Erection of the USP foundation: the main stages

How is the construction of the USP foundation

Before carrying out work, the contractor conducts engineering and geological studies of the area. The type of soil is determined, at what depth is groundwater, what is the thickness of the fertile soil layer.

USP foundation

The set of measures is subdivided into several stages:

  • Excavation of land, drainage is being built, communications for domestic water supply are laid. The markings are carefully done, the soil is carefully removed, communications are installed from PVC and HDPE pipes.

  • The foundation is being prepared. Sewerage and electrical cables are connected. After removing the soil, a layer of geotextile is laid. Then a pillow of coarse sand is poured over it. Trenches are dug in it, where pipes with a diameter of 100 or 160 mm are installed. The electrical cable is installed at a depth of 50 cm.

  • Thermal insulation boards are laid. For this, samples are selected from expanded polystyrene with a diameter of 100 m, which are located under the foundation. XSP elements with a thickness of 100mm are built around the perimeter of the thermal insulation layer. The blind area is made of slabs with a diameter of 50 mm.

  • Water supply installation. For this, pipes with a diameter of 16 and 20 mm, made of metal-plastic or polyethylene, are used. The whole system is carried out according to the collector circuit. Communications are laid in grooves in expanded polystyrene.

'' stages of installation of the USHP foundation

  • Reinforcement of the slab. For this, reinforcement ribs made of reinforcement with a thickness of 10-12 mm are used, located longitudinally in the form of a strong frame.

device of the USHP foundation structure

  • They build a water floor. For this, pipes with a diameter of 16 or 20 mm are used..

  • Pouring with concrete. The solution is selected based on the magnitude of the load on the foundation. Usually M300 or M350 grades are used.

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