What documents are needed when selling a land plot: list

In this review, we will consider what documents are needed when selling a land plot. After all, absolutely every transaction of a civil nature needs legislative registration. And this means that you will have to provide a massive list of papers in order to confirm not only the possibility, but also the right to transfer the property..

Difficulties are also added by the fact that the verification of the documentary base is carried out in advance. Before signing the contract, because if something is wrong, then the transaction will be declared invalid or null and void. Perhaps the implementation is unacceptable until the land surveying procedure has passed, or the allotment simply does not have its own cadastral number. This happens when property is transferred by inheritance or as a result of donation from elderly relatives who did not even know that this process is fraught with similar difficulties. And it also happens that a citizen, in principle, did not have the right to sell, and was not the legal owner, simply not knowing about this fact.

What is needed for the sale of a land plot: a list of documents

The list is very long. And to carry out the procedure, it is strictly necessary to purchase each paper. What is noteworthy is that with a shortage of individual units, it is possible to register the transfer of ownership in some cases. It is not uncommon for the competent authorities to make mistakes and accept the package without proper inspection. As a result, the semblance of a completed transaction will remain, but in fact, if disagreements arise, the agreement is easily challenged in the course of legal proceedings. The person will have the illusion that he is the rightful owner. But to return your funds in full after termination is not the most trivial task. Moreover, the challenge is often initiated not by the people who sold the real estate, but by the real applicants for ownership.

With one hundred percent probability of being protected from fraud and on the part of the buyer, the procedure will be carried out in a completely legal and thoroughly regulated manner. This means that the entire package will be needed in its entirety. Let’s see what exactly will have to be provided:



Identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation

And on the territory of our country only a passport is recognized as such. But not the original is needed, because it is not worth transferring it for registration, but a copy certified by a notary.

Certificate of ownership

When the sale of a land plot is implied, documents for the land must be provided when specifying the destination. If you plan to build your own house, the IZHS mark is put. When organizing production – the appropriate.


Not just the standard type. After all, the transfer of rights is also regulated by donation, inheritance. It is permissible to use an extract from a will.

Cadastral passport

Basic paper that helps identify the allotment. In principle, every owner of this type of property should have it. But often getting it is delayed for various reasons..

Usage card

This is a special certificate, which can be purchased from the administration at the allotment address.

Proof of absence of tax arrears

Naturally, the property is taxed by the Cathedral. And the fact of payment is confirmed when contacting the Federal Tax Service or also in the administration. Choose a convenient option.

Building papers

Reference type, issued for the planned construction of a dwelling or other structure, when it is proved that they comply with all SNiP norms.

Geodetic survey

Strictly obligatory moment. And always paid. After all, such a process is allowed only by specialized services that are competent in the provision of services..

Land surveying protocol

The meaning is similar. This is also a special kind of paid event. But there is also a dispute with neighbors. They often disagree with established boundaries.

Technical passport

It also indicates any buildings on the territory.

Confirmation of the absence of buildings

In cases of an empty allotment, you will have to take one of the indicated papers.

Implementation feasibility reference

It is worth contacting the administration for it. With any encumbrances, it will be more difficult to take it.

Extract from the USRN


Consent of a spouse or other person with legal claims.

In the case of real estate acquisition during marriage as joint property. And also when buying an allotment with a third party.

Rosreest or MFC

When you want to sell a land plot and do not know what documents are needed to carry out the procedure, as well as where to send them, it is important to know that there are at least two alternative methods, completely legal and official on the territory of the Russian Federation..

Let’s see how the advantages, disadvantages and nuances of what the options contain.

Rosreestr. This is the body that registers the transfer of rights. Even if you work through the MFC, the task itself will be solved in the registry. You can also contact him directly. Come in person, send data over the network. And this decision looks quite reasonable. Why do we need intermediaries when there is an executor at once. But there are enough nuances. The site itself is free, so it often doesn’t work very well. And does not always respond quickly to requests. Plus, although the service is free of charge, it requires its own electronic signature. And you can get it just for money. The cost of the question depends on the service, where exactly you will apply. And time will have to be spent. Plus, for the inexperienced user, this is a very confusing process. Although, if you have a ground office of the organ at your side, then it is better to simply carry the documents necessary for the sale of land there. This will significantly save time..

The MFC is simply an intermediary. Moreover, as the name suggests, it is multifunctional. A variety of tasks are solved here. And the transfer of requests to Rosreestr too. And to do this in the center is often faster and more convenient. Yes, and employees work adapted to high loads. But it is still a mediator. It does not register anything by itself. Registration will take place in the registry. This means that you will have to wait until the information is sent to the main body, then still wait for a response. In total, it will take a little more time.

Therefore, it is a choice between comfort and efficiency. The decision is based on which of the presented aspects you value more.

What documents are needed to sell a plot

We have already figured out the general foundation. Now let’s go to the specifics. After all, this industry also has its own gradation, and it relies on the aspect: who is submitting the request. Legal entities, businesses, individual entrepreneurs, even non-profit organizations – they all need their own list. It differs from the package that an ordinary citizen of the country has to collect. Plus, there is always such a thing as a statement. And only ordinary people will have to work with him, because this is the will of one particular person. Companies usually don’t need it.


As already mentioned, you will have to contact the MFC or Rosreestr. And all the papers can be carried both personally and remotely. Of course, electronic or paper copies are required. And an advance visit to the notary to sign the scan of the passport. And the consent of the spouse always needs to be certified. It is unacceptable to just sketch it by hand..

So, what is needed, what documents are required for the sale of a land plot when a citizen applies:

  • Statement. The client receives the form on the website of the authority, be it the MFC or Rosreestr. Fill in strictly according to the sample, no special freedom is provided.

  • Proof of right. An extract from the USRN is quite suitable.

  • Identification. Passport.

  • Receipt of payment of the duty. At the moment, it is 2 thousand rubles.

  • Power of attorney as required. When the official representative of the person came to the body.

  • Consent of the spouse when purchasing real estate during the marriage.

  • Contract. And you need to have 3 copies. One remains with the new owner, the second goes to the seller, and the third is sent to the registry archive, where it will be located until the request.

  • Permission from the guardianship and guardianship authorities. Only in situations where one of the share or full owner is an incompetent or underage participant.

For enterprises

houses with a terrace

As noted, the question of what documents are required for the sale of a plot of land must be answered based on the subject of the transaction. In this case, it will be a company, enterprise or individual entrepreneur. And, remarkably, the package of papers is getting smaller, and not bigger, as it might initially seem:

  • Order of appointment. In fact, this is the only act that will be required. The rest of the authorization copies will not be needed, only accompanying.

  • Representative’s power of attorney. For the citizen who negotiates and provides the package. It is interesting that the director himself often acts in this capacity, especially if the company is not large. And he does not need powers of attorney, but only his own passport. After all, he already at the official level acts as an official representative of the project.

  • Acceptance certificate.

How the deal goes

When you decide: “I sell a plot”, what documents you will need is the most important aspect. After all, a potential buyer will not want to deal with a person who does not provide a complete list. In the worst case, he will suspect the lack of rights to sell the property. At best, he will understand that the entire package has not been assembled yet. Then it is permissible to conclude a preliminary deal. But at the legal level, it does not make any sense. This is a decision about future actions. And right now – it’s just a reassurance. Legal force – zero.

But if all the certificates are in order, then you can proceed to the conclusion. The procedure itself consists of 3 stages. The first two fit frames of one day. But the third – will drag on a little.

Stage 1: signing the contract

Writing carefully or reading meticulously is a fundamental rule. It is worth remembering that according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation there are certain norms, essential conditions that must be spelled out. Otherwise, the agreement will not be recognized as legal. And what is unpleasant, it turns out it’s late. After all, the MFC will easily accept him, yet the employees are not professional lawyers..

The text must contain:

  • Allotment address.

  • Cadastral information.

  • Category.

  • Total size with exact indication to the comma.

  • Type of use.

  • Basis for the previous right of use (the same contract from a certain date).

Stage 2: transfer of papers

We found out what documents are needed for the sale of a land plot, land for individual housing construction, when requested from legal entities. It is important to double-check everything to ensure there are no discrepancies. And go to the registration authority. Do not forget about the state fee, you can pay it right on the spot. There are special reception machines everywhere in the departments..

Although it is allowed to send the package remotely, there are requirements for a personal visit. Namely – the presence of both parties to the transaction. One buyer or seller will not be able to return the paper. But when sending over the network and by registered mail, such problems are not foreseen..

Remember that upon acceptance, the employee transmits a receipt to the participants that he has received the relevant certificates and permissions point by point. He will ask you to sign part of the receipt. It is important to check all accepted papers by numbers before fulfilling the requirement. The employee knows what documents are needed to sell the land plot. Therefore, if there is a shortage of any copy, he will personally inform about it. And he will issue another receipt, where you undertake to convey the necessary within the specified period. However, he may simply refuse to accept the request. And it will get worse.

Stage 3: getting a statement

The last point. It remains only to wait for the confirmation that you are the new owner of the allotment. But this business is not the fastest. You often have to wait up to three weeks. In any case, you will be given the time when you need to come for an extract. If you are not there by the due date, it will go to the archive. And to get it again you have to pay a fee.

How to close a deal

Having analyzed what documents are required for the sale of a plot of land, the list turned out to be not the smallest. But difficulties, as practice shows, often arise when drawing up a contract..

It is important to check that it complies with the norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. If in doubt, you can always contact a lawyer to check the text, discover hidden nuances and reveal them without any problems. However, it is permissible to look at the text of the standard agreement on the net. If you find any deviations, new items, or their submission in a different format, ask the party to exclude them.

Also understand that the contract is considered concluded not when you brought it to the MFC, but at the time of signing.

How a package is submitted to Rosreestr

what documents are needed when selling a land plot

We have already explained about the deleted form. But the personal visit has not yet been covered from all angles..

The algorithm is simple:

  • We take with us everything we need to sell the land, go to the collection point.

  • We receive the coupon in the electronic queue, in the machine we indicate “registration of ownership”.

  • We are waiting for us to be called to a specific window.

  • We hand over the papers, we take the receipt.

Buyer Tips

And now a few relevant recommendations that will not be superfluous. Especially if a deal of this nature is concluded for the first time. Nuances exist in any area, and this one was no exception:

  • It is important to copy all documentation of a legal nature. Make regular duplicates without notarization. As a last resort, if there is no time for this, just store the values ​​from them, numbers and dates.

  • When working with a representative, ask for a personal meeting with the owner.

  • It is also a good idea to get additional confirmation of his identity. For example, a driver’s license.

Let’s summarize

As you can see, the essence of the advice comes down to a more detailed check. Therefore, the most important of them is the analysis of all data. Just skimming through the references is unreliable. Take the time to research their relevance. And reread the contract very carefully two or three times..

Remember what documents are required for the sale of a land plot and check the entire package provided.

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