Arrangement of a lawn on the site – step by step

A green, perfectly trimmed lawn is the hallmark of any yard or garden. We will tell you how to make a lawn with your own hands and get a guaranteed high-quality result..

Arranging a lawn in the country with your own hands: when to start sowing grass

It is best to plan your lawn sowing in the spring, for example, in late March, and in April or early May. At this time, the ground thaws well after winter, which greatly facilitates gardening. However, before taking any action, the site should be carefully prepared. The effectiveness of the result depends on this and whether our lawn will delight the eye with luscious green grass in the coming years..

Sowing lawn creation and soil type

Proper soil preparation is the most important stage of work. First of all, you should pay attention to the type of soil. To improve the moisture and aeration of clay soil, you can add gravel (preferably 4 mm) to it, and compost soil or peat is a good addition to weak sandy soil, which will increase the humus content.

How to make a lawn, step by step instructions:

  1. Site cleaning. Arrangement of a lawn in the country begins with a thorough cleaning of the site from leaves, stones, possible debris, branches, plant debris, debris and weeds. Ignoring this requirement can hinder the free growth of the grass and even cause grass diseases such as yellowing. The site clearing phase is a good time to install any underground irrigation or electrical installation.
  2. Leveling the ground. You should carefully dig the cleaned soil (enough to the depth of the shovel, carefully turning it over). In the case of infertile soil (for example, clay, sandy), before digging, it is enough to spread a 10 cm layer of compost on its surface, and then mix it with the soil during digging. The rotary cultivator is a useful tool for mechanical agricultural work. Lumps of soil formed as a result of digging up the earth should be carefully broken up with a rake so that pits or hills do not form on the surface of the future lawn, which may make it difficult to maintain in the future, for example, mowing. A small lawn can be simply tamped down with the soles of the feet, and with a larger area it is more convenient to use a special roller.
  3. Fertilizing the soil. A week before your planned sowing of grass, you should feed the soil with a suitable lawn fertilizer, which you can buy at any gardening store. The layer of soil, as well as fertilizer, just need to be gently mixed with a conventional rake. A few days before the planned sowing, it is also worth using a starter fertilizer with nitrogen and a high dose of potassium and phosphorus..

DIY lawn arrangement: how to sow grass correctly

It is best to sow the grass on a warm day, in calm, slightly damp weather. The soil should be carefully leveled with a rake, trying to avoid unevenness. It is enough to sprinkle the sown seeds with a layer of peat or sand (about 1 cm) and level the surface with a roller.

Watering, mowing

There are many types of grass on the market, with different germination periods, from 7 to 30 days. It is important during this period to regularly water the grass with a small amount of water, several times a day. An important tip for those who want to understand how to make a lawn correctly is to provide the soil with grass seeds with a sufficient amount of moisture..

Roll lawn device

Laying roll lawn is an increasingly popular solution, which is eagerly used by owners of large as well as small areas. The advantage of roll coverings is that they can be laid even in late autumn, because the turf is relatively frost-resistant..

In this case, you do not need to understand the question of how to make a lawn on the site, since all the work is performed by specialists. However, to prepare your lawn for soil preparation, the steps are similar to sowing seeds. Sod beds should be placed close to each other and then gently pressed to the ground with a rake or wooden compactor. It is enough to cut the edges of the lawn with a sharp knife to give it the desired shape.

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