Pros and cons of one-story houses

  1. pros

  2. Minuses

Before starting the construction of a building, many ask the question: which is better – a one-story or two-story house? Of course, if the area allows, then larger houses are preferable, but the “one-story building” has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of one-story houses

one-story houses

  • Lack of stairs, which is more convenient for the elderly and children;

  • There is more space in the “one-story building” that can be used with benefit;

  • Designing allows you to make space much more efficient by uniting rooms;

  • Lower construction cost;

  • Small wall area, which allows you to save on wall materials and interior decoration;

  • For finishing the facade of the “two-story building” will require high-rise work. Also, in the case of building a one-story house, you can save on renting special equipment. In addition, the roof is often made in the form of a cold attic, and a two-story one will need a warmed attic..

Cons of buildings with one floor

A one-story house also has disadvantages:

  • A large building area is required, since it is difficult to build comfortable housing in a small local area;

  • Lack of a balcony;

  • There are practically no completely private spaces for bedrooms and children;

  • Roof and foundation costs are much higher than for a two-story building;

  • The cost of finishing the basement and installing insulation will be higher than that of a two-story house.

Large financial costs are required for the construction of any building. However, the “one-story building” is often cheaper. This largely depends on the materials, which are needed much less than for the construction of a two-story building.

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