How to choose a site for building a house – important evaluation criteria

At a certain stage, many residents of city apartments begin to think about purchasing a house outside the city. Life in the fresh air, away from the roadway and a large crowd of people – attracts. In this case, you can buy a country house or build it on your own. The second option is more attractive because you have the opportunity to create a dream home with a unique layout and decoration. At the initial stage, you need to choose a site for building a house, on which further comfort and opportunities will depend. We will answer the main question – how to choose a site for building a house, what should be its dimensions, relief, geometry.

What to consider when choosing

site dimensions

Before construction, you need to determine many points: the shape, dimensions, location of the building, materials, climate control system, etc. This is important, but first of all, you need to learn how to choose a land plot for building a house.

To do this, builders recommend paying attention to:

  • Location. The site can be located in the north or south of the city, near plains, mountains, forests or rivers.
  • Are there large industrial centers or settlements in the area?.
  • Are the electricity, gas and water pipelines and other communication systems connected to the site?.
  • How high is the quality of the transport interchange, how much time it takes to get to the city, place of work, study.
  • Features of the physical and geological characteristics of the territory, starting with the type of soil, slope, ending with the presence of reservoirs, as well as the level of groundwater.
  • What is the legal status of the future holdings.

Study the map carefully. Contact the owners of the territory, find out what objects are nearby. Pay attention to large areas of neighbors, incomprehensible buildings. Specify for what purposes the adjacent areas are provided. If they are intended for the creation of industrial production, then it is better to abandon the idea of ​​buying a territory nearby. After 1-2 years, a manufacturing enterprise or a car wash can become your neighbor.

Distance to city

house with a slope

Of course, land plots for building a house in the center or in the green zone are in the price. This is a guarantee of the minimum distance from the shopping and entertainment center, medical centers, educational institutions. However, there is a big difference between an ordinary land plot and an area intended for individual residential construction. The main nuance is the price. If conditionally the cost of 10 acres of land in the city will be equal to 5 million rubles, then outside the city, for the same plot, you will have to pay 10 times less amount. Therefore, in many situations the cost of the building area is a decisive factor. If money allows, then it is better to buy land within the city. The richer your neighbors are, the more expensive your territory will be..

Geometry, dimensions, relief

Each of these parameters plays an important role when choosing a site for construction. Let’s consider in more detail.


In geodesy, there are three types of landforms for building:

  • Plain. The best solution for building a house with a personal plot. In addition to the building itself, gardens and vegetable gardens are being created in such territories. Construction on such sites does not have any restrictions, it is convenient to bring building materials to them. The only drawback is high wind loads, high solar exposure.
  • Hills. In such an area, the house is being built both on a slope and on a flat area. A special feature is the need to create a fortified foundation, since in case of strong wind, rain or earthquake, the foundation may be destroyed. Such a house offers a beautiful view of the surroundings, there is always fresh air on the territory.
  • Lowland. In such a place, the house and the adjacent territory will be less blown out, but due to the increased accumulation of water, garden crops will be poorly grown. There are frosts in the lowlands even in summer, the air often stagnates, flooding occurs during heavy rains..

Dimensions (edit)

The area of ​​the plot for building a house has important dimensions, as well as its shape. It should have a simple shape and equal proportions, not too narrow and long. Do not choose oblique or crooked territories. The ideal shape is a square, with a ratio of 1 to 10. For the construction of a structure with an area of ​​150 square meters, a land plot of 15 acres is suitable. At the same time, a two-storey house of 150 square meters can fit on a plot of 4 ares. Features of the shape and area of ​​the territory are key factors that will further affect the design and construction. In Moscow, you can see many two- and three-story buildings. However, people who have experience living in a one-story and two-story house say that living in a one-story house is more comfortable. In addition, the construction of such a building is 30% cheaper..

In addition to the house itself, keep in mind that there may be a garage, a bathhouse, additional outbuildings (gazebos, workshop) on the territory. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose compact plots for future construction works..


It is important to know how to choose the right site for building a house, taking into account the geometry of the territory. All geometric parameters must be agreed with the supervisory authorities. Areas of rectangular or square shape are more comfortable to maintain. For the improvement of such areas, as well as fencing, less effort and cost is required..

Geological features of the soil

In order for the erected building to serve as long as possible, it is imperative to conduct geological surveys. Geology for construction allows you to find out:

  • Reliable data on the geomorphological specificity of the area.
  • Soil characteristics.
  • Depth of passage of the aquifer.

The carried out geology of the area will allow obtaining a feasibility study of the planned construction, which is the basis of the design documents. If there is a report on the conducted geology, the owner of the territory or the contractor will be able to select a project that guarantees high reliability and quality of the building being erected..

It is imperative to conduct a study at what depth the layers of groundwater are located. To build a reliable structure, they must be located below 2 meters underground. If the groundwater is higher, then it is drained or construction is planned on an elevation. Regardless of how the problem is solved, additional costs will be required to fix it..

Where and from whom to buy land for building a house?

house construction

You can purchase land from another owner – an individual. It is also possible to purchase land from the developer of a new village (in this case, the transaction can be carried out in the form of a purchase from an individual). You can also buy land at auction – directly from the municipalities. Such transactions are often said to be acquired from the state. When buying from individuals, there are certain risks:

  • The threat of poor quality documentation.
  • Infringement of the rights of a third party.

When buying land in an organized cottage community (if you conclude a deal at an early stage), there are always risks of unfinished construction. There are also risks of large service charges. Often, while the village is under construction, there is no service fee, but after its completion you may face high tariffs. To participate in the auction, you will need certain skills, free funds that will need to be deposited as collateral. It is also not a fact that the auction will be held in those territories that will be potentially interesting for you..

Is it possible to buy a plot in winter?

house counter

Buying building land in winter is only recommended if there is no precipitation. When snow falls, an objective assessment of the condition of the soil, the evenness of the territory, the quality of the foundation, the presence of stumps and other elements that impede construction is complicated. Therefore, it is better to inspect the ground after the snow has melted..

Which plot to choose for building a house – conclusions

The beginning of the construction of a house on the site begins with its selection. The territory must correspond to the intended purpose. Study objective information about the area, region, nature, geological features, get to know your neighbors. If you do not know where to build a house, then in Moscow, as well as in any other region, you can use the services of professional builders. It is important to fully analyze the pros and cons of the territory and make the right decision to buy land on which you will be comfortable living.

On average, the purchase of land for building a cottage is about 20% of the total budget for construction work. Often, the cost of land depends on the proximity of the site to the city limits. The closer it is to the city, the more expensive the cost. In addition to urban proximity, the cost is influenced by the prestige of the area, geology, communications, infrastructure.

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