Useful tips when designing a country house

    • Place the house closer to the entrance

    First of all, you should correctly position the house on the site, taking into account the place and its relief. Most often, the building is built closer to the entrance to the site in order to reduce the distance from the car to the front door..

    • House size by number of residents

    To determine the required area of ​​housing, consider the number of people who will live in the house, as well as the prospective guests.

    design of a country house

    • How many floors to build

    When choosing between a one-story and two-story cottage, try to plan out its cost, because not everyone can financially pull such a construction. Then it is better to opt for the “one-story building”.

    • Where to place the garage and basement

    For small plots, it is preferable to build a garage in the house itself, so as not to look for additional building space. However, to reduce exhaust and engine noise, place the garage in an annex to your home. Make ventilation.

    The construction of the basement will require the cost of land work. Also, due to voids in the ground, the house can shrink. Therefore, it is safer to make the basement in the form of an additional floor..

    Important issues of internal arrangement

    Before starting construction work, it is important to think over the smallest details. To do this, you need to know:

    • whether the construction of a balcony is required;

    • it is better to make an attic or a floor with a cold attic;

    • whether to make flights of stairs;

    • will you need a vestibule;

    • what kind of heating and ventilation should be.

    Before starting the construction of a house, it is worth contacting professional architects for help in creating a project that includes all the details. It costs money, but it saves owners from sudden expenses and allows them to build housing that meets the needs of their tenants..

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