Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The article presents a ranking of the best models of electric grass trimmers. You will be able to find out the features and advantages of the most rated and popular mowers from the best, according to consumers, manufacturers. This review of the main characteristics and prices will help you choose the most optimal device.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers: recommendations for selection

Electric grass mowing trimmers are the most common devices for grass maintenance. They gained such popularity among consumers due to their simple and easy system of application, as well as maintenance.

Note! Trimmer, working on electricity, has such a light weight that even a woman or a teenager can cope with its management. Such devices are much lighter than petrol structures.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Today it is profitable to buy an electric trimmer for grass is not difficult, they are presented in many stores in a wide range of manufacturers. These technical devices are great for cutting grass in the summer cottage or garden. The principle of operation of electric models in general terms is similar to petrol trimmers. Only in this case the cutting element is driven by electrical energy.

The devices have a similar device, even the best electric trimmers have a standard structure:

  • barbell;
  • cutting head;
  • engine;
  • mechanism control system.

Differences lie in the quality of parts, their durability, as well as in the technical parameters of the models. Based on these indicators, ratings of the best electric grass trimmers are compiled.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Garden trimmers are good because they can be used in difficult conditions, there, where the bulky lawn mower does not get.

These places include:

  • flowerbeds, where it is very important to cut off all unnecessary, without affecting the cultivated plants;
  • the areas around the house, as well as the location of improvement elements on the site (benches, paved paths and platforms, fences, gazebos, etc.);
  • areas around trees and shrubs.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

However, the use of an electric trimmer for grass on a large lawn is not always convenient for the reason that the height of the mowing is different. In this case, you also have to collect the grass, which is already cut, manually.

General technical parameters for devices with electrical power type:

  1. Power – figures range from 250-1800 watts.
  2. Power type – battery charging or power directly from the network.
  3. Weight of the structure – this indicator can be in the range from 1.1 to 7.5 kg.
  4. Bar shape – the part can be curved (angular) or straight.
  5. Motor placement area – the engine in the design can be located below or above.
  6. Type of cutting tool – there are electric trimmers with a knife and fishing line or with each of these elements separately.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Note! Ratings of electric grass trimmers can be invaluable in choosing a device. But you should not rely only on them, as the size of the site and its relief conditions play a significant role in this matter.

If the size of the dacha territory is no more than 6 acres, there are flowerbeds and even lawns on it, the mower will be used only to maintain the paths and the fence in a tidy condition. To do this, it is enough to buy a trimmer for electric type grass with a light weight and low power level.

If you visit your summer cottage several times a month or on weekends, it is better to pay attention to the model with a higher level of power, equipped with a straight form barbell.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The more power a motor can produce, the heavier the trimmer design will be. These indicators are interdependent. Low-power devices are not able to cope even with overgrown territory, the area of ​​which is not more than 6 acres. They are only suitable for keeping the lawn in tidy condition (partial removal of vegetation in hard-to-reach areas) and in difficult conditions will be subject to overheating and automatic shutdown.

According to the reviews, an electric trimmer, suitable for overgrown areas with high grass, should have a capacity of at least 1000 watts. From this indicator it is worth making a start in your choice.

If you use a lawn mower to handle the main part of the territory, the area between the flower beds and around the trees can be modified using a low-power unit. It will be enough and 500 watts.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The characteristics of the engine also depend on the area of ​​the site. First of all you have to decide on the type of food. The best electric grass trimmers, connected directly to the mains, have a lighter construction and higher power than similar models powered by a battery. However, cordless mowers are more maneuverable and allow you not to limit your movements to the length of the electric wire.

The engine in the design may have an upper or lower character placement. At the lower location in the design eliminates unnecessary link. It is usually a cable or a rotating shaft. When placing the engine in the upper part of the design, the cutting head is at the bottom. To transfer energy from one element to another, a steel cable or shaft is used.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Note! Most often in powerful electric trimmers with a knife the engine is mounted on top. This makes it possible to optimally distribute the weight.

A motor with a lower nature of placement can only be seen on devices with a small power indicator (no more than 650 W). Similar designs have battery modifications. In them, a heavy power supply unit is placed at the top, due to which the presence of a motor in the lower part of the trimmer balances the housing and facilitates the work due to the redistribution of weight loads.

The disadvantages of this structure include the possibility of moisture penetration into the structure, which is highly undesirable.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Do not overlook such an important factor in the choice of design, as the shape of the rod. This detail not only determines the level of comfort of using the trimmer, its ergonomics, but also increases the reliability of the unit.

In models with a curved bar of the angular type, the torque is transmitted from the engine to the cutting element through a cable. A straight shaft uses a shaft that rotates. In the matter of reliability of electric trimmers, ratings are headed by models equipped with a straight shaft. As a transmission link, it is much more efficient.

The cutting headset of electrical appliances for mowing the lawn is most often represented by a fishing line attached to the trimmer head. Coils for electric trimmers with a fishing line are optimal for mowing grassy vegetation on the lawn, since a metal knife cannot cope with soft greens.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The softer and softer the vegetation on the site, the softer the fishing line should be to mow it. Manufacturers produce fishing line for electric mowers with a thickness of 1.2 to 2.4 mm.

Helpful advice! To cope with rough and tall grass, use a line that has sharp edges. It is called an “asterisk”. Such a cutting element is able to overcome thickets of wormwood or high nettle.

Electric trimmers with a knife and fishing line are universal. The knife in such constructions can be used to solve such problems as thick weeds, young trees of small size, shrubs. These tasks are beyond the power of the fishing line.

Many gardeners are interested in whether it is possible to mow wet grass with an electric trimmer, whether it is safe. There are a number of simple rules that answer all questions regarding the safety and operation of appliances that work on the basis of electricity.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Recommendations for operating an electric mower:

  1. Work in cycles, pauses to avoid overheating in the engine.
  2. Be careful not to hit the cutting head against stones, earth and other hard objects.
  3. If a rope, long grass, or wire is wound on a coil, turn off the instrument immediately.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to work in rainy or foggy weather.
  5. In the process, do not forget to monitor the location of the electric wire.
  6. Changing fishing line and other elements should be carried out only in the off state.
  7. It is not recommended to remove the protective cover from the cutting element in order to increase the cutting width. Because of this, the load on the motor increases, the probability of getting injured increases.
  8. Make sure that there are no animals and children near the working trimmer.
  9. It is forbidden to mow wet or damp grass, as it is not only unsafe, but also inconvenient. In the process of cutting raw grass sticks to the structure, contaminating it and preventing normal operation.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Depending on the functionality, manufacturers of electric trimmers produce designs with different shapes of the handle: J-, T- and D-shaped.

Helpful advice! For the safest cutting of tall and thick grass, use a device with a J-shaped handle. Due to such a structure, an optimal location of the bevel gear for the electric trimmer in the construction is achieved – away from the operator.

J-shaped handle can be found on powerful trimmers, usually equipped with a knife made of metal as a cutting element.

The T-shaped handle is very easy to use, especially if you mow the grass on the terrain with difficult terrain for a long time. Most often, these pens are installed by manufacturers on powerful trim options. In the process of work, an imitation of movements occurs, as when using a manual braid.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

D-shaped handle is usually installed in models with low power, suitable for small amounts of work. This ensures excellent maneuverability. For this reason, an assessment of vegetation on the site should be made.

If the site has hard and dense vegetation, the main and additional equipment in the form of nozzles is of no small importance in the choice of trimmer. In some models there is a special connector for fixing additional parts for the electric trimmer.

Many manufacturers see the need to use such equipment on the site, so special accessories may be included in the main package. Due to this, the functionality of the garden tool is significantly expanded.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Additional features of the trimmer, acquired through nozzles, include:

  • snow removal in winter;
  • loosening the soil;
  • cutting of bushes and knots from a tree.

At the expense of a folding design such tool very easily gives in to cleaning and transportation.

Note! On any design involving the use of additional attachments, you can install only those parts that are made by the same manufacturer.

Each model has its own arsenal. There is no universal configuration, including everything you need. Therefore, when choosing a garden tool, immediately determine for yourself the range of functions in order to match the nozzles in accordance with it.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The large and world-famous Bosch concern does not require a special presentation. The scope of activities of this company covers the production of an extensive segment of household and professional goods. All Bosch mowers are characterized by long service life, reliability and efficiency. They are completed with powerful motors and sharply ground knives.

Makita company specializes in the production of simple electric tools:

  • drills;
  • circular saws;
  • screwdrivers;
  • perforators, etc.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

But in its assortment there are also larger copies of the toolkit. The list includes lawn mowers, both gasoline and electric.

Champion is a subsidiary of the large Wald concern operating in St. Petersburg. Having appeared on the market, she was engaged in the distribution of gasoline tools manufactured by various world-class trademarks.

Note! A distinctive feature of the brand is a special color. The body part of the equipment has a bright yellow color, which has become recognizable among consumers.

This is only a part of the trademarks on the market that are popular with manufacturers.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Regarding which electric trimmer is the best, consumer reviews diverge. It all depends on the modification, build quality and many other factors. But still most of the reviews can be combined to create an approximate idea of ​​what is the general opinion of buyers about a particular manufacturer.

The market presents products of a large number of brands. Designs with a lower type of motor placement are found in companies such as Black&Decer, Bosch. These trimmers are maneuverable and balanced enough to provide maximum comfort, quality results and excellent performance.

Finding the best manufacturer to offer a tool with an engine at the top is much more difficult. In the MTD brand, many designs have a high power rating, are equipped with several nozzles that extend the functionality. For this reason, these aggregates are suitable for cutting grass with hard stems. Some models are marked with the letter combination “ES” or “EB”. Such marking indicates that the device has a mill.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Such markings are found on trimmers Britech, MTD, San Garden. The products of these trademarks are licensed.

Among the reviews of a negative nature, the prevailing view is that the modifications of devices from the budget segment fall into the category of the most poor-quality mowers that quickly break. Consumers include the Al-Koh or Stern trademark technique as such tools.

Helpful advice! To create a rating of electric trimmers, it is recommended to consider not only the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, but also consumer reviews, reflecting the weak points of certain modifications. Only in this way can you find a really standing unit.

If we talk about the shortcomings of some models, it is worth noting the Iskra-Ero trimmer. The coil installed in the structure quickly fails. Finding a replacement for this element is very difficult.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Some variants of Makit’s designs (for example, modification 4030) do not have a shoulder strap in their configuration. Due to the absence of this element, the work with the mower is much more complicated, the operator quickly gets tired.

Trimmers Russian-Chinese forester come across with defective coils. These parts are very difficult to remove from the design. Manual removal of fishing line is almost impossible.

Some users have noted that the motor is quickly overheated in trimmers that have a motor in the lower part of the structure. Summer residents complain of overload and wear too fast. As a rule, those who carry out the operation of equipment in violation of the rules encounter such a problem.

A common cause of damage is moisture ingress into the motor. In addition, the unit may quickly break if not adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Positive consumer reviews apply to medium and high price equipment. Comments allow you to determine the most optimal companies and models of trimmers.

Popular and high-quality brands include:

  • Calm;
  • Bosch;
  • Gardenlux;
  • Tsunami;
  • Oleo Mac;
  • Patriot;
  • Champion;
  • Caliber;
  • Efko, etc.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Note! Positive reviews mainly include those models that were chosen by the buyer in full compliance with the conditions of the territory, which was further processed with their help, as well as designs that are operated in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Gardenlux electrotrimmer (Germany, 1300 W), Viking 500, Makita UR-300, SanGarden, Makita 4030, Bosch ART 30 earned a lot of positive feedback.

If you select a device that has the appropriate range of functions, and use it for its intended purpose, such a trimmer is able to last for a long time, while providing a high-quality mowing result and a high productivity indicator. In order to avoid injury and premature breakage, it is enough to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and perform timely maintenance.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

In the tabular version are the average prices for popular models of trimmers. This will allow you to compare prices of designs from different manufacturers in the budget category.

Trim prices from 230 to 600 W:

The brand Trimmer model price, rub.
  Patriot  RT 380  1700
 RT 480  2250
  Hooter  GET 400  1600
 GET 600  3150
 Foreman  8101  1650
 Champion  ET 451  2950
 Riobi  RLT 4025  2900
  Bosh  ART 23 SL0  2300
 ART 26 Easy Trim  2500
ART 23 Combi Trim 3850
ART 26 SL 2600
ART 26 Combi Trim 4450
ART 30 Combi Trim 5500
ART 35 6000
Skill 0735 RA 2000
0730 RA 2500
Redverg RD ET 500 3350
Stiga SGT 350 2950
DDE ET 505 3600
MTD ET 350 3000
ET 250 2350
Gardena 300 small cut 2850
Bison ZTE 350 3300
Black and Decker ST 5530 4450
Grinda Comfort GGT 300 2550
Greenworks 21217 Basic 3550
21117 2450
21277 Deluxe 4460
Alpina T 600 E 5150
Al-Ko GTE 112928 Classic 4,000
GTE 112926 Premium 5350
GTE 112929 Comfort 5680
Monferm 21327 M 4650
Gardena Easy Cat 400 4460
Easy Cat 400/25 4460
Comfort Cut 450/25 5730
Small cut 3500
Calm FSE 52 6450
Wolf Garten Campus 350 RT 3950
GT RQ FA 5390
Makita UR 3000 5370
Oleo mack TR 61 E 8170


To choose the best unit, it is necessary to determine the class of garden tools. Within the framework of the general classification, created on the basis of the service life and the level of reliability, designs of the following categories are on the market:

  • budget;
  • bonus;
  • household.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Helpful advice! Premium units are very reliable and able to serve effectively for quite a long time. When you buy such a design, you can be sure that the probability of a breakdown is almost zero.

Average prices for trimmers:

Trimmer class The brand Trimmer model price, rub.
      Premium  Calm  FSE 52  6450
 Makita  UR 3000  5370
 Makita  UR 3501  6250
 Efko  8092  6800
 Makita  UR 2300  7850
 Calm  FSE 81  11,000
   Household  Riobi  RLT 3525S  2000
 Riobi  RLT 6030  3550
 Hyundai  Z 700  4,000
Riobi RLT1038 3001241 5150
Alpina B 1.0 EJ 223537 7200
Budget Patriot ET 1200 5100
Patriot ET 1255 6000
Patriot ELT 1000 4200
Patriot PT 480 2050


Of course, prices for premium-class products are much higher in comparison with budget and household trimmers. However, the service life in this case is almost as high as the price of electric trimmers with a knife and fishing line, with improved characteristics.

Advantages and features of the electrotrimmer Calm FSE 52

Model electric trimmer FSE 52 from the manufacturer Calm has a lower type of engine placement. Power rating reaches 500 watts. The motor housing can be tilted to a different position. It is possible to install the coil perpendicular to the ground surface.

Note! There are no vents in the design. According to the manufacturer, due to this structure, the moisture will not be able to flow into the body, therefore there are no restrictions with regard to cutting wet grass.

Many consumers prefer to buy electric trimmers Calm, because their operation is accompanied by a large number of advantages.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Advantages of the FSE 52 model:

  • lightweight and compact design;
  • low noise level;
  • optimum power level;
  • improved equipment (bounding bracket made of wire);
  • functional and ergonomic design;
  • innovative cutting head Auto Cat 2-2.

The trimmer is equipped with a telescopic rod, making it possible to adjust the position of the handle based on the requirements of your height.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The package includes:

  1. Safety glasses with excellent airflow and wide plates, providing reliable side protection.
  2. The handle of a circular form providing easy and simple system of use of the trimmer. Her position is adjusted to the tasks that must be performed on the site.
  3. Device that prevents unloading of electrical cable. This element prevents accidental disconnection from the power outlet.

The functionality of the electric trimmer Makit UR3000

Makit UR3000 electric mower has less power than the previous version – 450 watts. Technical and operational characteristics are the same as for the functional trimmer FSE 52 trimmer. The only difference is that the engine body has a fixed position; the operator cannot change its angle of inclination at his discretion.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

In addition, the design provides ventilation holes, for this reason, the trimmer can be operated only under the condition that the grass in the area is dry and there is no fog. Despite this, the UR3000 mower may offer other advantages that are not available in the Calm products.

Note! The process of cooling the engine due to the presence of ventilation holes is more efficient and faster. Therefore, the motor is insured against overloads and overheating, and the tool itself can be used without interruption for a long time, without fear of provoking a breakdown.

The electric motor not only emits a small noise level during operation, but also emits few toxic substances. The thickness of the line is 1.65 mm, the cutting width provided by it is 30 cm. The total weight of the mower is 2.6 kg.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Standard equipment includes:

  • shoulder strap for weight distribution;
  • trim head with a semi-automatic principle of action;
  • eye protection glasses;
  • electrical cable to connect to the network (30 cm).

Why it is profitable to buy a Makit electric trimmer: a characteristic of the model UR 3501

In the electric mower UR 3501 there is a D-shaped handle and a bent shaft, for this reason this unit is especially advantageous to use for processing hard-to-reach places, for example, around trees or under benches.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Advantages of Makit’s electrotrimmer:

  1. The high level of power that allows you to efficiently and quickly cut thick grass – 1000 watts.
  2. During operation, no harmful substances and exhausts are emitted, so the design is completely safe and environmentally friendly.
  3. Small weight of the structure, taking into account the power – 4.3 kg.
  4. Simple operation system due to low weight and redistribution of loads.
  5. The presence of a protective cover, diverting cut vegetation to the side.
  6. The engine in running condition produces a low noise level.
  7. Shoulder strap provides extra comfort and prevents fatigue.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

In the configuration there is a wrench to adjust the connections. The length of the electric cable is 35 cm. The thickness of the fishing line used as a cutting headset is 2 mm. The cutting width is 35 cm.

Features of the Efco 8092 electrotrimmer

Modification of the electric mower 8092 from the company Efko is able to cope with the mowing of grassy vegetation on the territory, the area of ​​which is not more than 50 m ?. Due to the top type of engine placement in the design, the operator can cut wet grass.

The trimmer is equipped with an anti-vibration system that reduces the operator’s fatigue, if the territory treatment works are carried out over a long period of time.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Note! This model of the garden tool has a special carbine. This element prevents the appearance of sharp jerks of the electric cord.

Advantages of Efko electric mower:

  • anti-vibration system;
  • adjustable handle;
  • the protective cover is equipped with a blade designed for cutting the cutting element (excess fishing line can be easily removed).

The advantage of this model is a special protective casing. Its design has an increased radius (135 °) and an optimal rounded shape. Thanks to this, the trimmer gently moves even on the most difficult relief surfaces.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Technical and operational characteristics of the Patriot ET 1255 electrotrimmer

Ratings of electric trimmers with a knife and a fishing line in the budget segment are headed by the Patriot mower of the ET 1255 modification. The unit is distinguished by its reliability and its strength to overcome any vegetation, including wet grass, since the engine has the upper type of placement.

In addition, the motor has a protective system that prevents overheating. Due to this, the terms of efficient operational service are significantly increased. A straight bar, equipped with a gearbox, suggests the possibility of installing additional attachments to perform various tasks on the site.

The cutting headset consists of a reel with a fishing line, the thickness of which is 2.4 mm. This detail is based on a semi-automatic principle of operation. This means that the release of the fishing line starts by pressing on the surface of the soil.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers


Advantages of the trimmer:

  • the presence of a gearbox;
  • equipment includes a comfortable shoulder strap;
  • profitability;
  • small dimensions and light weight;
  • a bar with a folding design, facilitating transportation and storage;
  • soft start system.

Note! The model has a high level of protection. The casing prevents stones and lines from reaching the operator.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

There is such a thing as the price of specific power. The calculation of this indicator is carried out on the basis of a special formula:

C / (P / W) = D, Where

C – the cost of the instrument;

Р – power;

W is the working width;

D is the price of specific power.

Rating trimmers based on the price of power density:

Place in the ranking The brand Trimmer model Price / power density
 one  Champion  ET 451  174
 2  Bosh  ART 23 SL  184.8
 3  Tsunami  TE 1100 PS  202.5
 four  Caliber  ET-1700V  276.9
 five  Garden Suite  GT1300D  328.4
 6  Calm  FSE 71  378
 7  Oleo mack  TR 61 E  469.6


Specificity of electric trimmer for grass Tsunami TE 1100 PS

Tsunami Trimmer is an efficient garden tool powered by electricity. Motor power is 1.1 kW. Due to its compact design, this trimmer does not create problems during storage and transportation; the bar can be disassembled into two parts.

Advantages of the trimmer:

  • the system blocking involuntary inclusion;
  • shoulder strap for weight distribution between shoulders and back;
  • automatic coil;
  • on the protective cover there is a knife for cutting fishing line;
  • low noise level;
  • convenient system of operational use;
  • lack of toxic secretions.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

According to consumer reviews, the Tsunami TE 1100 PS electric trimmer has gained the reputation of a convenient garden tool capable of providing complete lawn care on an even area. This was made possible thanks to the presence in standard equipment and fishing line, and a knife. The line thickness is 2 mm, it covers a working area of ​​35 cm. The drive shaft has a flexible, collapsible type design. The weight of the trimmer is 5.5 kg.

Characteristic of the electrotrimmer Champion of ET 451

Small overall dimensions allow to use this trimmer even to teenagers and women. The design is suitable for the care of grass with a small height of the stems.

Note! Due to the optimal structure of the structure, grass mowing can be carried out in hard-to-reach areas, for example, between trees, along fences, around garden structures.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The model of the ET 451 electrotrimmer has the following advantages:

  1. Economical and reliable motor powered by electricity.
  2. Adjustable handle for optimum positioning.
  3. Compact body.
  4. Low weight design.
  5. Ergonomic case design.
  6. Optimal placement of controls.

The trimmer motor has a high level of wear resistance. For efficient operation, it requires a minimum amount of electricity, so the operation of the device is beneficial in terms of costs. In the course of work no harmful and toxic substances are released into the environment.

Functional features of the electric trimmer Bosch ART 23 SL

Spit Bosch ART 23 SL is light and easy to use. This model is suitable for processing areas with a small area. The manufacturer has taken care of a comfortable transportation and storage system, endowing this structure with small dimensions and a dismountable device.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Functional features of the Bosch electric trimmer:

  1. High performance (trimmer capable of delivering up to 12,500 rpm).
  2. Simple control system.
  3. Lightweight engine.
  4. Balanced design.
  5. Low weight (only 1.7 kg).
  6. High-quality Pro-Tap reel, preventing tangling of the fishing line in the process of its replacement.
  7. The additional handle providing comfortable capture of the tool.
  8. Practical and convenient holder for electrical cable.

Spit has a protective casing. This element diverts flying grass from under the fishing line to the side of the operator. The design provides for an automatic release line at the time when the tool is turned on. Due to this, the cutting element has a suitable length for work.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Scope of use of the Calibr ET-1700V electrotrimmer

Many gardeners use this electric spit modification for cutting grassy grass around a country house, in the backyard or in the garden plot. The cutting tool set consists of a fishing line (1.6 mm thick) and a knife. The trimmer is suitable for the care of a young lawn and removal of thick growth in its individual zones.

Helpful advice! Use this scythe to handle large areas. The bicycle handle does not limit the movement of the tool, allowing you to successfully solve problems of this level.

Advantageous side of the model:

  • complete absence of poisonous exhausts;
  • quiet operation;
  • small weight (5.9 kg);
  • semi-automatic trimmer head with a fast line replacement system;
  • effective removal of the vegetation of any thickness.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

The trimmer is equipped with a protective casing, a shoulder strap and an accompanying set (set of fasteners, metal stopper, spanner wrench).

Properties and advantages of the Gardenlux GT1300D electrotrimmer

The capabilities of this model make it possible to attribute this tool to universal units designed specifically for use in living conditions.

The scope of the design applies to:

  • household plots;
  • gardens;
  • lawns.

The tool is suitable for cutting grass with hard and long stems. Included is a disc that allows you to eliminate small bushes from the site. The trimmer is designed to perform various tasks, for example, the correction of grass cover in hard-to-reach areas of the site – near trees, benches, lampposts, fences, buildings, roadsides.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Tool advantages:

  • high performance in small areas;
  • interchangeable cutting headset;
  • reliability and safety;
  • double motor insulation.

The design of the Gardenlux electro-trimmer (Germany, 1300 W) is easily disassembled, so it is not difficult to transport it in a car. For protective purposes, a casing is provided to protect the operator from the grass that is emitted during the cutting process.

Features electric trimmer Calm FSE 71

Spit from the popular manufacturer Calm is equipped with a convenient D-shaped handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip. Due to it, the functionality of the device is increased, which can be used to treat zones along the fence and hedges.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Note! The rotation speed of the cutting element reaches 7400 rpm. This figure exceeds the capabilities of most household models. Moreover, this performance is provided by low power – only 540 watts.

The advantages of the Stihl FSE 71 electric trimmer include a height-adjustable knob. This small feature allows the operator to work in a comfortable position. The curved bar is marked as one of the main advantages of the model. The weight of the device is 4 kg.

The trimmer is not only easy to use, but also completely safe for humans. A special protective casing of a rounded shape, worn on the trimmer head, effectively removes pebbles and cut grass to the side.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Functional features of the electrotrimmer Oleo Mak TR 61 E

Oleo Mac trimmers are manufactured in Italy and meet the basic consumer requirements for power and performance. The tool has a long service life, high efficiency and wear resistance. The engine has a power of 600 watts.

The device has a curved bar, which facilitates and accelerates the processing of the territory. The operator can mow the grass, even under the benches and densely planted bushes. The cutting element is the fishing line. Its thickness is 1.6 mm. The handle design is made in the form of a loop. The weight of the spit is small – 3.2 kg.

The manufacturer has included a protective cover in the device package. It prevents particles of rugged grass from getting inside the motor. This nuance significantly increases the service life of the engine, because it is fully protected from mechanical damage by solid elements and dirt and grass and debris. The motor in the design is located on top, so mowing wet grass is not a problem.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Any even the highest quality equipment sooner or later fails. As a rule, the risk of breakage increases if you use a trimmer in intensive mode.

Note! Ignoring the instruction manual of the garden tool is the main cause of serious damage.

Failures that occur during the operation of the device can be of a different nature and have a different level of complexity. In some cases, the owner can repair the electric trimmer himself.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

Mechanical properties problems usually affect the trimmer head. It is this part that is subject to the greatest wear and contact with the environment.

Options for eliminating mechanical damage:

Break type Remedy
 Full use of fishing line  Replace consumables in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
 Obscure fishing line  Unwind the line or install a new spool if it got damaged
 Nylon thread stuck together  Rewind the line (caused by overheating of the device due to prolonged use)
 Dropped the bottom in the coil  Replacing the bottom (you can purchase a part in a store or make it yourself with a bolt, nut and a small piece of PCB)
No rotational movement in the head The cause may be damage, malfunction of the engine or breakdown of the drive shaft (if the shaft breaks, you should contact the service center)


Malfunctions in electronics are quite difficult to detect during external examination. In the eyes rush only obvious damage.

Note! Regardless of the type of breakdown, failures in electronics always stop the engine.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers

To repair the electric trimmer with your own hands, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • screwdriver (indicator);
  • soldering iron;
  • multimeter

Options for repairing breakdowns in electronics:

Break type Remedy
 Cable damage  Replace item
 Breakage in the outlet  Fix a problem using an indicator screwdriver, change the point of connection to the electrical network
 Fork damage  Replace item
Control knob Fix a problem using an indicator screwdriver, identify the location of a broken wiring and replace this area.
Combustion winding on engine starter Set a problem with a multimeter by checking resistance values, replace the engine
Breakage of contact connections in the motor Set a problem with a multimeter and solder a damaged contact.


As a visual aid, use video materials posted on the Internet to repair the electric trimmer yourself.

Most often, malfunction of the trimmer can be eliminated at home. After reviewing the list of common breakdowns and methods for identifying them, you can make repairs yourself. If you are not confident in your abilities or have not understood what is the matter, it is recommended to contact a service center for assistance.

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