How to build a foundation using blocks

Block foundations are a popular way to quickly erect a foundation for any building. A cheap, simple and versatile solution is concrete foundation blocks. They are distinguished by their high strength and good thermal insulation properties..

What blocks to use for the foundation?

Arrangement of the building supporting structure is an important issue. In such a situation, many owners of a plot for building a house ask: “can you use blocks for the foundation?” On the Internet, you can hear the opinion that aerated concrete blocks can be used under the foundation. However, aerated concrete cannot be used even in ground structural elements that are in contact with the soils of the foundations..

Therefore, in search of an answer to the question of which blocks can be used for the foundation, you need to understand that these can only be concrete products. They are distinguished by their high strength, low cost and are quickly erected. How many blocks are required for 1 square meter of the supporting structure and what are the dimensions of this building material?

What blocks are used for the foundation: dimensions

A reliable building foundation is the key to safe operation. This is the foundation of any structure. When considering the choice of the best materials for the construction of a structure and the method of its arrangement, it is worthwhile to understand in advance what characteristics a good foundation should correspond to. First, it should be fast and easy to install. Secondly, it must have adequate thermal insulation properties in order to provide reliable protection from the cold. Also, the building material must be very durable..

All of the above characteristics correspond to foundation block materials made of concrete. It is one of the most popular building materials for foundation work. Such concrete products are usually used by both developers in the construction of apartment buildings and people who have decided to build a dream home on their own. It is not surprising that such structures are very durable, they are easy to lay, they are notable for their low cost. Building materials are made of concrete, have a gray color and the shape of cuboid bricks..

To calculate how many products are required per 1 square meter of the building supporting structure, it is enough to correctly apply the size of the material to the existing project. There are several options, but most often solid models are used with the size of 38 x 24 x 12 cm.There are products 49 x 24 x 12 cm or 38 x 25 x 14 cm.The selection of sizes is carried out depending on what thickness of the walls we want to get.

How much does the material weigh?

There are building materials that are smaller than those listed above, but large products are rarely found, since they are quite heavy and the weight makes it difficult to use. One item can weigh up to 20 kg.

How many units of building material are needed for construction?

Let’s calculate how many units of material are needed for construction. First of all, the amount of material depends on the method of bricklaying and the skill of the masons. Remember, laying can be done straight or across. In the second case, the walls are much thicker and have better thermal insulation properties, but this is a more laborious and much more expensive solution. Below we give an example of calculations, taking into account masonry materials measuring 38 x 24 x 12 cm.

For 1 square meter of building support structure, you need:

  • 22-25 pcs. for load-bearing walls (one- and two-layer masonry).
  • 35 pcs. for a one-story wall (two- and three-layer masonry).
  • 11-13 pcs. for partition (single layer masonry).

This building material is versatile and can be used in many ways..


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