Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of “smart weather forecasters”

Home weather stations have replaced conventional household thermometers. Modern weather stations for the home are instruments that can not only show the temperature of the air outside and inside the room, but also record humidity, pressure and other weather data. Such devices are capable of 24 hours to provide accurate information about the current state of weather conditions. Select the best model will help rating the best weather stations for the home.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

The principle of operation of weather stations for the home

The complex of the home meteorological station includes two nodes: the main unit, which is located inside the room and the remote sensor attached to the window outside. The function of the sensor is to measure air temperature, humidity, pressure and send this data to the main unit. All received information is displayed on the screen of the indoor unit.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

There are models of devices in which the blocks are interconnected by means of wires and weather stations for the house with wireless sensors. It is worth noting that the latter are more advanced devices and have a corresponding cost. With the help of such devices, in addition to temperature and humidity, you can find out the atmospheric pressure and how the climate will be in the next day.

The functions of the simplest household weather stations include the measurement of air temperature and humidity outside and indoors. As for indoor measurements, they are made by a sensor hidden in the main unit of the device installed in the room. External data comes from an external node that is attached to the window frame. To make the readings as accurate as possible, it is advisable to install an external unit on the north side.

Most models of weather stations are equipped with clocks that can be adjusted manually or automatically synchronized by the time signal transmitted three times per hour. A program of more advanced devices may include regular and lunar calendars.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

Depending on the model, the LCD displays of weather stations may be small formats, transmitting a black and white display or rather overall dimensions (diagonal 7-8 inches), displaying a variety of colors. In many devices, the screen backlight is implemented. Multifunctional expensive devices operate on AC power supplied through a driver; simple analogs are powered by batteries.

Quite popular in the home using a wall clock model with a weather station. The devices are endowed with the functions of displaying temperature, humidity, pressure in the room, many have a luminous illumination of the dial and hands. Attractive design of devices and usability make them leaders among home weather stations.

The dependence of human well-being on changes in the atmosphere has long been proven. And the weather can cause both physical and emotional state of people. Devices that can predict the state of the atmosphere in the current and near future, provide an opportunity to take the necessary measures in advance and properly plan activities. It is possible to meet the whims of nature fully armed by buying a home weather station with a wireless sensor.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

Wireless weather stations are becoming one of the most popular types of home appliances. They are climate control devices consisting of the following units:

  • basic receiver unit with a display that displays information from one or more climate sensors. The forecast generated by a home weather station with a remote sensor may span a period of time from 12 hours to one and a half days. Information displayed on screen may include, in addition to temperature, wind direction and speed, time, date, moon phase, precipitation volume, and other data;
  • Remote wireless meter (sensor), which can be at different distances in the range from 3-5 m to 100 m (depending on the model of the device). Remote sensors are equipped with mounts and can be installed both indoors and outside;
  • A digital meteorological station with a wireless sensor may include a software disk, provided that the device supports communication with a personal computer.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

Helpful advice! If the weather station is powered by batteries, it is necessary to monitor the level of their charge, which is displayed on the instrument power indicator.

Weather stations with a wireless sensor can cover a temperature range from plus 50 ° C to 70 ° C below zero. A feature of wireless models is that several sensors can be connected to the main unit (no more than 5), each of which will measure data in different rooms or from different sides of the street. A weather station with several sensors will display the most complete information about the weather conditions. The data of each meter will be displayed in a specific location.

The frequency of temperature measurement can range from a few seconds to 5 minutes. Diagnosis of pressure is made in different units: depending on preferences, it can be kPa, millimeters of mercury or kg / cm? (available unit setting). Taking into account all measurements of weather conditions, the weather station makes a forecast for the short-term period and displays the devices on the screen.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

Before you buy a home weather station with a remote sensor, you should be familiar with the basic capabilities of the devices and the appointment of additional options. The conclusions of home “meteorological centers” will guide you in choosing clothes according to the weather, remind you of the need to take an umbrella with you, and meteorically dependent people will help you correct your plans for work and rest in time.

By purchasing a weather station for the house, the sensors of which will be placed in the range of the device, you can get information about the humidity in the garage or other room and, if necessary, select a comfortable value for these places. Typical instrument functions include:

  • fixing the temperature of the air outside and indoors – the room temperature sensor is hidden inside the base unit housing, the street meter is taken out of the room. For more reliable information, external sensors may be several. The temperature value is displayed on the display in degrees Celsius (° C) or Fahrenheit (° F);

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

  • Air humidity diagnostics – measurements can be made both inside the room (models with a built-in hygrometer) and outside (devices with remote humidity sensors). Considering the data of the device, it is possible to judge the level of humidity in the room. The most comfortable value ranges from 40 to 60%;
  • information about the amount of precipitation in a unit of time – such an option is usually given to branded devices of the premium group;
  • measurement of atmospheric pressure – displayed in systems of units: mm Hg. Art., Pa;
  • weather forecast depending on changes in atmospheric pressure – this option is available due to the presence of a digital barometer;
  • short-term storage of information about the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity;
  • fixation of data on wind speed and direction – displayed in systems of units: m / s, km / h, miles / h, as well as knots;
  • as additional options – an alarm clock, date information, astrological calendar;
  • motion sensor – turns on the display backlight;
  • projector – displays the date and time value on a flat surface;
  • display of battery charge indicator.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

All information can be seen on the screen of the main unit of the weather station located in the room. Power supply of multifunctional energy-consuming meteorological complexes is carried out through the domestic electricity grid; for simpler devices, batteries are enough.

The household climatic equipment is presented in the market by the big range of the models differing from each other in design, quantity of the main and additional functions and cost. According to the availability of technical capabilities, all these devices can be divided into two categories: analogue and digital home weather stations. Analog weather stations are equipped with mechanical climate devices capable of recording only current changes in atmospheric parameters. The functionality of such devices is very limited.

Digital weather stations have the opportunity to not only record current data, but also make a forecast for the next few days. In addition to domestic purposes, it is such meteorological complexes that are used in the professional field. It is worth noting that professional meteorological stations are the most advanced devices that have a high degree of accuracy of measurements made and predicted information, the highest possible functionality, including data synchronization with a computer.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

For domestic use, the most suitable are electronic weather stations for homes with wireless sensors. All measurements in such models are made using special digital meters. Thanks to the possibility of connecting several sensors to the station, the number of measured data is expanding. This allows the weather station to display more complete information about the weather conditions.

Quite practical for use in the apartment or office of the weather station wall with a clock, alarm clock and calendar. One of the most popular models for the home is a weather station with a projector function. In such weather complexes, data on temperature, time and date can be displayed on a flat surface of a wall or ceiling.

Helpful advice! In meteorological stations in the projection clock, it is possible to adjust the color of the projection and its rotation with the display on different surfaces.

Weather stations for the home: the possibilities of "smart weather forecasters"

After examining the basic features of models of different levels and classes, we can conclude on how to choose a home weather station for personal use.

Before choosing a home weather station with a wireless sensor, it is worth considering the potential of the device, its manufacturer, as well as the ratio of the price of functionality and quality. Buy weather station for the house with an optimal set of functions will help review the popular models. The rating of home meteorological stations is made on the basis of practical testing of models in the conditions of an apartment, their functionality and ease of operation.

Home weather stations RST

Digital weather stations RST with wireless sensors (manufactured in Sweden) are represented by a series of devices with a high degree of accuracy. Many models support PC synchronization and are used in the professional field. The company’s product range also includes household and professional thermometers that record the indoor and outdoor temperature, hygrometers that determine the humidity of the air, as well as barometers showing the value of atmospheric pressure.

The most advanced weather complexes can interact with smart home systems, which makes it possible to manage climate control. Using home weather stations with an extensive range of functions, you will always know about the weather conditions at the current time and forecast for the next few days.

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