into them. Using self-tapping screws, fasten the convector to the wall. Using mounting foam, seal the slots and openings that can serve as sources of cold air. After that, you can proceed directly to connecting the gas cylinder to the convector.

Gas convector on bottled gas: prices, characteristics and features of choice

The installation of a gas convector is completed by its test start, which is done only after you make sure that all the joints are tight and there is no gas leak anywhere. After the first start, make sure to adjust the device.

Helpful advice! During the first few hours of operation, the camera burns, resulting in the smell of burning oil. It is not dangerous and is easily eliminated by airing the room.

So, if you decide to buy a gas convector on bottled gas, then you have a difficult choice. Before you buy, be sure to carry out all the necessary calculations and decide which type of device is most suitable for you. After that, you can make the right choice and provide your home, garage or extension with heat during the cold season.

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