The use of YTONG aerated concrete today

This building material is well known in Russia, it is popular in our market among professionals. It is widely known that the YTONG® brand has been the leader in the world market for various types of aerated concrete for several years. This became possible based on almost 90 years of experience in the manufacture and improvement of this building material..

YTONG building blocks are produced using the most modern technologies and the latest equipment. This provides products with high quality characteristics and stable performance of the material from different batches..

A significant advantage of this manufacturer is its comprehensive approach to the construction of country houses..

Extensive range of brand products:

  • building blocks of various sizes, suitable for the construction of internal and external walls;

  • blocks of u-shaped profile for the production of monolithic beams, window and door openings;

  • prefabricated monolithic blocks for masonry ceilings;

  • mortar for masonry with a thin seam;

  • YTONG tool, etc..

application of YTONG aerated concrete

On the beneficial properties of YTONG aerated concrete

By choosing aerated concrete blocks as a building material, you can build single-layer walls that do not require an additional insulation layer. Aerated concrete has good vapor permeability (“breathable” material), while the blocks weigh a little, but they are very durable. In terms of the comfort of living in such a structure, this material is comparable to classic logs or timber. But aerated concrete is better than wood in a number of properties:

  • the laying of walls and ceilings is faster;

  • the structure is more durable, not afraid of moisture and mold;

  • the construction from it is not subject to fire;

  • aerated concrete is cheaper than wood.

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