What is the difference between the cost of renovating an old house and building a new one?

Renovating an old house is expensive. Large costs associated with the manufacture of new roofing, installation, flooring and subsequent major finishing of such properties. For many, inheriting an old house is a dream. Unfortunately, the cost of renovating such a building can be high. Sometimes it is more profitable to build a new structure.

What to choose: build a new house or renovate an old one

Old buildings fascinate people who are looking for a place to live in the countryside. Emotions also arise when a building has a unique history, if it is a house of grandparents or other family members. However, the euphoria ends when the need arises to repair the building. It should be borne in mind that building a new house instead of an old one is often a more affordable solution. Much depends on the preferences of the potential investor.

Renovation of an old house: advantages

What to choose, renovating an old house or building a new one? One of the advantages of an already erected structure is electricity, water supply, gas, sewerage and other engineering networks and communications. Another advantage is the ability to immediately move into the house, even if it requires repairs inside and out. The living space can be located in one part, and in the rest of the rooms, gradually renovate..

The advantages of repairing a wooden building include the fact that it has a solid structure. Old but well-built structures are popular, which can be freely converted into spacious houses suitable for everyday use. Even in the case of a cheap renovation, you do not have to worry about issuing a building permit.

How much does a general renovation of an old house cost?

When deciding on repairs, the main issue is the cost of work. How much the repair will eventually cost in the general version depends on what conditions must be prepared for living. Work on the structural elements of the building, replacement of the installation, complete replacement of window structures, often replacement of the roof, as well as complete replacement of electrical and plumbing are expensive. The ratio of major repairs to investments in a house from scratch is about 70%. Therefore, builders are often advised to carry out the demolition of the old house and the construction of a new one..

Renovation of an old house step by step

You should start by replacing windows and doors. As a rule, a building during operation loses its insulating properties, cold bridges are formed through which air leaves, which leads to an increase in heating costs. The window frames should be replaced first. This is not a difficult task, as plastic or wooden windows are suitable in terms of material and can be stylistically adapted to the building. The cost of such a project depends on the size of the glazed area..

The next step is to replace the wiring. In most old buildings, the entire electrical system needs to be replaced. Old installations may not be able to cope with the power of modern devices, which will lead to their burnout. The cost of such a replacement depends on the size of the structure and is agreed with the contractor. You can also lay a plumbing (from scratch).

Then the floors are replaced and the walls in the rooms are renewed. In old buildings, the floors are often made of natural wood. If it is not badly damaged, it can be sanded and painted to its natural color. This will preserve the classic and traditional character of the building. However, if the floors are badly damaged, they should be dismantled and replaced. The price depends on the area of ​​the room and the materials used. Both new and old buildings need wall decoration. Walls are repaired by plastering and painting.

Renovating an old building has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is the ability to move into it and carry out renovation work gradually. It is often more profitable to renovate an old wooden house than to build a new one from scratch. The structure after renovation can have a unique character and interior that will delight guests.

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