Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

When cutting materials using a conventional saw, half of the energy is wasted, as it is spent on returning the tool to its original position. Therefore, the invention of such a tool as a circular electric hand saw at one time became a real breakthrough. The cutting blade of this tool moves only in one direction, therefore the efficiency of work is extremely high. The circular saw is often used for sawing different materials, and its electric version is a very effective tool often used in everyday life and in production.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Electric Circular Hand Saw

Each of the models of a manual electric disc saw works on the same principle. Inside the tool body there is a hidden electric motor that rotates the cutting disc. The main differences are always in the type of construction – manual or electric. The disk in the manual circular saw is set in motion manually, as the name implies, but in the electric motor there is an electric motor.

These two types of saws differ not only in weight and dimensions, but also in the method of torque transmission. In a hand-held circular saw with the possibility of stationary installation, the disk is mounted directly on the shaft, and in electrical models, the drive belt transmits torque.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Also, regardless of the type of saw, it has a special support platform, which allows you to adjust the depth of cut and its angle.

Separate type of mini-saws of disk electric manual – the models working from the accumulator. Of course, they cannot boast of the same power as their counterparts working on the network, but they can be used to carry out work away from sources of electricity.

Helpful advice! When building a country house is convenient to use the battery saw. Its light weight and compact size will not let you get tired quickly in the process of cutting materials, and the battery perfectly lasts without recharging for more than one hour.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Like any other complex tools, circular saws are:

  • household – are characterized by a relatively small capacity and a set of settings, but are extremely easy to operate and do an excellent job with cutting small volumes of materials;
  • semi-professional ones are slightly more powerful and functional than everyday ones, but do not reach professional level;
  • professional – withstand heavy loads during long-term work, may have a number of useful additional functions used in the field of professional construction

If you plan to frequently cut large volumes of building materials, then you can not do without a professional model. But with the usual repair on its own, a semi-professional saw is enough.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

In the modern market of construction tools there is a huge number of models of circular hand saws. If you are wondering what kind of hand-held circular saw to choose, then here it is worth understanding a number of nuances. First of all, when choosing a saw, it is necessary to pay attention to the main characteristics, which will be discussed below.

Saw motor power – a parameter that directly affects the efficiency of the tool. If you want to buy a circular saw, on which you can install a large diameter cutting disc, then you need a model with a powerful engine. The same characteristic affects the depth of cut and the force of rotation of the disc. Low-power saw can get stuck when cutting very hard wood and bring in the most crucial moment.

The minus of any powerful model is its weight. For example, an electric hand-held circular saw on a tree with an engine power of 1200 W will weigh approximately 4 kg, and with a power of 2000 W – already 7 kg.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Cutting depth – directly depends on the previous parameter. The more powerful the engine, the larger the disk can be installed on it. In total, there are 4 standard sizes according to the depth of cut of the saw. The first is a household one, which is 40–45 mm, the second deep section of 50–55 mm is used for semi-professional needs.

Professional circular saws are characterized by a cutting depth of 60-70 mm, and the last standard size is up to 140 mm. Saws of the latter type are used in industrial production; it is almost impossible to use them at home. How to choose a circular saw on the tree depth of cut? Compare sizes with your needs. By the way, on some models there is a function for adjusting the depth of cut.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Disc rotation speed – the density of the material that the saw can cut depends on this parameter. Also, the higher the speed, the cleaner the slice.

Helpful advice! Many users mistakenly believe that the greater the engine power, the higher the frequency of rotation of the disk. In fact, there is no direct connection between these two parameters. Low-power saws for cutting chipboard have a large number of revolutions and cleanly cut fragile material.

Tilt angle adjustment – This function is now available in almost all models of electric hand circular saws for wood. It is used mainly for professional work, and is not needed for amateur cutting of boards or plywood.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Many modern saws have a number of additional features that allow you to perform a more accurate cut and many other things. Below we consider a number of popular and useful features:

  • immersion in the material – this function makes it possible, when working with the material, to start cutting it not from the edge of the sheet, but from any place;
  • connecting a vacuum cleaner is a very useful feature that allows you to blow away the sawdust formed during operation. This not only cleans the air in the working room, but also significantly improves the visibility of the material;
  • Start lock – to start the saw mechanism, you need to simultaneously press two buttons. This does not allow the user to start the saw suddenly, that is, increases the level of safety during operation;

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

  • smooth start – the disk starts to rotate smoothly, and not immediately at maximum speed. This extends the duration of his work;
  • laser pointer – if available, there is no need for a guide rail for a hand-held circular saw. But for this you will need certain skills, since a beginner, who first took a circular electric hand saw in his hands, cannot make an accurate and even cut;
  • A stationary system for removing dust and chips is a very practical thing for small amounts of work. For example, in the Makit 5017 RKB circular saw, there is such a container, which makes it very convenient for work in a confined space.

In addition to all of the above, it is very important to have mounted protections covering part of the disk.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

The main working part of any circular saw is the cutting disk. It is through it that the material is cut. How to choose circular saws with the right discs? You need to consider what materials you plan to work with. Since the trapezoidal teeth drive is great for tidy work with many materials, variable teeth are used to cut wood along fibers.

For harder materials it is recommended to use discs with hardened teeth or carbide tipped. The price of sharpening carbide tipped circular saw blades is higher than conventional ones, but they last longer and ensure more efficient operation.

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The main characteristics of circular saw blades are the outer diameter, the thickness of the blade and the number of teeth. The most common and versatile disc type is 20 centimeters.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Helpful advice! External disk size is not as important as internal. It is the inner diameter that is the landing parameter. Incorrectly picked up disk cannot be fixed on a saw.

The quality and pace of work depends on the number of disc teeth. For a more accurate cut, the number of teeth should be larger, but the work in this case will go slower than with a disk with a smaller number of teeth.

Ideally, a good host should always have several different disks at hand to work most effectively with different materials.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

Despite all the protection measures and additional accessories, the circular saw is a rather dangerous tool. In order to minimize the risk of injury during work, a number of simple rules should be followed. So, you should use circular saws with a guide tire so that the blade does not accidentally go to the side. The part must be secured as securely as possible, and it is better to press the saw to it. If the saw has various additional functions, you should familiarize yourself with them before starting work.

Circular electric hand saw: the subtleties of choice and features of work

How to choose a circular saw that best suits your needs? If you do not have experience with this class of tools, it is better to consult with experts. And remember that even the most praised saws, such as Bosch circular saws, are not universal, so it is always better to have a set of discs on hand or even several saws if you plan to work regularly with different materials.

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