Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

Water can have a devastating effect on almost all types of building materials, damaging their appearance and technical characteristics. To avoid this effect, when it comes to the ingress of rainwater on the facade of the house, use special drain systems. Consider what advantages have metal gutters for the roof: prices, types and features of this type.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

What are the elements organized roof drain

Of whatever material the drainage system would consist, it includes several elements, each of which has its own purpose and should ideally suit the conditions in which it is used. In brief, the constituent parts can be listed as follows:

  • gutter drain;

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

  • funnels;
  • pipes;
  • caps;
  • knees and turns;
  • the grids preventing hit of garbage in drainpipes;
  • all kinds of fasteners: clamps, pins, connectors for pipes, brackets.

Gutters made of galvanized steel are the most popular, as in the matter of strength and reliability they are fully capable of meeting the requirements of the average user. At the same time, thanks to the possibility of applying a polymer coating, they have a wide variety of colors, which allows you to choose the right option for any home. And although copper structures are still more reliable, galvanized gutters remain the undisputed leaders.

Before you install the drain, you need to figure out what type of roof to work, and what the nuances of installation will have to be observed. For example, in the case of a flat roof, it is permissible to use special drain funnels that are installed directly into the openings of the ceilings. Water entering them goes down through the tubes and into the storm sewer system.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

However, it will be necessary to take care of such a drainage system in advance, so that even at the construction stage of a flat roof, special slopes to the drain points can be provided. They allow rainwater to flow directly into the funnel. If there is a parapet on the roof, the water will be drained directly through it using horizontal roof hoppers — scappers. Passing through them, the water enters the pipe.

Helpful advice! The system of internal removal of precipitation is extremely effective, especially when it comes to building a house in a region with a cold climate. This allows you to get rid of the most common problem – the freezing of water inside the drainage system.

The drainage system for sloping roofs looks quite different and more familiar. In this case, an external drain is used, which includes gutters responsible for carrying rainwater to the pipes.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

The main competitor of metal gutters is plastic structures, which have a significantly lower cost, which means they attract buyers who want to save money. Consider which option is preferable: plastic or metal drain? And whether it is worth saving on the acquisition of such an important system as a drainpipe.

The first thing that interests consumers is how much plastic systems are inferior to metal in strength, and whether this difference will not be the reason for a quick failure if they prefer the cheaper option. Here you should pay attention to the features of fasteners. So, clamps designed for fastening metal drain, able to withstand static loads up to 180 kg. In addition, in this case, a rigid fastening system is used, which means the immobility of all structural elements.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

Elements of plastic drainage are attached rather loosely, since this material is prone to expansion as a result of exposure to temperature. Simply put, in cold or warm weather, pipes and gutters will change their dimensions, so an attempt to firmly fix themselves will very soon lead to the deformation of the entire drainage system.

Thus, metal gutters are undoubtedly stronger and more reliable than plastic ones.

Another important criterion is the resistance of materials to external factors. Plastic drains are resistant on their own and are not susceptible to rust. Corrosion processes in principle are not capable of arising, which makes this material an ideal option if installation is required in an aggressive environment. For example, this solution is perfect for a house located on the coast, where the high humidity and salt content in the air.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

By itself, the metal is much more sensitive to the effects of external factors, however, due to the presence of a polymer coating, the properties are practically equalized. True, the owners of metal gutters will have to constantly ensure that the elements of the system were not scratched. If even the slightest damage is detected, it must be immediately repaired. But with appropriate care, the operational period of such gutters is more than one decade.

Despite the fact that, in general, the order of fastening elements is maintained regardless of the material of the drain, the method of fixation is still different:

  • For the connection of plastic elements use special adhesive compositions that allow you to inextricably fasten them together. This method is used for plugs, funnels, etc .;

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

  • if metal elements are to be bonded, no adhesives will cope with this task. In this case, you have to resort to the use of special locks or flexible petals.

There is an opinion that the process of mounting metal systems is somewhat simpler than plastic ones. However, it is impossible to say for sure. Much depends on the type of roof, with which you have to work, as well as the quality of the acquired elements.

The price of metal gutters is influenced by the diameter and length of the pipe, as well as the type and quality of the metal used. For example, if the area of ​​the slope does not exceed 50 m? 100 mm wide gutters and 75 mm pipes will be enough. For a roof from 50 to 100 m? recommended sizes will be slightly different – 125 and 87 mm respectively. For large houses, the roof area of ​​which exceeds 100 m ?, gutters and pipes less than 150 and 100 mm in diameter will not cope with the task.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

It is also worthwhile to calculate in advance the required number of fasteners, since they have different costs and can add up to a significant part of all expenses for the arrangement of the system. The recommended step for the location of the brackets is 50-60 cm. And for fixing one pipe you will need 2-3 clamps, provided that it is solid. If the pipe is composite, then each part requires a separate clamp.

Today, there are several of the most popular systems that are in high demand when it comes to home improvement. And among these proposals, every buyer can find an option that suits him in terms of quality and price. Consider the best of them.

Metal gutters Aquasystem – an average cost option. The price for 1 linear meter is 366 rubles. At the same time, users note the excellent quality of products and leave mostly positive reviews.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

Ruukki – metal drain, the price of which many seem to be unreasonably high. It is impossible to say that this statement is not substantiated, given the fact that 1 m. P. will cost about 594 rubles. However, those who are not accustomed to saving and love to receive the appropriate quality for their money will certainly appreciate this option properly.

As an alternative to costly Ruukki, Vegastock gutters can be considered. Their cost is only about 147 rubles mp So this is a great option for those who do not plan to spend a lot of money and prefer to make a choice in favor of the budget option.

As can be seen from the above examples, you can buy metal gutters for the roof at a very different price. And unequivocally to say how this will affect its operation is difficult. Much depends on the quality of the installation, as well as compliance with all recommendations for caring for the system. In some cases, even the simplest and cheapest drain can regularly serve for decades. And sometimes you have to deal with the fact that expensive and high-quality elements were damaged during the installation process, which eventually led to their malfunction.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

It is for this reason that it is recommended how to think before undertaking an independent installation. Of course, the cost of installing a drain may seem prohibitively high, given the simplicity of the process itself. However, it is important to understand what the price for work includes.

Metal gutters for the roof: prices, features and installation features

In order for the water flowing from the roof of the house, did not damage the foundation and does not erode the local area, you need to buy a drain. Metal or plastic is a personal decision of every home owner, which he takes on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular system. But it is important to understand that regardless of what choice will be made, high-quality installation is the key to a long service life of the drain and the safety of the drain, roof and facade of the house.

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