A custom house – how to build?

If you have planned construction, you do not always need to wait for a special permit to build a house. Construction work can begin after notification of construction.

Custom house – when can you start building?

The house in notice is an important convenience – it allows investors to start construction earlier without obtaining official permission for this operation. According to the amended provisions of the building law, the investor must decide which procedure to choose. Construction on request is a process that begins with the collection of the necessary documentation for this purpose. The notification is made at least 30 days before the planned work, if the authority does not object, they can start. The construction start date from the moment of obtaining the consent of the declared project has also been extended to 3 years. In case of formal deficiencies, the authority asks to supplement the documentation – if the investor does not fulfill this condition, he must start the whole procedure from the beginning..Home construction

How to build a custom house? What does it mean?

Turning to the best companies for the construction of country houses, there is no doubt about the quality of services. Construction organizations offer the construction of custom-made structures of the following types: box, for finishing or turnkey. Let’s consider each option separately.


If you are studying the question of how much a house for a summer residence or for permanent residence costs, then this option will be the most economical. However, in the future, finishing and repairs will be required. The box is the structure of the future building. Often, home construction companies refer to this term as a structure that has a foundation, walls and a roof. The foundation is the foundation of the building and the durability of the future structure depends on its quality. When arranging foundation systems, several technologies are used:

  • Tape.
  • Columnar.
  • Pile.
  • Monolithic-reinforced.

After pouring the foundation structure, the stage of erecting floors from a material that was previously agreed with the customer begins. Roofing is a complex of works that involves the creation of a wooden frame, installation of insulation materials and installation of roofing. Without the last stage, the construction of the box cannot be considered complete..

House for finishing

The best construction companies offer this service as the main one, since its implementation requires a larger scope of work. When erecting a building for finishing, the customer receives a full-fledged residential building at his disposal. The owner only needs to carry out finishing and repairs on his own. At the stage of coordinating construction details with the customer, further work takes place according to the project.

Stages of construction for finishing:

  • Arrangement of the foundation. The type of foundation system is selected taking into account various factors, from the properties of the soil to the number of floors of the future building. For a one-story building, a simple strip foundation is suitable. For two or three-story buildings, you need to create a strong foundation. It is possible to save on the strength of the foundation structure only when lightweight building materials are used – ceramic blocks, gas or foam concrete. After creating the foundation, it must “stand” until it gains the necessary strength. This often takes at least one month..
  • Walling. After the foundation has gained the required strength, it is waterproofed. When choosing a material for the construction of walls, preference is given to durable and warm building materials. However, it is also possible to additionally improve the hydro, noise and thermal insulation properties of floors using existing technologies..
  • Roofing. At the initial stage, a building system is erected, as well as a heat, steam and waterproofing system. The roof should not only protect from precipitation and cold, but also decorate buildings. There are different types of roofing materials on the market, so choose according to your requirements..

At the final stage, communications are connected. Water, electricity, and other communications are carried inside the building..

Turnkey houses

The best solution to build a house on the site, despite the fact that the price of such works is the highest. By ordering complex work, the customer receives a house completely ready for living. You can enter it immediately after the completion of construction work. In addition to construction, specialists carry out external and internal finishing (as agreed with the customer). Construction companies will help answer the question of where to build a house, select a site, and get all the permits. Qualified designers and architects are engaged in the design of the future building. If necessary, after the completion of the work, the territory is landscaped, and the project is put into operation..House before finishing

This is the easiest decision to build a house. Materials for the construction of the structure, questions of their transportation to the site and any other problems are solved by representatives of the construction company. This saves the customer from unnecessary problems associated with construction and finishing. By ordering such a service, you buy a new house, but according to your own project.

Under what conditions can the construction procedure be used on request??

However, there are certain mandatory formalities and conditions that must be met by the house upon notification. The dimensions of the building should not exceed 35 square meters. The site also has requirements that must correspond to the construction of structures for one family and summer cottages.

A custom-made summer cottage is a suitable idea for the implementation of the entire project. Summer houses are buildings intended for occasional recreation, with a building area of ​​up to 25 square meters. However, an additional condition is the possibility of erecting one such building for every 500 meters of the site. In case of notification of construction, it is not necessary to notify neighbors in neighboring land plots that work will be carried out. In order to be able to live in the country in the cold season, the building needs to be insulated. Thermal insulation is important not only in winter, but also in summer, as it will protect the interior from excessive heat. Country houses can be built using frame, wood or brick technology. The construction law treats country houses very carefully, therefore there is no obligation to bring communications to such a building, and the site does not have to be equipped with utilities.

Also, if you wish, you can build a wooden structure. It is perceived as structures and buildings for which a building permit is not required. It is also possible to expand the house on request, which also saves time.

Registering a house without permission – how to do it?

An application for the start of construction of a cottage with an area of ​​up to 35 square meters must be submitted on a special form. It contains the following information:

  • Name of the body authorized to receive the notification.
  • Applicant details.
  • Type of planned investment.
  • Work start date.
  • Investment planning data.

The notification must be accompanied by:

  • Four copies of the construction project.
  • Declaration of alienation of this real estate, posted on the websites of municipal services.

Investments must comply with the local territorial development plan, and if there is no plan, then the zoning decision. It is also necessary to notify the surveyor who delimits the building and, after the completion of the work, conducts a geodetic inventory of the work..

After completion of construction work, the investor is obliged to re-notify the relevant authorities. Subsequently, the law provides that within 14 days after the notification of the completion of the work, the District Construction Inspectorate may file an objection, but if it is not followed, you can move to a new home.

To summarize, home on demand is an important decision in Russian construction law. First of all, this procedure can be used by people who want to start construction work sooner, without waiting for additional weeks to obtain a work permit. This solution is also used to minimize official commitments in the case of investors who build the smallest houses. The interest of Russian investors in this decision is still limited. The Russians are still convinced that work can be started only after receiving official permission. Many investors see this as the final decision with a building permit.

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