Choosing the strength class of aerated concrete

  1. Masonry strength
  2. About the choice of strength class
  3. General recommendations

Aerated concrete blocks differ in strength classes (B2, B5, etc.). What does this indicator mean? Does the reliability of the masonry depend on the strength of this building material and how to choose the required degree of strength?

It is necessary to refute the misconception that aerated concrete blocks are too fragile. Aerated concrete blocks YTONG with a density of D500 are resistant to compression so much that they are suitable for the construction of 5-storey buildings – this is the conclusion of experts from V. Kucherenko TsNIISK. A slightly lower density material (D400) is safe for the construction of a 3-storey structure without a load-bearing frame mesh.

aerated concrete strength

Masonry strength

The strength properties of the building material are not equal to the strength of the masonry. Many factors play a role here – the presence of voids, the mortar used, the thickness of the wall, etc..

For example, masonry made of YTONG D500 (B3.4) blocks, fixed with M100 glue mortar, demonstrates a compressive strength of 1.35 MPa.

On the choice of strength class

As a rule, when building objects up to 3 floors in height, a simple project will not require sophisticated calculations. A standard aerated concrete block D400 and higher with a strength of B2.5 will provide sufficient reliability to the structure. But if a project of a complex structure is being carried out, then it is not recommended to do this without calculations..

Two main qualities are required from the material for interior walls – strength and sound insulation. For this reason, we advise you to take D500 blocks of increased density for them, which are better able to cut off noise. In addition, if the material is stronger, then the wall made of it can be thinner – and this is an additional usable area.

General recommendations

  • Thermal insulation is an important indicator for the outer wall, therefore, in this case, it is better to take less dense brands of aerated concrete.

  • Care should be taken when planning wall thickness. Adequate thermal protection will be provided by the D300 units. But they do not have the highest bearing capacity, and even with the construction of a 2-storey building, they will need an extremely careful calculation..

strength classes of aerated concrete blocks

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