Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

The rapid growth rate of the real estate market makes developers expand the field of activity. Not only high-rise buildings, but also country houses, holiday villages, cottage villages are being actively built. And although innovative materials and technologies are coming into fashion, brick remains an indispensable raw material. When used in the construction of such material as red brick: size, weight and its value are of great importance to the buyer.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

Brick types

Currently, there are different types of bricks. This building material is classified by color, size, scope of use, internal filling.

The color of the brick is:

  • red (ceramic);
  • white (silicate).

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

Brick sizes:

  • standard (single);
  • one and a half;
  • double;
  • Euro;
  • modular.

The intended brick can be:

  • private (construction);
  • facing.

By filling distinguish bricks:

  • corpulent;
  • hollow

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

Each type of material has its own specific dimensions and characteristics. And although the price of this raw material is rather high compared to alternatives, most builders still choose it for quality and reliability. Photos of red brick houses clearly demonstrate how respectable and durable such buildings look.

It is interesting! Archaeological finds prove that people made the first bricks more than 4,000 years ago.

Before starting the construction of the house, you should carefully calculate how much and what kind of material is needed. This will help avoid unnecessary expenses.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

When on hands already there is a project of future house, it is possible to make the estimate. This will help to clearly determine the number of pallets ordered. Preparatory work is very important, because the excess building materials – this is your wasted money.

Shortage is an even worse problem, since a new batch of bricks will vary significantly in density, color, price. An additional disadvantage will be transportation costs. So go to the measurements and calculations in all seriousness. The time spent will pay off due to substantial savings of own funds.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

The standard size of red brick has the following dimensions: 250x120x65 mm. The name “bastard” or “double” speaks for itself. This means that you need to multiply the size of an ordinary red brick by the corresponding coefficient: 1.4 or 2.1. That is, the size of a red bricks is equal to 250x120x88 mm, and double – 250x120x138 mm. This is the data of long established norms. However, each manufacturer can make small changes to existing parameters. Therefore, before buying, you should clarify all dimensions of the purchased goods.

If you made calculations based on the standard size of red brick, you should make the necessary edits. Note that the size of a single red brick fully coincides with the size of an ordinary red brick. These species do not differ in their dimensions, but in terms of such physical properties as:

  • frost resistance;
  • moisture absorption;
  • heat capacity;
  • voidness

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

As the size of a corpulent red brick, and the dimensions of the hollow are standard and equal in size.

This type of building material is easy and quick installation. High consumer demand allowed to significantly expand its configuration: from ceramic to figured. The dimensions of this type of brick fully comply with the standard: 250x120x65 mm. Recently, however, a new, European format has become popular: 250x85x65 mm.

For the construction of the basement and the basement is most often used ordinary solid brick.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

Helpful advice! To check whether you have chosen the foundation brick correctly – wet it with water. Instant absorption of moisture means poor-quality material that is subject to rapid destruction.

The size of the red brick for the basement is fully consistent with normal standards. It is quite convenient in styling and fitting, environmentally friendly (not moldy).

For laying out the stove or fireplace design fire-resistant chamotte brick is used, which has the following parameters:

  • length – 250 mm;
  • width – 120 mm;
  • height – 65 mm.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

To deliver the building material intact, it is placed in pallets. Laying is done on the principle of herringbone or cross ligation. For reliability impose the top packaging (film, metal tape). According to the degree of filling with red brick, the weight of the pallet is as follows:

  • 200 kg;
  • 750 kg;
  • 900 kg.

Standard brick: dimensions, characteristics, scope of use. Classification, use, varieties and their features. How to independently choose a brick for construction and finishing works.

On a pallet is placed a certain number of pieces, which has long been accurately calculated by experts. But even this value has deviations due to fluctuations in the weight of one red brick. Bricks on a pallet are considered to be in pieces, namely:

  • facing – 300-360 pcs .;
  • single – 420 pcs .;
  • one and a half – 380-390 pcs .;
  • basement – 480-600 pcs.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

Attention! When making a general estimate, consider such a discrepancy in advance in advance.

For convenience, you can count this building material in cubes. This is a more accurate calculation, but discrepancies will still be present. So, how many red bricks in 1 m3:

  • 512 pcs. – single;
  • 378 pcs. – one and a half;
  • 255 pieces – double.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

The weight of a red brick is influenced by several factors, such as size, shape, purpose. From this the weight of red bricks varies from 1.3 to 7.2 kg. The lightest is considered facing (hollow) – 1.32 – 3.2 kg. The weight of a brick of red corpulent 250х120х65 mm fluctuates within 3,3 – 7,2 kg. The approximate weight of a red brick (250x120x65, but hollow) starts from 2.3 kg and reaches 5 kg.

Red brick – price per piece

The cost of this building material depends on the manufacturer. For example, the average price for a piece of red brick is 8 rubles. However, in most stores often held all sorts of promotions, so you can find, and at 7.20 rubles. The size of the price of red solid bricks will be much higher than that of hollow (due to weight). To find out how much a facing red brick costs, just go to the site of any building supermarket. The minimum cost is 3.20 rubles.

Red brick: size, weight, cost, variety

Many years have passed since people started making bricks. However, despite modern analogues, experts prefer this building material, and recommend using a brick when building your own house. This is a guarantee that your building will be strong, beautiful and durable.

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