Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

What kind of inverter welding machine is better: the rating of frequently purchased equipment for welding works is mainly based on customer feedback. Usually this is the perfect combination of price – quality, to which most consumers are inclined. Models that fall into the top five or top ten are multifunctional. They are not afraid of changes in temperature, large amounts of work, as well as voltage drops. How to choose the best option for the house, you can read below.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

Principle of the choice of the invertor device

The main point that is usually paid attention to when choosing a welding inverter is its class. In total there are three main classes of such equipment:

  • professional inverters;
  • household appliances;
  • semi-professional models.

They differ not only in cost, but also in power. If the buyer’s plans include only short-term work at home, then it is better to choose a not very expensive option. Such equipment is able to work without interruption for about 10-20 minutes, then it needs a break. More frequent and complex work in the garage or at the dacha will require a more powerful model. The choice in this case is to be carried out among semi-professional equipment, which is designed for several hours of continuous work.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

Professional units – the most powerful. They are much more durable than their household counterparts, have several modes of operation and can be used in any, even in difficult weather conditions. But the acquisition of such inverters is impractical if you plan to use them only at home.

For domestic use, you need to choose equipment with a power consumption of from 170 to 250 V. In our sockets, the voltage often does not reach the standard level. In the villages far from the capital, this indicator often falls below 200 V. This is why power consumption is an important parameter that must be checked with the sellers.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

No less important indicator is the voltage of idle. The value of this parameter is considered optimal if it is within 40-90 V. The higher this figure, the easier it is to start the arc, but the more dangerous the equipment is for humans. It must be equipped with special protection, which is designed to reduce the voltage level in case there is a risk.

The most popular models of welding units are equipped with additional functions that bring them to the first lines of the rating. What is the best inverter welding machine? Answering this question, it is worth highlighting the options that have the following functions:

  • hot start;
  • antizalip;
  • arc reinforcement.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

This set of additional options is very convenient for beginners who are still learning the basics of a welded case. With the help of an apparatus with such capabilities it is quite easy to work.

Helpful advice! Some inverters can be powered by petrol generators. When buying a unit is to clarify this possibility.

In addition to the listed technical characteristics, buyers often pay attention to the cost of products. Price of the most popular household models:

No Brand name Average price (rub.)
one Kemppi 30,000-8,000
2 Fubag 9000-20000
3 Telwin 8000-11000
four Elitech AIS 8000-11000
five Svarog 7000-10000
6 Resanta 5000-9000



The well-known Finnish company Kemppi has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable equipment. All models presented by it are durable, functional. A high degree of protection, a powerful cooling system, a large set of additional functions – all this allows the Finnish units to occupy the first places of the rating.

The cost of the most simple, but convenient options starts from 30 thousand rubles. Not everyone can afford to buy such expensive equipment for domestic use, but its durability and ability to work in any weather, large voltage drops, of course, are captivating. It is possible to distinguish such models suitable for the house:


Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models


Fubag products are distinguished by true German quality. A large number of different models allows you to choose a good option for the home. Reliable ventilation, a wide range of voltages, equipment with a “quick start” function and protection from sticking – all this makes the inverter unit quite easy to use and suitable for not quite experienced welders.

Modern models are compact, although they help to create really high-quality and durable seams. They are suitable for working with electrodes of various types. The weight of such products does not exceed 5 kg, it is very convenient when welding in hard to reach places or at height. Suitable for residential use models:

  • FUBAG IN 130;
  • FUBAG IR 200;
  • FUBAG IN 163.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

Helpful advice! If you plan to carry out body work, then your choice should stop on semi-automatic models.


Far from the last place is occupied by Italian inverters Telwin. Even professional welders speak positively about the models of this company. The main advantages of the models represented by the company are small weight, compactness, the presence of additional accessories. Practically in all variants there are built-in systems of protection against high and low voltage, protection against overcurrent and overheating.

Reduced energy consumption, a special nozzle suitable for all types of electrodes and many other positive characteristics help such equipment to occupy the first places in the rating of inverter welding machines. Which is better to choose for the house:


Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

Elitech AIS

Household models Elitech AIS are of high quality and quite an extensive set of functions. The easy-to-use units have high-quality air cooling, which allows the equipment to be protected from overheating during long-term operation. Compact models are often supplied in a convenient carrying case.

For a fairly reasonable price, you can pick up an inverter that allows you to apply two welding modes: manual and argon. In such devices there is a standard set of functions for users who are only studying welding. The frequency of inclusion varies from 60-80%, which is quite enough for use at home. The most common samples of this company:

  • ELITECH IS 180.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

Modern equipment models offered by this company have a fairly simple control system, which even a novice welder will intuitively understand. Each device has a high efficiency of 85%, the ability to adjust the current. All Svarog inverters are protected from voltage surges, from high current and overheating during long operation.

The weight of models for the home is a little more than 5 kg, therefore such equipment can be considered mobile. Even the simplest models can be used for two welding modes, allowing you to create a high-quality arc, and at the end to get an excellent result. Worth considering models:

  • Svarog ARc 165;
  • Svarog ARc 205.

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

Resant’s model range differs from its other relatives by the ideal price-quality ratio. All the advantages of expensive inverters are combined with low cost of equipment, its compact dimensions and great functionality. All devices have an overheating indicator in the form of a small light bulb on the panel, which will promptly inform you that you need to stop working for a while. The functions of fast arc creation, protection against sticking of electrodes, greatly facilitate the welding process. It is worth considering the options:

  • RESANTA SAI-140;

Which inverter welding machine is better: the rating of popular models

We tried to collect all the popular brands and models of welding units in this rating. Which is better to buy an inverter welding machine, still choose the buyer. Based on the above advantages and various functions of the equipment, you can buy a quality inverter, which will facilitate the work with metal parts in the home.

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