Building a house in winter: pros and cons

  1. pros

  2. Minuses

If the new house is needed in a short time, and in the summer it was not possible to complete the construction work, then the construction will have to be continued in the winter. This has its pros and cons..

building a house in winter


  • Lower prices for materials and construction services;

  • Cheap delivery of materials;

  • Thanks to the frozen soil, it will not be necessary to plow it with heavy equipment;

  • In winter, construction companies receive fewer orders, so at this time their services are accompanied by discounts and promotions. Highly skilled workers can be easily found at low prices.

Cons of winter construction:

  • The work takes more due to the short daylight hours and the long preparation of materials;

  • Not all building materials can be used at low temperatures. They require preheating;

  • Additional energy consumption. To maintain the above-zero temperature on the construction site, a “hot house” is used. This is a temporary structure erected by builders, which additionally uses electricity for heating;

  • Complicated land, concrete and roofing works, as well as aerated concrete masonry.

It is better to use winter time for planning and profitable purchase of building materials, and postpone work until spring.

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