Installation of entrance doors – how to do it right

Have you decided to choose new entrance doors for your house or apartment? Pay attention to their aesthetics and functionality. Among the important characteristics, we note sound and thermal insulation, as well as burglar and fire protection. However, you also need to know that one of the conditions on which the fulfillment of all these important functions will depend is the quality of installation of door structures..

Entrance doorWhen buying a door structure, we can order its assembly and installation. This means that all services will be performed by employees of the manufacturer or seller of the door system. However, it is possible to do such work on your own. Is it difficult? How is the front door installed? We will answer these questions.

Features of the assembly of entrance doors

Installation depth is a question that we will have to find an answer to when installing an external door system. It depends on which wall they will be placed on:

  • Single-layer – installation is carried out in the middle of the slab thickness.
  • Two-layer – the installation of the door structure is carried out along the outer edge of the load-bearing floor.
  • Three-layer – in a heat-insulating layer.

Due to such an arrangement of the door structure, the formation of cold bridges can be avoided. After preparing a specific place for mounting the door, you can begin the installation. A frame is fixed in the opening (for this, you can use special anchors for fastening external door structures). They are rigidly connected to the frame and masked during the finishing work. Using this method of fastening, door systems are often installed in private houses..

Another method of cutting the frame into the wall is using dowels. A similar method is relevant in relation to ready-made doorways. In such a situation, it is necessary to select fasteners for the type of floor on which the door structure will be fixed. Also, the installation of external doors is sometimes carried out on a frame that is already located in the ceiling. In such a situation, it must be remembered that if mistakes were made in the installation technique of the old door structure, then the new door will not be able to function properly. In such a situation, cold bridges can form, the doors will not close well, and also poorly perform their direct functions. Also, sometimes there are risks of breaking the structure of the wall ceiling due to the intensive use of the door system.

Front door installation – self-installation

If we are installing a door system into a new door frame, then we need to connect its elements, then perform installation in a previously prepared opening. To immobilize it in the required place, plastic or wooden wedges are used. Before installing the frame with screws, a check is made for the correct positioning horizontally and vertically. For this, alcohol levels are used. Next, holes are drilled in the wall ceiling for screws and dowels. Next, one bolt is screwed into the jumper and three bolts into the vertical elements..

If necessary, polyurethane foam is used to fill the space between the frame and the ceiling. This helps to fill the gaps, as well as minimize the risk of cold bridges, as well as strengthen the frame in the wall. After the foam has stuck, we proceed to further installation work. Hinges are put on, small elements are installed on the door (for example, handles, house number plates). At the final stage, a swing door leaf is hung. There are other types of door mounting, however they are less common and more labor intensive..

How to install a door sill

If you need to insulate the entrance to the house with high quality, an aluminum threshold is installed for the entrance door structure. Its installation is carried out in a special duct, which must be pre-insulated with high quality. Such work is carried out to reduce the risk of cold bridges. Insulation is carried out using thermal partitions.

The external partitions are fastened with pins. To fill the space between the base base and the threshold, polyurethane foam is used, with which all the cracks must be filled. This improves the thermal insulation characteristics..

What is a concealed entrance door

Such door designs were invented a long time ago. Previously, they were preferred by aristocrats, but today they are installed in apartments, houses, offices. The peculiarity of such door systems is that they merge with the wall as much as possible. They have no visible hinges or handles (the handle may not be visible). Such solutions are adored by designers who can embody bold ideas with their help. They save space, visually expand the room. To understand how to make a flush-mounted door, you need to understand innovative technologies. The frame is made of aluminum, the fittings are made of strong and light metal alloys. For the production of a door leaf, artificial materials are often used..

Front door in a private houseThe doors are hidden to create a complete picture of the interior. They do not distract attention to themselves, they are fused with the wall, so the room seems more spacious. In rooms with such door systems, other decorative elements stand out brightly. These doors are often characterized by a minimalistic design. Aesthetic is not always about bright colors and glamor. Sometimes it is about simple things. Homeowners with these door systems tend to have good taste. It is also a sign of high income, because a hidden door looks expensive. Another advantage is disguise from prying eyes. In commercial premises, they are mounted in utility rooms, security rooms, storerooms..

How to install a hidden door

Installation of such door structures is simple. To do this, you only need to hide the hinges. During installation, the same technology is used as for classic doors. Installation instructions, as well as fastening elements are included in the package..

Despite this, it is not recommended to try to install such structures without experience. Even a small mistake can lead to a malfunction of the system. During the installation process, you need to strictly adhere to the instructions and be extremely careful.

Installation of entrance door slopes

For modern design, door slopes represent more than just an aesthetically pleasing space around a door system or in an entrance area without a door. A modern slope is aesthetics. They must 100% reflect the characteristics of the building and the character of the owner of the house..

There are many different types of slopes (internal and external) that are created from different materials. Let’s consider the most popular of:

  • From plaster. The use of plaster is possible in the work. Slopes look beautiful, which are perfectly combined with the color of the door leaf itself, as well as slopes that are combined with wallpaper.
  • From drywall. Suitable for houses with strong walls and wide slopes. GKL is used to insulate the walls, however, any joints of the door frame and the wall will also be reliably masked behind the sheets. The slope will turn out to be smooth and neat. With the help of the gypsum board, slopes with an ideal plane are created. If there is a desire, in the future they can be pasted over with wallpaper or painted.
  • Natural wood. It is possible to create slopes from an environmentally friendly material if it is suitable for such work. Natural wood is a popular finishing material that is used everywhere. It is suitable for any interiors. Wooden products are durable, do not change their natural properties for many years. If, nevertheless, the slope has aged, then it can be painted and it will look like new.
  • From fiberboard. A good alternative to wood products is cladding made of laminated materials based on fiberboard (fiberboard). The material can be created in different colors, including imitation of patterns of different tree species. Therefore, it can be used for corridors in any design. It is not recommended to finish with such material of the slopes on the outside of the door, as they are short-lived..
  • PVC panels. Another option for finishing work is PVC panels. They are produced in different widths and colors. They are supplied by specialized companies in which masters install panels work. They are carefully adjusted to the dimensions of the door system. The finish is aesthetic. PVC panels are durable, you can install them yourself.

There are other materials with which you can tidy up the area near the door, but these options are most in demand..

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