Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

Until some time, the security of private property was carried out solely by the involvement of a person or a watchdog. Now, thanks to the development of high technology, this mission is partially entrusted to electronics. Modern wireless security cameras are designed to help, facilitate, complement and insure the activities of security services. What are these devices, discussed in the article.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

What are wireless security cameras?

A modern wireless video surveillance system is a list of special devices for capturing current events with a certain radius of action and recording them on a storage device in the format of video recording with a sound effect. You can purchase both separate cameras for surveillance, and ready-made sets of wireless video surveillance for a private house and apartment.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

The development of wireless technology has made the process of video surveillance more convenient, easier and more accessible. Today uses a large number of new features of video surveillance systems. Thanks to the use of digital data transmission via a radio channel, which is carried out from the camera to the receiver, the displayed recording is not interfered with. The receiver is connected directly to the monitor, or through a video recorder. Here you can use four cameras at once, which are simultaneously viewed on the monitor.

Wireless surveillance systems can be used to:

  • the implementation of private and public security;
  • for monitoring technological processes;
  • to monitor highways, stations and bridges in the transport sector;
  • to prevent theft and resolve trade conflicts;
  • remote diagnostics in medicine.

This system is often installed on sites without stationary utilities and, when it is not possible to lay a cable.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

A wireless video surveillance system consists of the following devices:

  • wireless surveillance camera installed on the object of protection;
  • stationary video recorder that processes information received from the camera and transmits it to the monitor;
  • a screen with a control panel, which allows real-time monitoring of events at a guarded object;
  • necessary accessories for the installation of video surveillance systems.

Distinctive features of the system are:

  • easy installation;
  • easy adjustment of the system;
  • the ability to locate equipment anywhere in the room;
  • the lack of cables that can damage the interior;
  • small size and weight of devices;
  • ability to integrate with other systems;

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

  • the presence of a built-in battery that allows the device to operate smoothly, even in the event of a power outage;
  • ease of disguise;
  • the ability to control the system remotely.

Today, wireless video surveillance is very popular. In this regard, well-known manufacturers strive to produce improved and diverse equipment that will be able to satisfy all consumer demands.

The tracking system can be located both indoors and outside the building. Wireless outdoor security cameras must be protected from adverse external factors: dust, moisture, dirt and low temperatures. For internal devices are lower requirements. For their installation does not require the use of sealed enclosures and the use of heating.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

By type of case, the device can be dome, cylindrical, swivel and hidden.

The case of dome cameras has the shape of a hemisphere, which is ideal for installation outdoors and indoors, fixing it on the ceiling or wall without the use of special brackets. Cylindrical video surveillance devices have a cylinder-like housing. These models are equipped with a special bracket for attaching the camera to the wall surface and adjusting it in the vertical and horizontal plane. Cylindrical cameras are equipped with an adjustable visor that protects the lens from glare.

PTZ cameras consist of a bracket on which a spherical body is attached. Its upper part can be made of plastic or metal, and the bottom – of acrylic or transparent plastic, which allows the lens to rotate freely, changing the vertical and horizontal position.

To control the territory adjacent to the house, outdoor wireless surveillance cameras of dome or pivoting type, which have a high degree of protection against moisture and dust and are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, are most often used.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

Hidden cameras for installation of video surveillance in the apartment, in comparison with the cylindrical and dome, have much smaller dimensions. Such devices are equipped with autonomous power from the battery or battery. During operation, hidden cameras can transmit information to a laptop, tablet or smartphone via GSM, or record video to an integrated memory card.

Wireless video cameras for video surveillance of the type of transmission signal are of such varieties:

  • analog, where the work and signal transmission is based on terrestrial television;
  • Wi-Fi cameras are represented by IP devices operating through the installation of a network access point;
  • webcams, consist of a video camera, a transmitter, a receiving device, a converter and require the installation of specialized software;
  • GSM cameras transmit a signal over a mobile channel.

Wireless surveillance camera wifi

Wi-Fi cameras do not require an additional wired connection to network sources and a computer. For their normal operation, the availability of a wireless Internet source is sufficient. Saved video can be viewed both on a computer and on a mobile phone.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

The main advantage is the ability to use the device even in the absence of a wired connection to the Internet. The disadvantage is the small distance between the camera and the communication object.

Helpful advice! The direct visibility of the Wi-Fi camera reaches 500 m. To increase this indicator, it is sufficient to install several intermediate access points and antennas.

A typical Wi-Fi camera for home surveillance allows you to control its position in the horizontal plane, rotating 350 °, in the vertical – 100 °. The device has an infrared light, which allows it to work at night. The camera has a CMOS sensor with a minimum size of a quarter inch. The video stream here is recorded on an SD card of up to 32 GB.

Many models are equipped with the function of live broadcast of the image to the network, which allows you to monitor what is happening at any distance from the subject from a mobile phone.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

Wireless microcameras for covert surveillance with WI-FI are widely spread. They transmit a signal from a distance of up to 25 m. They can be placed throughout the house and watch what is happening, receiving information on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The only downside is the poor image quality.

Outdoor WiFi surveillance cameras can operate at temperatures from -20 ° to + 45 ° C. They are equipped with an external power supply, camera, network cable, Wi-Fi antenna, power supply unit with a flat plug, a disk with software and a mounting system on the wall.

If you plan to install one or two cameras, they can work independently. When a large number of devices are used to monitor the house and the adjacent territory, then it is necessary to provide for the installation of a network router that will collect all the information from the cameras and display the image on a monitor.

The most popular cameras of this type are the KDM-6828A for outdoor surveillance, the Zodiak 909W for indoor and outdoor shooting, the Hikvision DS-2CD812PF-W for indoor use. Buy wireless WI-FI surveillance cameras can be in the range of 4.5-7 thousand rubles.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

Web cameras and GSM video surveillance devices

This type of wireless video surveillance camera for the home is a unit consisting of several video modules (cameras) with connected devices and sensors that provide access throughout the telephone system and to a remote object.

Such a video surveillance system can be equipped with a motion sensor, temperature, light, smoke, gas, a power outage, flooding, and an acoustic device that responds to sound. All of them are aimed at alerting the system about the danger. With the help of the software, certain values ​​of the parameters are laid down, after reaching which the camera starts shooting, and the mobile device receives a notification via satellite.

Today, there are two types of GSM devices on the market: portable and block. The block system consists of modules that are mounted inside a metal box or plastic shield. Portable small wireless surveillance cameras have the appearance of a plastic all-in-one and take up much less space. However, the modular video surveillance system is more flexible, which allows video control devices to be placed, despite the environmental conditions, in various places of the protected object at a distance of 200 m from each other.

Wireless Security Cameras: Private Property Security

Helpful advice! The control module should be installed in a secluded place to protect it from hacking by ill-wishers.

The main condition for the operation of GSM video cameras is the presence of a permanent mobile signal, which is currently present even in the most distant places. However, in the absence of a signal, the video will be recorded on the SD card, which is mounted inside the case and protected from precipitation. The price of a wireless video surveillance camera of this type starts from 2000 rubles.

To monitor the workplace in an apartment or office, behind the staircase in the stairwell, you can install video surveillance via a battery-operated webcam with a range of up to 5 m.

Installing video surveillance in the apartment is to place cameras that connect to the recorder. Writing here is done on cloud storage. The use of surveillance cameras for a remotely accessible home provides the ability to monitor real-time events in the apartment.

To choose a wireless video surveillance device should be based on the necessary functions. Thanks to a wide range of cameras, you can choose a specific model that is fully capable of meeting the requirements of the homeowner. You should study the technical characteristics of the camera, which directly affects the cost of the equipment, as well as read user reviews to ensure ease of use.

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