220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

From this article, you can find out what features the 220V electric heat gun has and tips for choosing the best device, taking into account the main criteria: technical characteristics, the purpose of the heated room and the operating conditions it has, consumer reviews, pricing and other parameters. The text contains an overview of the most popular manufacturers and models of electrical devices.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

220V electric heat gun and its device

High-quality heating of large rooms: garages, basements and other spaces will be provided by 220-volt electric heat guns connected to the network. These devices have a high rate of power, so that they can not only quickly dry and warm the air, but also save the result for a long time.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

Electric gun is a heating equipment with a mobile or stationary design. These devices have industrial and domestic use.

The scope of their application extends to the heating of the following objects:

  • warehouse space;
  • Living spaces;
  • garages;
  • construction sites;
  • production workshops, etc.

The range of modern stores are devices designed to connect to a three-phase and two-phase network. Therefore, consumers have the opportunity to buy a 220V and 380V heat gun. Networks with two phases are distributed almost everywhere, mainly in urban apartments. Their voltage is 220V. Three-phase communication options are used to feed industrial facilities. In rare cases, the power supply from the 380V networks is powered by houses from the private sector.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

Note! Electrical appliances are environmentally friendly and safe. Their operation is not accompanied by the release of exhaust gases and toxins. Therefore, it is allowed to use an electric gun for heating residential premises without endangering human health.

The principle of operation of an electric heat gun 220V

The heat gun, which is powered by electricity, has a simple principle of operation. It is a ventilation device equipped with an air heating function. In addition to standard devices, there are guns with an infrared principle of heating. Heat transfer in them is due to the use of infrared rays. Electrical devices are designed for rapid heating of small areas. The exceptions are industrial electric heat guns, which have a high level of power and performance.

Standard products consist of the following components:

  • a heating element;
  • venting device;
  • temperature regulator.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

Each of these components performs a specific function. The heating element is of two types: tubular (TEH) and spiral. The first option is used much more often, because it has a longer service life than the spiral. In addition, TEN burns less oxygen in the process of heating the room.

The ventilation device generates air flow through the heating element, and the thermostat controls the room temperature. This component protects the structure from overheating. When the air temperature reaches the desired value, the thermostat automatically turns off the power supply.

Choosing a heat gun: photos and prices of popular models

Electrical devices can be used to heat small buildings that do not have the conditions for arranging a full-fledged heating system, or its construction would be inappropriate. Alternatively, you can purchase a heat gun in the garage, workshop or utility room. It is able to provide the necessary level of heating in rooms where a person is from time to time.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

In addition, electrical appliances are widely used in construction. With them, you can effectively heat the construction site, as well as reduce the drying time of surfaces after finishing. The capabilities of electric guns will be useful during wet construction work.

On an industrial scale, the use of guns extends to premises that are often used by people, for example, shops, waiting rooms at railway stations and airports, offices, etc. For example, the Ballu BKX-3 electric heat gun or the Bison ZTP-2000-M2 is enough for heating of rooms of 25 m ?. Any of these models can heat a pavilion, a small office or a living room.

Note! A power of 1 kW is enough to heat an area of ​​10 m ?.

The Ballu BKX-3 heat gun is often used as a heating device in rooms that are free from the constant presence of people.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

These objects include:

  • warehouse space;
  • industrial premises;
  • hangars and bases;
  • utility rooms, etc.

In most cases, buyers have a positive impression of using the Ballu BKX-3 heat gun; reviews posted on the forums reflect the advantages of this model:

“The Ballu gun bought last month completely changed my mind about these devices. Compact and lightweight design quickly heats the room. In this case, the purchase of the device was inexpensive. I use it to heat the premises at the construction site so that the workers will have where to warm themselves during the break. Sometimes the start button gets stuck in a hard frost. But I do not think this problem is so significant. “

Victor Martynyuk, Moscow

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

The power of the Ballu BHP-M-5 heat gun is enough to heat a production site or a living room with a size of 45-50 m ?. The device is ideal for garages, industrial premises and workshops. All controls are located on the front panel of the structure, which makes its operation more convenient. Therefore, this model is so popular.

Possibilities of the heat gun Master B 22 EPB allow to warm up the rooms of garages, car workshops, storage areas and hangars effectively. The design has a capacity of 22 kW. Moreover, this figure can be adjusted by setting the settings in the range from 11 to 22 kW. The gun is economical and equipped with a built-in air flow regulator.

Advantages of an electric heat gun for a garage:

  • the case is made of stainless steel with an increased margin of safety;
  • no odors;
  • the device during operation does not burn oxygen from the room;
  • work is accompanied by a minimum level of noise;
  • the presence of a built-in thermostat;
  • ergonomic design.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

Manufacturer’s recommended voltage for this heat gun model is 380V. The disadvantages of the device include only a short power cord, which significantly limits the areas available for placing the structure in the room relative to the outlets.

For heating the garage, the Ballu BHP-M-3 heat gun, which is powered by 220V, is optimally suited. This model belongs to the category of professional heaters.

Advantages of the model:

  • two-stage power adjustment;
  • availability of air ventilation mode without heating;
  • safe operation that does not require supervision, thanks to the option of manual restarting the thermostat;
  • Lattices and supports are treated with wear-resistant anti-vandal coating.

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

This gun, with a capacity of 3 kW, can fully heat a room whose area is 35 m ?.

Note! The design has two ways of installation: desktop and floor. Especially for this, the manufacturer has provided the availability of appropriate fasteners.

This does not end the list of advantages of the electric heat gun, the customer’s feedback from the forum displays the advantages identified during operation:

“Despite its compact dimensions, the Ballu BHP-M-3 gun perfectly heats the room. The air flow from the fan side is quite strong. The unit is ideal for a garage and similar premises, although I would not use it as a heat gun for a house. In my opinion, the device is quite noisy for living rooms. The optimal ratio of cost and quality. I advise you to buy.

Konstantin Birkin, Moscow

220V electric heat gun: a review of the best heaters

Resanta TEP-2000 and TEP-2000K heat electric guns are often used in residential buildings and apartments as an alternative replacement for a centralized heating system that does not provide the necessary heating. The trademark of Resanta is a certified Russian manufacturer, producing constructions of various price segments and power levels.

TEN need to be fixed inside the case, preferably in the center. As a fastener, you can use plates made of refractory metals, or rivets. The heating element must be located at a sufficient distance from the fan, otherwise the motor will be subjected to overheating. Wires should be brought out and plugged into the network through a different fuse.

The design is completely ready. Before proceeding with its operation, it is necessary to check the quality of the insulation on all connections and to perform a trial test. If the assembly is done correctly, a fan will start from one end, and heated air will come out from the other. Such a gun is very easy to manufacture and requires only time and minimal knowledge in electrics, although it will be much safer to purchase a ready-made device in the store.

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