How to choose bedroom lighting – tips and ideas

Lighting plays an important role in any room, especially in the bedroom of a house or apartment. Therefore, lighting for the bedroom must be chosen especially carefully. In this room, the light should not be too intense, so as not to create an unnecessary strain on the eyes. He should be friendly, warm and not tire your eyes when reading your favorite book in the evening..

Lighting in the bedroom: features

The bedroom is, first of all, a place for rest and relaxation. It is an intimate place where everyone wants to feel comfortable both before and after bed. Lighting plays an extremely important role here, as it not only enhances the decor, but also creates the appropriate atmosphere. The quality of lighting depends on the power and the number of light sources..

In order to properly arrange the light in this room, it is important to clearly define for what purposes it will be used. Do you spend a lot of time reading books and working? Are you only interested in atmospheric lighting? Perhaps you need good lighting to help you choose clothes in your wardrobe? It is very important to consider all these aspects, only then you can choose a good solution. You must remember that you cannot choose too powerful lighting, since the bedroom is a unique room in which an overabundance of light can ruin the atmosphere or the mood of the person in it. It is recommended to use warm shades of light to create a gentle atmosphere in the room..

Lighting options in the bedroom above the bed

In this room, we spend a lot of time in a comfortable bed, reading our favorite books, watching a movie or working. The ideal solution is to install the lighting above the bed. Depending on their own needs and preferences, everyone chooses the option that is convenient for him. A good solution is to install the lighting on the headboard or on the wall behind the bed. A wide range of wall lamps on the market will allow every owner to choose a light source that suits his needs..

The second solution is to purchase floor lamps, the light of which will be directed to the bed. The correct size of the lamps allows you to decorate the room and give it a special atmosphere. The LED strips installed on the head of the bed create a pleasant atmosphere, while simultaneously illuminating the required space.

Choosing lighting in the bedroom through the eyes of a builder: good ideas

An interesting design solution for the bedroom is decorative table lamps that are placed by the bed (on a dresser or nightstand). You can buy such an accessory in many stores, from well-known designers or make your own, for example, from empty glass bottles. Paper lamps that give off diffused light are another interesting idea. The diffused light effect is created by a spherical lamp shade made of a translucent lightweight material. Many models of this type are of Scandinavian style and decorative, multi-arm chandeliers are a good addition to more elegant interiors. They usually give more intense light. The intensity can be controlled by a special dimmer mounted on the wall.

Another idea is wall sconces that allow you to visually enlarge the room. Wall lamps will highlight the mood and texture or color of the walls. Want to choose lighting in the bedroom in a modern way? A stretch ceiling with an unusual built-in lighting will look good. Halogens work well here, which can be placed in dots. The previously mentioned LED strips also go well with stretch ceilings. If there is no need for strong lighting, in addition to the main one, you can install small LED lights that simulate the stars in the sky. Good mood in the evening before going to bed – guaranteed!

Considering the question of what kind of lighting in the bedroom will be the most successful, pendant lamps should be mentioned, which are currently enjoying success. It is a decoration that gives originality to the rest room. Pendant lights can be used in combination with decorative light bulbs or an exquisite lampshade. Lighting for the bed can be created using LED strips. When you get up at night, you can only turn on the soft LED lighting, which is directed towards the floor. Such illumination will not burden the eyes and will not wake you up in the middle of the night..

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