Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

Repairing an old bath is a complicated undertaking; it is rather difficult to restore shabby enamel, but modern manufacturers offer an excellent solution: an acrylic liner in a bath. Customer feedback on this product is only positive. This is a completely new, practical development – a bath in the bathroom. Acrylic liner allows you to get a completely new bath without complicated manipulations for the dismantling and alteration of water communications.

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

Acrylic liner in the bath. Reviews of the owners of the updated baths

In this article, we collected feedback from owners from different parts of our country, so that readers can understand the installation process and the features of the operation of acrylic liners. Real experience proves product quality much better than standard product descriptions in stores.

Many residents of apartment buildings are familiar with the problems arising from the replacement of the bath. Signs that an old cast-iron bath has fallen into disrepair:

  • rusty stains;
  • numerous scratches;
  • yellowed enamel;
  • many scuffs.

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

“My wife asked for a long time to change this terrible monster, but all could not gather their strength. It’s a lot of dirt, debris, and even a million questions: how to take out from the 16th floor, where to take it? Neighborhood near the garbage cans for half a year is, do not pick up the service. Apparently, very heavy. And here recently I came across an advertisement on the Internet: “Acrylic inserts. Bath in the bathroom. It turns out that this is a special insert in the bath, made of acrylic. The old design does not need to endure, the liner is installed directly into it and put on the glue. “

Voronin Mikhail, Kemerovo

Acrylic baths. Pros and cons of products from acrylic. Subtleties of choice and quality assessment of acrylic baths. Size range, advantages, do-it-yourself installation. Photos of acrylic baths in the interior of the bathroom.

Here is a description from the site:

Modern liners in the bath are made from a special rather flexible plastic, covered with acrylic on top. The bottom plastic layer is able to withstand severe loads, and the top one – acrylic is responsible for consumer qualities of the product. The thickness of the finished liner is about 0.6 cm; it can be made in any color by request. Acrylic inserts do not require special care, they are easy to wash with simple soap. When scratches appear, they are very easy to update using a special repair kit and polishing.

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

“In general, we decided to try. They measured their bathroom, called the telephone number indicated and in two days the liner was delivered. Masters got caught with experience and did everything very carefully. After a couple of hours everything was ready. We did not believe our eyes: instead of the old rusty, yellowed bath there was a brand-new snow-white. And all this without rubbish and long dismantling and finishing works. ”

Usoltsev Ivan, Yekaterinburg

Important! After installation of the liner, the bath should be filled with water to a level, approximately 2 cm from the upper drain hole. Under the action of such a large mass, the insert fits tightly against the foam, due to which the gluing will be of high quality and reliable.

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

“Quite an interesting thing this liner. I saw a renewed version of my neighbors – just a beauty, I wanted the same for myself. Only they are slightly unhappy. It is said that when the water is drunk it is terrible, as if the emptiness is under the bath. I sat on the Internet to read the description of the installation process. There must be a reason for such a strange sound. It turns out that it all depends on the quality of installation.

Since the problem was not in the liner itself, I decided to update my bath too. I found a company that installs acrylic liners in the bath. Reviews about the quality of their products and the masters going to the house were only positive. We arrived, we did everything in a couple of hours. I am very satisfied. For two weeks I have been using a new bathroom, which looks as if it had just been bought. ”

Oksanyuk Valery, Krasnodar

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

When installed correctly, the wizard will clean the enamel on the old structure with emery paper. It is necessary that the liner is more closely glued. Sealant is applied to the bath cleaned after treatment. They are passed along the edge around the perimeter and around the drain hole above and below. The rest of the surface is carefully filled with a special foam, then install the liner and siphon.

If the foaming composition is not applied everywhere and the gaps remain in places, then an unpleasant sound will be created when the water falls from the tap. Also, in the places of omissions, the insert may begin to crack.

Important! From the correct choice of liner depends on the quality of the future design. In order not to be mistaken, you need to carefully perform all measurements. The width and length is measured only inside the bath, and the depth should be measured at the deepest point – the place of discharge.

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

“Yes, acrylic inserts in old baths have many advantages. But not everyone knows that they can be repaired. I use this thing for about 3 years. Still scratching. That children rolled the iron machine, the cat for the fly jumped. But the fact is that this damage is easily repaired with your own hands. Sold special repair kits. The scratch is covered with liquid acrylic and then polished. 3 years my liner, and he is like new. All my friends restored the bath with acrylics. Reviews are only positive. Everyone is happy. And the acrylic liner keeps the temperature better than a steel bath. ”

Gusev Andrey, Penza

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

Important! To bath with acrylic liner for a long time remained a wonderful decoration of the apartment, then when you care for it you need to use mild detergents that do not contain acids and alkalis. Also it is not possible to use products containing abrasive particles for cleaning.

“Our family, having decided to renew the old battered cast-iron bath, went the other way. Acrylic is not only solid, but also liquid. For a relatively low price, professionals will cover your cast-iron girlfriend with a new layer, and it will be like new. Already a year acrylic coating keeps on our bath, not delivering any problems. We found a video of this process on the Internet and decided to call a specialist.

Acrylic liner in the bath. Customer Reviews

Now I will tell how it was done. The master first, with the help of a drill with some kind of round nozzle, removed all the old rubbed enamel. Carefully washed about the dust, rubbed with a solvent. As he explained, it is necessary that the coating holds better. After that, he began to process the structure with liquid acrylic. After 3 hours the work was finished. We did not use the bathroom for another 2 days while it was dry. Then appreciated the beauty of such a coating. Smooth, not rough, snow-white – it still pleases the eye. By the way, there is a video on the Internet: restoration of the bath with liquid acrylic. Look and understand how simple it is, quickly and efficiently. ”

Family Pereverzevs, Vladivostok

“There are situations when serving for several years, an acrylic liner has fallen into disrepair. It happened with us. I hung the shelf and standing in the bathroom, dropped the drill. The drill, which did not stop during the flight, severely damaged the insert. My wife and I were at a loss. Can I install liner on liner? Or how else to restore the broken insert?

They called the specialists, they calmed us down. A broken insert is very easy to dismantle and install a new one. Experienced guys carefully cut a acrylic layer in several places with a small circular saw and removed it. They cleaned the old bath of foam, sealant and put a new insert. Now I will try not to drop the working drill anymore. ”

Vitaly Ozarevsky, Rostov

Of course, acrylic liner is a rather convenient and practical thing. But nothing compares to a real acrylic bath. Pros and cons, reviews of these products will help you easily make a choice and decide which bath will be better and last longer.

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