Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Painting surfaces in rooms with a large area or high ceilings can be made using ordinary brushes and rollers. However, such a decision is not advisable, since the work takes too much time and effort. In this situation, it is best to use the spray gun for emulsion paint or any other composition. To determine the choice of sprayer, it is necessary to study its varieties, characteristics and features.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The operational scope of paint sprayers

Paint sprayers are common devices used in the construction field (and not only). The range of their application is very wide. With the help of such devices are made not only internal but also external finishing work. There are other areas of active use of water-based sprayers.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Painting walls, ceilings, fences and other structures by hand is a laborious process. Spray guns are able to significantly speed up the work, which is what causes the demand for them among buyers. The use of this device reduces the overall paint consumption. This is due to the uniform spraying of the material on the painted surface.

Useful information! Spray guns for painting are actively used in other areas. They are used to paint on various land and water vehicles: cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, etc. The use of a spray gun makes it possible to apply any kind of paint and varnish products to wood, plastic and metal surfaces.

In construction, these devices are used for applying primer, paint and varnish. And also sprayers are used for the restoration of furniture and household electrical appliances. This is easily explained by the fact that these devices allow you to apply a quality layer of paint that does not contain any blurry or unprocessed areas. This procedure, performed at home, is not inferior to the factory.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

With the help of spray guns for painting walls and ceilings antiseptic processing of residential structures is also carried out. This procedure is performed from the outside of the buildings. Spray guns are often used for processing plants in the garden. This measure allows you to cope with insect pests.

Such a device can be used for all types of paint, including water-based and oil formulations, but some models still have limitations on compatibility. By means of this device drawing a varnish, liquid rubber, a primer is made. Reliability and practicality of paint sprayers make them an indispensable device in many operational areas.

Many used to paint various surfaces in the old way, using brushes and rollers. But this method is not convenient, and also does not allow to perform work quickly. The quality of the final result is much lower than when using specialized devices with which you can achieve a completely different effect. Kraskoraspyliteli have other advantages, which should be paid attention to before purchasing the device.

The sprayer independently controls the distribution of paint. Therefore, its layer remains solid and uniform over the entire gap of the surface. When painting the wall manually, it is almost impossible to achieve such a result, even if the work is performed by a qualified specialist. Such tools allow you to simplify the work, therefore, have a lot of positive feedback. Spray guns allow you to apply the composition smoothly and efficiently.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Controlled spraying of the composition contributes to its economy. When using the spray gun paint consumption is reduced by at least 2 times, which, accordingly, reduces financial costs by the same figure. Paintwork material sprayed through a spray bottle is thinner and spreads more evenly. This contributes to the rapid drying of the composition.

And it is also worth noting another advantage of the paint sprayer – the ability to paint uncomfortable, embossed surfaces. Roller and brush in this case can not provide such an effective result.

Airbrush paint for water-based paint is most often used in construction. It is used to paint ceilings and walls. The quality of the coating obtained as a result of working with this device is quite high. The layer lays down smoothly; no smudges, drops, stains or other irregularities that stand out against the general background are formed on the wall.

To date, all devices of this type are classified into groups depending on the complexity of performance and basic technical characteristics. Regardless of what type of device is used to apply the coloring composition on the surface, they all allow you to work with water-based paint. There are 3 main varieties of these devices:

  • manual;

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

  • electrical;
  • pneumatic.

Useful information! Hand-spray paint guns include a suction hose. The design of this element takes into account the presence of a filter. The sprayer is equipped with a paint tank and a pump, which is necessary for spraying it at a certain pressure.

The airbrush for paint of this kind has a simple, but effective design which allows to perform work qualitatively, and in the shortest possible time. It should be noted that the performance indicator of a good handheld device reaches 200 m? / H. As for the price of such models, it varies depending on two criteria: the material from which the body is made, and the number of nozzles.

Paint sprayers, including electric drive, are more technologically advanced. First of all, this is expressed in the fact that their power may be different. Many users have noted the ease of use of electric sprayers for applying water-based compositions. The paint is supplied using a special diaphragm, or rather its oscillations. The cost of electronic models is higher than the price of hand-held sprayers. This is based on the increased efficiency of this device.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Note! When choosing an electrical model, it is necessary to take into account one important point: not every type of water-based paint is suitable for devices of this type. On this occasion, it is advisable to consult with the seller.

Pneumatic spray guns for painting walls and ceilings are operated by a compressor. This element is responsible for the supply of compressed air under pressure, which contributes to the dispersion of paint. The average performance of this type of device is 2 times higher than that of manual counterparts and is 400 m? H. Such productivity favors the rapid application of paint on any surface.

Manual models are great for working with a small area. With the help of such devices it is possible to paint, for example, a small-sized kitchen or bedroom. For large premises, experts recommend purchasing pneumatic pistols equipped with a compressor. Applying water-based paint on the wall or ceiling is done mechanically. Thus, despite the availability of this device, you still have to work.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Manual paint spray guns have one advantage over other types of devices: they are able to function for quite a long time. Moreover, if the spray gun is broken, then it is easy to fix. Repair, as a rule, includes the replacement of parts that are out of order. Low cost manual devices are inexpensive. For example, in the construction market it is quite possible to find models whose price is about 1000 rubles. In turn, the cost of professional hand-held devices can reach 4,000 rubles. and higher.

The case of these devices is made of metal, which allows to increase their resistance to mechanical stress (shock). The design of the spray tube does not prevent its free movement. The performance of such models can reach 150-200 m? / H. The long hose allows you to make the painting process as convenient for the master as it eliminates the need to install a ladder or other support for painting the high ceiling. Hand spray guns for water-based paints are well established in the work. They are most often purchased for self-painting walls and ceilings.

There are some rules for working with this device. For example, experts recommend before starting work to check the capacity into which the paint is loaded, for leaks. To do this, lubricate the cylinder and the associated sleeve with engine oil. Next, you need to check the spray with water. During operation, it is not necessary to pull the trigger on the device, and a ball valve is provided for adjusting the flow rate of the coloring composition in this type of pistols.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Today, there are many companies that produce electric spray guns for water emulsion. Among the variety of brands and models can be identified the most popular devices manufactured by the following companies:

  • Bosch;
  • Wagner;
  • Hammer;
  • Bison

Note! If water-based paint acts as a sprayed substance, then the large role is played not by the type of device or brand, but by the size of the nozzle. This is due to the fact that the density of the composition may be different. This indicator affects the consumption of water-based paint and the final result.

It is recommended to plant paint, being guided by the instruction which in most cases is attached to it. The pressure injected inside the electric sprayer is the determining factor influencing the painting process.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The cost of electric pulverizer directly depends on the indicator of pressure. Therefore, before purchasing such a device is recommended to consider this criterion. Devices produced by popular companies cost at least 6000 rubles. It is important to remember that not every electronic device is suitable for working with a water-based emulsion. Electric paint guns operate on 220 V. The process of applying the composition to a wall or any other surface can be done in two ways:

  • air;
  • airless.

Airless sprayers. One of the varieties of electric spray guns. Feedback on such devices is mostly positive. However, they have some features that you need to pay attention to before purchasing a tool.

In this case, the painting technology is as follows: the coloring composition is poured into the tank and from it (using a pump) under high pressure comes to the nozzle. This technology eliminates the presence of compressed air, so during operation no fog is formed. This is a big plus, as it allows the most economical and efficient use of paint that will not be sprayed into the surrounding space. The price of electric paint of this type is higher than for air analogues.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

However, there is a lack of airless method of applying water-based compositions. It lies in the fact that the surface after painting acquires grain, becomes rough to the touch, like shagreen. It is precisely because of this that air-spray guns with airless spray paint are most often used for outdoor work, where the result is not so noticeable. Spray paints for facade paints are used to paint the following structures:

  • fences;

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  • verandahs;
  • garages;
  • outbuildings.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

For painting surfaces that have a more complex shape and texture, as a rule, such devices do not apply. For this kind of work, models are used that are capable of providing “soft” painting. Airless paint sprayers are compact and versatile. The volume of the tank for such devices ranges from 0.8 to 1 l, but there are exceptions.

Air sprayers. The difference between these devices and the first ones lies in the method of supplying paint, which uses compressed air. Electric paint sprayers include in their design a special compressor. This element can be of two types:

  • integrated;
  • portable.

Devices equipped with a remote compressor are less mobile. But users note that they are more convenient to use than devices with an integrated spare part. This is due to the reduced vibration level during operation of this type of paint gun.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Consider the cases in which experts recommend the use of an air gun. First of all, such a device will be more convenient if you need to paint a small area. When using paint with a liquid consistency, it is also better to purchase an electric spray gun for painting with a compressor. As well as these models are recommended in situations where the work involves frequent changes of shades.

Note! The main disadvantage of devices that spray paint with compressed air is the high consumption of the substance used. This is due to the fact that in the process of work a cloud is formed, consisting of particles of paint.

Sprayers belonging to the electric group are recommended when lime is used as a finishing material. Spray guns for lime whitewashing are most often used by specialized workers involved in the repair of various institutions.

Pneumatic dusters are the most effective. The use of such a device allows you to paint a large area for a minimum time. They can be used to work not only with water-based paint, but also with other compounds. Experts emphasize that the professional device is capable of painting up to 400 m? / H.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

How to choose a spray gun pneumatic? Air paint guns have a compressor that compresses air under high pressure. Then this air is mixed with paint. The power of the device may be different. Speed ​​and quality of work depend on this indicator. Less powerful devices are suitable for non-professionals. Low pressure also allows you to expand the list of materials that will be compatible with the pneumatic device.

As for economy, these devices can reduce the consumption of paint. The special design of pneumatic models eliminates the dispersion of the composition into the air. Before you buy a pneumatic spray gun, it is recommended to consider the paint area. Such devices are perfect for both exterior and interior walls.

The quality of work in this case depends on the professionalism of the master, as well as the viscosity of the paint material. Subject to all rules on the surface there will be no smudges. The finish coating made by such a device is of high quality. For independent work at home, it is still recommended to use less professional equipment.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

All electrical appliances manufactured by the German company Bosch are famous for their high quality. It is important to note that the sprayers of this manufacturer include the minimum amount of plastic parts, which increases their resistance to mechanical stress.

Air consumption during the operation of Bosch spray guns averages about 40 l / min. The nozzle in sprayers from the Bosch brand is located in front of the device. Separately, it is worth noting that the dimensions of the various models produced by this company can be very different. If desired, you can purchase both compact and more voluminous devices. The mass of sprayers of this type averages 800 g. In addition to water-based compositions, such models are able to work with other types of coloring matter.

Useful information! Bosch electric spray guns are designed to use paint with a different viscosity coefficient. However, the compatibility of different devices may vary, so it is recommended to learn in advance from sellers what types of paint are suitable for a particular device.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Some sprayer models may have a digital pressure gauge. Buy paint sprayer from the company Bosch can be an average of 3-3,5 thousand rubles. Consider the most popular among buyers of the model of this manufacturer.

Bosch PFS 65. This gun is classified as professional. Such a model functions due to pneumatics, so with the help of it you can paint a large area. The nozzle section is 1.3 mm, and the air flow rate does not exceed 10 l / min. PFS 65 weight is only 0.7 kg. This model is very compact, so it is easy and convenient to work with it, in some respects it is better than an electric device. The reviews of the owners of the spray gun of this series are mostly positive.

The diameter of the duct on the handle is 1.4 mm. Many people who have used this device at least once note that it has a very convenient regulator. In order to understand how this device is operated, it is recommended to study the instructions that come with it. The cost of this device is slightly higher than the price of electric Bosch spray guns, but this is due to the specifics of the work and many advantages. You can purchase this sprayer for approximately 3,500 rubles.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Bosch PFS 70. This model, produced by a German company, differs from others in that it has a rigid nozzle, which is located below the central channel. This design allows you to improve the efficiency of the device during operation. The air flow rate of the PFS 70 is 30 l / min. To measure air pressure in this device there is a pressure gauge. Separately, it should be said that the flow of water-based emulsion is done by regulating the lever. The cost of this type of sprayer is approximately 3,700 rubles.

Wagner company is engaged in the production of various painting equipment. Among the goods produced a large percentage is given to spray guns. The devices of this brand constantly occupy a leading position in sales. Wagner’s most popular electric spray guns:

  • WAGNER W867E All-Spray (air);
  • WAGNER ProjectPro 119 (airless).

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The first device refers to the air type and is versatile. It is used by many professionals and allows you to paint not only internal but also external surfaces. The main advantage of this model is a high power rate, which is equal to 870 watts. This allows you to carry out large amounts of work in a short period of time. Using such a device, you can handle an area equal to 180 m ?, in one hour. The price of an electric airbrush Wagner is about 20,000 rubles.

Note! This device has the ability to self-control the intensity of the paintwork material supply. Thus, the thickness of the final layer may be different and depends on the choice of master.

W867E All-Spray is used to work with different compositions. This model is suitable for paints based on alcohol, water, and soil materials. Another advantage of this device is its efficiency.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Users note that the device gently sprays paint, and also practically does not spray it into the surrounding space. Such a tool is one of the best electric spray guns to date. Separately, it should be said that such a device is equipped with a Click system.&Paint, which promotes instant color change at the request of the wizard. The set of this device includes two tanks for paints and varnishes. One of them is used for varnish and has a volume of 0.6 liters, and the second is used for paint (1.3 liters). Of the disadvantages of this model, produced by Wagner, we can only note the high cost.

The second device is an electric spray gun Wagner ProjectPro 119. This model paints the walls using the airless method of feeding materials. The device has a very high performance due to its power. Such a device is designed to work not only with water-based, but also other paints. It is important to remember that it is compatible with materials that lack abrasive particles.

Among the advantages of this model can be noted its mobility due to the presence of the stand on the wheels, as well as a wide radius of action. Long hose contributes to the painting of high walls and ceilings. Such a device is classified as professional, so it is most often used during large-scale repair work. When self-applying this model, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions, which describe in detail how to use the spray gun.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

It is suitable for home use, but its use in this case is impractical, especially considering the cost of such a device. The price of this device is 55,000 rubles.

Spray gun Hammer Prz350: tool reviews

Such a device is an excellent option for use at home. With it you can paint the walls and ceilings, as well as other structures. The Hammer company’s tool operates from a normal network, the voltage of which is 220 V. The power consumption of this spray gun is 350 watts.

Separately, it should be said that the flow rate of the PRZ350 is 0.7 l / min. High performance allows you to paint a large area. The advantage of this device also lies in the fact that it can be used by both professionals and people who have not previously had experience with such a tool. However, before using this model, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with how to dilute the paint for the spray gun. Viscosity is a necessary factor that affects the productivity of the device and the quality of work performed. It should not exceed 60 DIN.

The volume of the cylinder, in which water-based paint or any other paintwork material is poured, in this case is equal to 0.8 l. If you wish, you can pick up the nozzle necessary for the work. Included with this tool are 2 nozzles with diameters of 1.8 and 2.6 mm.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Useful information! It should be noted that devices of this type are often used as spray guns for paint on metal.

This device is distinguished by its cost-effectiveness, since the dispersion of the used composition into the environment is minimized. And also this unit includes an air intake filter in its design. This element performs a protective function, preventing the penetration of dust into the cylinder. Before using the PRZ350, experts recommend that you carefully read the instructions that come with it.

DeVilbiss spray guns are manufactured by a British company that is distinguished by the quality of its products. One of the latest developments of this brand is the GTI Pro Lite model. The mass of this device is only 446 g, which makes it compact and versatile. With this tool you can perform long painting operations.

Such a paint gun has several nozzles. The device is designed to work with both conventional paints and finishing varnishes. And also such a spray is used for acrylic compositions, which, of course, is an advantage.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The airbrush for painting of the house and other designs of GTI Pro Lite is completed with three nozzles which have the following diameters:

  • 1.2 mm;
  • 1.3 mm;
  • 1.4 mm.

The painting process itself is carried out using one of the three air heads: HV 30, TE 10, TE 20. The first of these can be attributed to the low pressure group. The very speed of applying paint is quite small, so this head is not recommended for use for applying varnish. The nozzle is suitable for organizing the base layer of paint spray gun. The compressor for this device has a small power rating.

The air head TE 10 is the most versatile and operates at medium pressure. Suitable for use with basic compositions, and for applying varnish. Air consumption in this case is about 270 l / min. In turn, TE 20, although it refers to a medium pressure device, but differs in higher productivity. Thus, the speed of work increases. The amount of air consumed is 360 l / min. Used such a spray gun for acrylic paint and varnish.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The design of the GTI Pro Lite, despite its low weight, is quite solid. The case of the device is made of anodized aluminum material. Therefore, the operating life of this device is quite large, and the spray gun itself is characterized by good resistance to mechanical stress. The advantages of this spray can be attributed easy control and adjustment. The cost of the device is on average 18-20 thousand rubles.

It is also worth mentioning that in this series there is another spray gun – Pro Lite E. This unit is used to organize the finishing of the production. In this case, glaze and enamel are used as the material.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

There are other popular models of devices that are operated mainly in terms of repair. For example, one of the most popular options for paint guns produced by this brand is the GTI Pro spray gun. The device is versatile and suitable for all types of paint. The electric airbrush of this type does not demand special leaving and special knowledge when using.

Useful information! The weight of the tool is also quite small – only 585 g. Therefore, it can be used for a long time without the fear that hands will get tired.

Components of this model, as in the past case, includes 3 nozzles. The unit is perfect for painting walls and ceilings. Buy this type of spray gun can be for 16-20 thousand rubles.

There are other devices that are manufactured by the company Dealbis. The most popular models that have received encouraging feedback from users:

  • PRi;
  • Sri;
  • FLG5.

PRi. This model is specific because it is aimed at working with primer materials, putty, lime, etc. Included with this device is one air head, which operates at medium pressure values. In addition, the device includes 5 nozzles with different diameters (from 1.4 to 2.5 mm). The volume of air spent per minute is 350 liters. Users note that such a device makes it possible to apply priming materials quite qualitatively and quickly. Buy a spray gun for whitewash can be for 15-16 thousand rubles.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Sri. This is a miniature instrument that includes in its design a small bottle (125 ml). As a rule, it is used for painting small areas or objects. Equipped with three nozzles: 0.8, 1.2 and 1.4 mm. As for the air heads, there are three of them in this case. Two of them function under low pressure conditions, and one works at average values. Buy a spray gun for painting of this type can be for 16-17 thousand rubles.

FLG 5. This model is of a budget type. You can buy such a device for 7.5-8 thousand rubles. Used unit for applying base materials, as well as varnish. It is important to remember that this device is compatible only with paints, which include solvent. The air head in this case is only one, and it refers to the medium type (in terms of pressure). It is completed with three nozzles: 1,4, 1,8 and 2,0 mm. For water-based paint this device is not suitable.

Spray gun ZUBR ZKPE 500: reviews users

Domestic model of the spray gun, which is characterized by simplicity of design and use. This unit is used for applying paints and varnishes. Often it is used to spray antiseptic formulations. The advantages of this device can be attributed to its cost-effectiveness, since the paint consumption is made evenly, with almost no losses, as well as the quality of the final work. The device applies the composition evenly, eliminating smudges and other surface defects that are very common when using brushes and rollers.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Today there are many models of domestic ZUBR spray guns. The cost of electrical devices varies depending on what kind of painting technology is implemented in them. Prices for these devices range from 2 to 6 thousand rubles. More budget are not very high-quality Chinese tools (for example, the Russian Master spray gun). Reviews of Bison devices are mostly positive.

Note! If necessary, during operation, you can adjust the intensity of the flow of paint material. This option allows the use of compounds that have a different viscosity index. In addition, in the Bison devices, another adjustment option is implemented – changing the shape of the nozzle. This allows you to customize the nozzle and select one of the coloring modes: horizontal, vertical and for hard-to-reach surfaces.

In the rating of electric spray guns, the BISON device occupies a leading position. The ease of use, the brevity of the design, as well as the good quality of the components affect the usability and operational life of such devices. After painting, the device can be easily cleaned.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The appearance of the devices used for applying to the walls and ceilings of water-based emulsion does not stand out very much among other types of spray guns. However, differences still exist. They are explained by some design features of the devices. For example, the structure of the air cap in such devices is different from other tools. The design of the channels passing inside the spray gun, is also unique.

Features in the structure of such models are due to the fact that they are specially designed for water-based paint. Therefore, working with her is very simple. It is well sprayed, does not clog the channels, and the final result pleases the eye. It is important to remember that conventional spray guns are not suitable for water emulsion, as it has a high drying rate. In order to answer the question of which spray gun is better, it is necessary to focus on some points.

It is very important what material the paint container is made of. Plastic tanks are not considered as reliable and durable as metal. In addition, the latter is easier to clean. However, plastic tanks have less weight and are transparent, which allows to determine the level of the composition inside them.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

The case of the device must be made of metal with anti-corrosion properties. This will maximize the life of the tool. Before purchasing a sprayer it is also recommended to pay attention to what kind of sealing elements it has. The effectiveness of painting the walls with an airbrush depends on these details. Masters recommend choosing Teflon gaskets, which are the most effective and durable.

For painting surfaces at home you should not buy expensive models. For these purposes, suitable budget manual or electric spray.

The basic requirements that this tool must meet:

  • small weight;
  • the presence of the correct center of gravity (for ease of use);
  • resistance to corrosive effects;

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

  • equipment with different nozzles.

Which electric spray gun is better – battery or network? Devices that include a battery in their design are more versatile. The autonomy of such devices is a serious advantage, but they have one drawback, which is their poor performance. Such tools are great for small amounts of work. The volume of the tank in battery devices does not exceed 1 liter. The battery charge is enough to work for 1-2 hours (depending on the model). In turn, network devices can function for an unlimited amount of time.

Most spray guns are versatile. They can be used both for painting walls and for ceilings. If you need to paint only the ceiling, then you can purchase a device that is most suitable for this purpose. It is important to remember that manual models will not help in this case. It is necessary to use the option of electric tools.

Useful information! How to choose an electric spray? Experts recommend purchasing models that are able to build up pressure above 4 atmospheres.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

As for manufacturers of electric models, the most popular among them are the following brands:

  • Bosch;
  • BISON;
  • InterTool;
  • Sturm.

Before you buy a spray gun for water-based paint, it is important to understand how much power the device has. Not all models are compatible with water-based emulsion, so you should definitely consult with the seller about this before purchasing. For high ceilings, it is advisable to choose tools that have a long hose, otherwise you will have to use a stepladder or other means.

When using an electric sprayer, the risks of the appearance of smudges, drops and other defects are minimized. Therefore, it is these devices that are most appropriate when painting ceilings. In this case, manual spray guns are not suitable, as they are not characterized by high quality of paint coating. In addition, they are not able to build up pressure in excess of the standardized indicator of 2 atmospheres.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

This device largely determines how spray painting will be done. Therefore, the selection of the compressor must be taken seriously. When choosing a compression element, it is recommended to pay attention to several main factors, among which there are 3 main ones:

  • pressure;
  • power;
  • performance.

The auxiliary parameters of this device include its dimensions and mass. They are very important criteria, but do not have a direct impact on the coloring process. It is important to remember that the operating pressure of the compressor is not at the same level during application of the spray gun. It varies depending on the nature and duration of use of the device.

In order to answer the question about which one is better to buy an electric spray gun for the house, it is necessary to pay attention to the change in pressure. Pressure fluctuations must necessarily be indicated in the data sheet that comes with the spray gun. In no case should not ignore this item.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Compressors for painting walls can have different performance. As a rule, this parameter depends on the power of the device. Data relating to performance, are specified taking into account the standard temperature, which is equal to 20 ° C. This is very important, since at different temperatures this indicator may vary.

Note! It is advisable to choose a compressor with a small performance margin. For example, HVLP devices need 350 liters of air per minute.

There are other characteristics of compressors that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing a device:

  • voltage;
  • receiver volume;
  • noise level.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Voltage. Before you buy a compressor, you need to ask how many phases are required for it. Some devices are compatible with three-phase power, so they will not work in single-phase network conditions. To familiarize yourself with the operation of this device, experts recommend watching the video painting with spray guns. They can be easily found on the Internet using the search box of your browser.

Receiver volume. To maintain the desired pressure, the compressors are shut down from time to time. Then they are turned on. and work continues. The regularity of shutdowns depends on how much the air tank has. In this case, the following pattern is observed: the smaller the volume, the more often the compressor is turned off.

Noise level. This indicator is not determinative, however it affects the possibility of convenient use of the device. It is recommended to select not very noisy devices, for this it is necessary to test the unit before purchasing.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

If you have acquired a hand spray gun, in which the principle of action is based on the movement of the piston, then you cannot cope alone. It will take a second person who will be responsible for the air supply. It is also important to remember that this action must be carried out smoothly, otherwise the application of paint will be uneven.

Many people are interested in the question of how to use the spray gun. In fact, the process looks very simple. Keep the device must be strictly perpendicular, in order to achieve the highest quality results. If the tool is located unevenly, then the smudges will appear. During operation, the position of the nozzle should be changed smoothly, without sudden movements. Otherwise, stains are formed on the treated surface.

Before starting work, it is recommended to carry out test staining. This will allow you to customize the spray gun. If you paint the walls, then you need to remember that you need to keep a certain distance from the ceiling and the floor so as not to splash them with the composition. The missing areas are then processed with a brush or roller. Electric paint spray guns for painting houses are most effective, but they are more expensive than manual models. The choice of device is based on the volume of future work.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Note! While working with the spray should not forget about the safety rules. It is necessary to prepare goggles, respirator and gloves on his hands.

Painting is done in a ventilated room, so it is recommended to open the windows in advance. Before starting work you need to prepare the surfaces that you are going to paint. It is necessary to clean them from wallpaper or any other coatings and eliminate minor defects. For this, sandpaper is most often used. The surface should be as flat as possible. If painting is performed in several layers, then it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the previous layer. Only after that the next one is applied.

Be sure to read the instructions that came with the paint. Spray guns for thick or liquid formulations must be compatible with the viscosity index of the substance. The paint for the sprayer should not contain lumps, so it is recommended to clean it before use with a filter. Experts advise to perform all actions in accordance with the instructions.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

In the construction used several varieties of paint. Each of the compositions has its own properties. The basis for paint plays a very important role, since it is this parameter that determines the operational sphere of a substance. The following paintwork formulations are most common:

  • water emulsion;
  • acrylic;
  • oil;
  • alkyd

The necessary consistency of the composition can be obtained by hand. The paint sprayer must be suitable for viscosity level. The desired consistency is achieved by adding special solvents. They can be different depending on the type of paint.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

Note! It is important to remember that the solvent, released by another manufacturer, may not be suitable for coloring composition. In order to eliminate incompatibility, it is recommended to purchase products of one company.

Dilution of paint is made according to the instructions. It is advisable to consult with the seller, who will advise which of the compositions is most suitable for a particular paint, when selecting a solvent.

For water-based emulsion, most commonly used is distilled water. In addition, it can be diluted with alcohol or ether solvents. Drying oil is used for oil paints. The spray gun in this case, it is desirable to choose with a metal balloon. In order to bring the oil paint to the desired consistency, you can use White Alcohol.

Various compositions are used as a solvent for enamels. They may be numbered (for example, No. 645). Solvents such as solvent, xylene, and gasoline are also suitable for this purpose.

Spray gun for water-based paint: varieties and tips for choosing

When choosing a spray gun for water-based emulsion, you must first ask whether the device is compatible with such a composition. Further selection of the unit depends on the individual preferences of the master, as well as on the nature of the work and its quantity. If you wish, you can always consult with a specialist who will help you choose the tool that best suits your situation.

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